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      Dark and Light 10/20 Update - Patch Notes   10/20/2017

      Greetings Adventurers! We’re planning on rolling out a new update at 1:00AM PST on Friday, 10/20 adding a few new items as well as taking care of a few bug fixes. As always, be sure to log out before the update hits to reduce the risk of data loss!   Patch Notes   General Updates New Structure - Soul Mire: This cursed tree captures the soul of any Adventurer unlucky enough to perish within its range. Soul Mires require a nearby House Seal and Magic Essence to function - any Adventurer that dies while in an active Soul Mire’s area of effect will have their soul trapped for a period of time, increasing their respawn time to prevent overwhelming raids against the House that called upon its power. New Structure - Devil Bringer: A powerful dark magic trap that roots just about any living creature that happens to wander too close to it. Devil Bringers must be placed within a certain range of House Seals and each one can only activate once. They have a very small area of effect and only last for a limited amount of time once placed, but few have fell victim to this powerful trap and lived to tell the tale.   Both the Soul Mire and Devil Bringer Schemas can be unlocked in the Dark Magic Knowledge node.   Balance Changes   We want to give each creature their own unique role to play once they’re tamed, so we’ve made some adjustments to the gathering rates for Colossal Flathorns and Albino Deer to give them an advantage in gathering certain items. Colossal Flathorns: Now have a much higher chance of collecting large amounts of Wood when gathering from trees. Additionally, when placed in a Colossal Flathorn’s inventory, Wood only takes up 20% of its normal weight, making Colossal Flathorns excellent beasts of burden for all of your lumber transportation needs. Albino Deer: Now have a much higher chance of collecting large amounts of Magic Shards when gathering from Grass and Wheat.   Swamp-based Resource Nodes: In a previous update, we reduced the amount of resource nodes that could spawn in the Swamp region to improve server stability. We’ve made some adjustments on the backend to prevent the same problems from reoccurring, so we’ve re-added the resource nodes that were previously removed from this area. Silver Bullets: Increased damage dealt to all “Dark” creatures (Dark Fallen, Reapers, Dark Elementals) by 500%. We plan on adding this same bonus to Holy Arrows in an update in the near future. House Knowledge: Reduced the amount of Node experience required to unlock each rank. Advanced Grinder Schema: Moved from Survival Rank 7 to Survival Rank 5. Bug Fixes: Fixed a bug where it wasn’t possible to craft Mystical Feed in a Dark Altar. Optimized vegetation in the Crescent Plains to improve performance. Fixed a bug where a number of tamed creatures couldn’t collect resources when using their LMB attack. Fixed a bug where Unicorns / Pegasi were able to infinitely restore HP. Fixed a bug where Gryphons’ hunger would deplete faster than intended. Fixed a bug where no footstep SFX would play for Werewolves when walking or running. Fixed a bug where some areas underwater didn’t deplete oxygen levels. Fixed a bug where some resource nodes would float above the ground. Fixed a bug where the Elite Reaper attack SFX would play too far from the attack origin. Additional minor bug fixes.
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The Archos Herald, Issue 11 - Goblin Sightings!

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Welcome to the 11th issue of The Archos Herald - your source for all the latest updates on Dark and Light’s development and community features!

Development Updates


We’ve been pretty quiet this week on the update front while we’ve been working on our next major content update patch. We’re expecting to have it ready by next month, but that doesn’t mean that Dark and Light won’t see a few updates and bug fixes in the meantime. We have a patch planned for next week that’s sure to have even Archos’s bravest adventurers shaking in their greaves! Read on to get a preview on what horrors are headed to Archos!

As always, head over to our official forums or /r/DarkandLight to share your thoughts and feedback on recent patches and the state of the game with our team!

Scout Reports - Goblin Activity

Archos’s goblins have been acting strange recently - scouts stationed around their encampments say that they’ve seen them hoarding food and covering themselves with strange body paint. Some of the elites of the group have even taken to wearing decorative fruit on their heads!


This could only mean one thing… Gobboween is coming to Archos! It’s a festive (and frightening) time of year when creatures all over the planet begin to act strangely as a result of Gaia’s influence - some even transform into terrifying new forms! Get ready to discover new creatures and unlock new Schemas for Gobboween-exclusive armor, weapons, and more! Be sure to check it out when Gobboween begins in Archos next week!



Tales From Archos

The ever-changing land of Archos is full of adventures and trials. Over this past week, we’ve continued to see and hear tales from Adventurers across the land. Here are this week’s Tales from Archos!

Mausi looks back at home one last time before setting out into the wilderness. 


Vurrd once dreamed of being able to touch the sky; with their new home, they’re able to whenever they’d like.


Seeing a pegasus is a rare sight, and Daunenfein uses his opportunity to get as close as possible taking this amazing shot. 


Set sail! JBRTDark is ready to take on the dangers of the ocean with his brand new ship.


ThatGermanGuy is here to show us how to capture, evolve, and tame a pegasus start to finish. For those adventurers who are looking to take on this challenge, this video is a great way prepare for your upcoming journey. You can check out the full video here!

New Creatures of Blackice Peaks - Part 2


Kaid is back again this week with part 2 of our new creatures overview! In this video, she takes a deeper look at all of the creatures you’ll encounter in the dreaded Ice Cave of Blackice Peaks. From acid-spraying spiders to Bytorg, the ancient avatar of frost, be sure to check out this video before heading into the depths of the cave! You can check out the full video here.

Final Notes

Thanks for joining us in our 11th issue of The Archos Herald! To stay up-to-date on everything Dark and Light, be sure to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and join the discussion on our Official Forums or our subreddit, /r/DarkandLight.

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Posted (edited)

update schedule?
more info and story? :D

after the last update looking every day for the next..

Edited by Ashmadeus

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Ugh i hope the guns will stay to fantasy guns and dont become lazers and rocketlaunchers like ark.

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How many Patchs/Hotfix come before you bring back the Dragon fire or an option for servers that activate or Deactivate the Dragon fire????

 On my Server we need this so Much for our Roleplay.(Targaryen without a Dragon there can Spy Fire ?? xD )

Pls at least a Option to Activate and Deactivat 

We love Dark and light So Much

(Sorry for my Bad English 

Greetings from Germany near Cologne 


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