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I hope you all had a great Labor day weekend and you are all enjoying the 2x’s harvesting bonus! There were some technical issues getting the event up and running over the weekend so we have extended the event until this Sunday 9.9.18  8pm PST so if you haven’t had a chance to take advantage, it's not too late!

We have a lot of big changes that are being made. If you haven’t yet, Be sure to check out our most recent issue of the Archos Herald volume 35 here for more information

In our last Archos Herald ee announced that Jimmy, aka Zephyr, would be stepping away from his community duties. Unfortunately, we are saddened to announce today that Erebus will also no longer be a part of the community team. He was very passionate about the Dark and Light community, and he will be sorely missed.

On a positive note, I’d like to introduce myself. I am Stormborn, the new community manager for Dark and light and I look forward to getting to know everyone and grow with the community! I’m excited to also introduce another new member, Calculated! Calculated has been more of behind the scenes guy but will be taking a more open roll in our team going forward. We look forward to embracing this change and having the opportunity to be a part of Dark and Light family! 

Other great things to look forward to is we will be hosting an upcoming community event! Details on that will be released soon! Also, the new DLC Shard of the Faith is coming soon! So stay tuned to our social media for more info regarding release dates!

You can find us on Steam Forums, and reddit, as well as following us on Twitter and Facebook

Until next time!

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Thank you so much for the extended 2x!  Feeling a bit more life trickle back into some of the servers! 


 Not sure where to submit community questions/comments but I wanted to let you all know some of us are looking forward to a Halloween even near as much as the DLC. Will we be getting a halloween event by chance?

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Last year's Halloween event was fun.  It involved the Goblins, pumpkins, and candy.  The pumpkins were introduced at that time.  We also got werewolves.  The candy is required to make ammo and we can only get it during the event.

I also hope they do it again.

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