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Are these things possible in a mod?

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Hello All! I'd like to ask well quite a few basic can this be done questions with a mod. So here goes.

 I would like to reduce Evolution time on Mythics to a max of 6 hours. 

I would like to set up Individual stat gains for each tameable creature in the game. 

I would like to turn on mythic/dragon damage to the manor. 

I would like to be able to adjust what can damage structures and what can not.

I would like to adjust the damage reduction % on structures.
I would like to turn factions Off or at least make so that no one is red to anyone unless in a war.

 I would like to make so cross faction Allie is possible. 

I would like to make so the war flag applies to a whole alliance when it is placed. 

I would like to increase war timer for the actual war.

I would like to make bottles craftable in the workbench and also able to decay into hotspring esseness. 

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