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Dark and Light 6/28 Update - Patch Notes

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Greetings Adventurers!

We have another patch this week, with a few adjustments to in game elements of Dark and Light. This will be going live at the normal time, ~1AM PDT, Friday, 6/29. Please make sure that your Adventurer and tames are in a safe location before this update starts. 

  • Fix an issue where server resets were making saddles disappeared on tamed creatures.
  • Fix an issue where leaving render distance will causes tames crafting items to stop, and resources to be lost.
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Clicking on this post logs you out of the forums. Have to log back in to post. ... Or use the ?_fromLogin=1 address cheat.

Also, I really hope that the render distance crafting is resolved. That one annoyed me. Especially making goblin contracts. Smelting on fire imps can be a thing again, so Yay!

Did you guys test and resolve the issue where crafting lots of things in a workbench and leaving render would stop the craft? Just curious.

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