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      Dark and LIght 12/07 Update - Patch Notes   12/07/2017

      Greetings Adventurers! On Thursday, 12/7 at 1:00AM~ PST, we’re going to be rolling out a small patch with a few quality of life changes and a number of bug fixes. Be sure to finish up your tames and log out before the update hits to reduce the risk of data loss! Patch Notes   General Updates Searing Edge - Attack AOEs increased slightly to improve accuracy. Volcanic Hot Springs - Adjusted the location of seating and Hot Spring Eggs. Uncommon / Rare Wood, Stone, and Grass - Icons updated. Wyverns - Improved animations. Turkeys - Now have additional SFX. Guardian Tree - Decay timer increased to 30 days. Bug Fixes Fixed a bug where guards would not attack hostile creatures or players in cities. Fixed a bug where the character model would be bugged after eating / dismounting from a creature. Fixed a bug where characters could get stuck on eggs in the Volcanic Hot Springs. Fixed a bug where Unicorns would cause character Food to deplete more quickly than intended. Fixed bugged terrain on the Floating Islands. Fixed a bug where characters would revive with extremely low Stamina, Hunger, Thirst, Health, Mana, and Focus. Fixed a bug where Hunger was depleting much more quickly than intended. Fixed a bug where doors wouldn’t load in when a character first loaded into a server. Fixed a bug where Bytorg and Bel’Xahl weren’t spawning in their respective lairs, or were spawning with unexpectedly large health pools. Fixed a bug where Horses weren’t spawning in the correct locations in Estel, Ironfast, and Talos. Fixed a bug where Grut Stag Wildness would deplete rapidly while taming it. Known Issues We’re aware of a few outstanding bugs that will be resolved in another patch in the near future, these are the most major issues that we’re working on at the moment: There is a bug where some houses near the stables in Talos have incorrect collision settings. Entering one of these houses can result in your character getting stuck. Collision will be corrected for all of the houses in this area. The Volcanic Hotsprings will occasionally fail to provide its healing buff to players. All players / creatures in the springs should receive a buff that refills Health and Focus over time. There is a bug where Pegasi have a tendency to spawn at level 1 only - once this bug is resolved, all Pegasi will spawn at higher levels.
    • Erebus

      Dark and Light Holiday Update - Patch Notes   12/14/2017

      Season's greetings Adventurers! Archos is gearing up for a cold winter, and all of the exciting (and occasionally dangerous) festivities that go along with it! We’re checking our list twice to make sure everything is working as it should before unleashing winter’s wrath on Archos, but we plan on having this patch live at 1:00AM PST on Thursday, December 14th, so make sure to finish up your tames and log out ahead of time to avoid data loss!
        Patch Notes   Seasonal Content Winter is here! Cool off from your excursions in The Scalding Abyss - make a snow wraith, take a dip in a freezing lake, or gather presents around town! Talos, Estel, and Ironfast Winter Decorations: Each of Archos’s major cities has been redecorated for the winter holidays. Enjoy the festive atmosphere and gather presents around town for some special limited-time items! Reindeer Games: Reindeer have been spotted around Archos! These red-nosed creatures only show up when the weather is at its coldest, and they have the mysterious ability to fly, despite not having any wings! They seem to really enjoy eating carrots, and not much else, so be sure to stock up if you plan on taming one! Holiday Humbug - Krampus: A vile demon known as Krampus has made its way to Archos, just in time for the holidays. He’ll show up on the outskirts of Talos, Estel, and Ironfast, attacking unsuspecting adventurers on sight. Form a party to take on Krampus and his vicious snowman guards, and you may be able to earn some exclusive new items!
      Take the Holidays Home: New holiday schemas have been added in the Decor Knowledge node. Just like during Gobboween, any holiday items you craft will remain permanently, even after the event ends. General Updates Fresh Coat of Paint: Get your smocks and brushes ready, because Dyes are coming to Archos! Added Paint Wand and several Dye Schemas to the Decor Knowledge node. Certain Dyes are only available as drops from creatures around the world, as well as from farmer vendors around Talos, Estel, and Ironfast. Keep an eye out for rare dyes! New Crop Type - Carrots: Carrot Seeds can now be planted in Crop Plots to grow Carrots, which can be consumed or used to craft new holiday-themed Decor Knowledge Schemas. City Rearrangement - Slums: As part of our efforts to continue optimizing Archos’s cities, we’re moving the slum areas in each city to the outskirts. Relocation areas are designated by a glowing indicator circle, so if you have any structures within an indicator circle, make sure to relocate before the next patch, or they’ll be automatically destroyed when the area changes. Sorry for the inconvenience for any players set up in these areas - this is going to be our last city rearrangement for now while we plan new structures and merchant types, so feel free to set up shop anywhere around the city after the patch goes live. Additional Minor Updates: Shields: Can now be held up with RMB while moving. Warmth Energy: Bottles can now be filled with a unique consumable, Warmth Energy, from the Volcanic Hot Spring. Centaur Camp: Made slight adjustments to the arrangement of the Centaur Camp to prevent the Centaur Chieftain and players from getting stuck. Resurrection UI: Resurrection Altars are now more clearly visible when resurrecting. Water Elementals: Gained the ability to swim. Talos and Estel Cleanup: Removed some errant structures that were left from the relocated stables. Molten Tiger: Now has a lower chance of spawning near the Volcanic Hot Springs. Meteors: Now have a lower chance of landing near the Volcanic Hot Springs. Wind Elemental: Now considered as a flying creature for Knowledge experience gains. Divine Blessing: Added SFX when firing the spell. Bug Fixes: Fixed a bug where characters would be forced underground after death by certain creatures. Fixed a bug where it was occasionally impossible to tame a Unicorn. Fixed a bug where it occasionally wouldn’t turn dark at night. Fixed some bugged terrain near The Sacred Grove (giant tree in the center of the map). Fixed a bug where players wouldn’t suffer a respawn timer penalty when killed by city guards. Fixed a bug where Small Spell Towers would still cause collision after being picked up. Fixed a bug where Pegasi and Unicorns could have infinite HP. Fixed a bug where a Medical Flag would still heal allies even after being destroyed. Fixed a bug where Turkeys wouldn’t play proper SFX for certain interactions. Fixed a bug where Bramblehoppers’ ears would stretch out (more than normal). Fixed a bug where Orthrus’s body would become distorted after being killed. Fixed a bug where Stone Foundation material was replaced by the material for Wood Foundations. Fixed a bug where the Infernus Dragon’s glowing material was replaced by an incorrect material. Fixed a bug where some characters were unable to unlock higher levels of Light Magic Knowledge. Fixed a bug where an Elite Dark Wraith’s body would become distorted randomly. Fixed a bug where Goblins in the Wheat Field were dealing more damage than intended with their health drain debuff. Fixed a bug where an Elk’s body would become distorted after being killed. Fixed a bug where some areas in The Scalding Abyss were the incorrect temperature. Fixed a bug where it would occasionally rain inside of The Scalding Abyss. Fixed a bug where some Soul Nodes were floating above the terrain. Future Update Preview:
      Finally, we have a little teaser for our next major update - Goblin Technology has been advancing at an alarming rate around Archos, and they’re just about ready to unveil their latest invention - Airships!

