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Number of structure, types

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There appears to be a maximum number of structure items allowed in a given area, and if that's for rendering and game play no problem, but to be able to plan and build I need additional information and I can't find it online anywhere.

I would like to know the following:  Do windows/shutters count as separate structure from the window frame.

Does a railing count as one structure?

Are all gates only  one structure or do they count for more?

Is there a way to tell if an item is considered a structure.

What is the tile radius for determining whether there are to many structures in said area? 

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as dark and light is more or less an ark clone (engine wise) , we can be pretty sure the same limitations for items in ark count in dark and light as well.

that means: everything you place is an item. frame and windows are 2 items. frame and door are 2 as well. forges, chests, spelltowers etc, everything you need to place counts as 1 item. even the waterpipes do count as items. also railings, feeding troughts, torches, ladders, everything you place is counting towards the limit.

in ark the tile radius was about 50 foundations.

how much the limit is, i dont know. i do know that its lower than in ark. in ark the limit was 6000 items as i played it the last time (1 year ago)

dont quote me on this :)

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