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Come join us! US Knight 20

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I may regret this but here goes....... US Knight 20 probably has been around as long as US Knight 1,3 and 7. We have had our wars and people have come and go though out the time this game has went active. I am the longest active member of this server and now feel it is time to advertise that we exist. I or we don’t have anything to offer those coming to our server other than plenty of land to grow. I also know that advertising your server also brings those who wants to burn down your world. But I personally feel it is time to build up our server to the next level of game play or die trying! I am hoping for those who want to protect the server to answer the call but I will defend it with all I have cultivated. 

RainGnyu (House Of The Skrulls) Eleven Faction

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