      We planned on having airships ready for this update, but it takes a while to get something so heavy up in the air. We’re going to be ramping up production in our Goblin factories all throughout the holidays to get these out by our next major patch, so start gathering materials and planning out your base’s ground to air defenses now!
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The Archos Herald, Issue 11 - Goblin Sightings!

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Welcome to the 11th issue of The Archos Herald - your source for all the latest updates on Dark and Light’s development and community features!

Development Updates


We’ve been pretty quiet this week on the update front while we’ve been working on our next major content update patch. We’re expecting to have it ready by next month, but that doesn’t mean that Dark and Light won’t see a few updates and bug fixes in the meantime. We have a patch planned for next week that’s sure to have even Archos’s bravest adventurers shaking in their greaves! Read on to get a preview on what horrors are headed to Archos!

As always, head over to our official forums or /r/DarkandLight to share your thoughts and feedback on recent patches and the state of the game with our team!

Scout Reports - Goblin Activity

Archos’s goblins have been acting strange recently - scouts stationed around their encampments say that they’ve seen them hoarding food and covering themselves with strange body paint. Some of the elites of the group have even taken to wearing decorative fruit on their heads!


This could only mean one thing… Gobboween is coming to Archos! It’s a festive (and frightening) time of year when creatures all over the planet begin to act strangely as a result of Gaia’s influence - some even transform into terrifying new forms! Get ready to discover new creatures and unlock new Schemas for Gobboween-exclusive armor, weapons, and more! Be sure to check it out when Gobboween begins in Archos next week!



Tales From Archos

The ever-changing land of Archos is full of adventures and trials. Over this past week, we’ve continued to see and hear tales from Adventurers across the land. Here are this week’s Tales from Archos!

Mausi looks back at home one last time before setting out into the wilderness. 


Vurrd once dreamed of being able to touch the sky; with their new home, they’re able to whenever they’d like.


Seeing a pegasus is a rare sight, and Daunenfein uses his opportunity to get as close as possible taking this amazing shot. 


Set sail! JBRTDark is ready to take on the dangers of the ocean with his brand new ship.


ThatGermanGuy is here to show us how to capture, evolve, and tame a pegasus start to finish. For those adventurers who are looking to take on this challenge, this video is a great way prepare for your upcoming journey. You can check out the full video here!

New Creatures of Blackice Peaks - Part 2


Kaid is back again this week with part 2 of our new creatures overview! In this video, she takes a deeper look at all of the creatures you’ll encounter in the dreaded Ice Cave of Blackice Peaks. From acid-spraying spiders to Bytorg, the ancient avatar of frost, be sure to check out this video before heading into the depths of the cave! You can check out the full video here.

Final Notes

Thanks for joining us in our 11th issue of The Archos Herald! To stay up-to-date on everything Dark and Light, be sure to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and join the discussion on our Official Forums or our subreddit, /r/DarkandLight.

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Posted (edited)

update schedule?
more info and story? :D

after the last update looking every day for the next..

Edited by Ashmadeus

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Ugh i hope the guns will stay to fantasy guns and dont become lazers and rocketlaunchers like ark.

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How many Patchs/Hotfix come before you bring back the Dragon fire or an option for servers that activate or Deactivate the Dragon fire????

 On my Server we need this so Much for our Roleplay.(Targaryen without a Dragon there can Spy Fire ?? xD )

Pls at least a Option to Activate and Deactivat 

We love Dark and light So Much

(Sorry for my Bad English 

Greetings from Germany near Cologne 


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