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Something that would be great to have adjusted would be the health of buildings. I get that in a PVP server you don't want buildings to be easy to break into, but lets take a step back for a second and look at this.

Thatch... basically a house made of twigs and grass... has over 100k health... something made of grass honestly shouldn't take several hours to break into. Same goes for wood houses again, shouldn't take several hours to break into.

Also what would be cool to see, is buildings taking extra damage depending on what's attack it. So for an example if Thatch and Wooden structures are being attacked by some kind of creature that is fire based say... Fire Lord, or a Dragon, the buildings take extra damage that could also be time based damage, since well... wood and grass don't do well with fire. So essentially you could have a timer base on like say 10 or 20 secs of continuous damage from the fire.

Also what would be nice is fixing the dismounting, currently to dismount off of tames like the Griffin it's absolutely more complex than it really needs to be. You have to jump at the right angle in the right spot to get off of it... shouldn't be that way to be honest.
Also speaking of griffins, why on earth can they not turn? I'm sure you've had to have this problem if you house your griffin in a building. Literally unless the walls are all made of doors, just to get the griffin outside is difficult cause you basically have to walk in wide circles because it can't just turn normally. 
Also why can't flying tames walk backwards? That doesn't make a lot of sense...

  Something else to consider looking into, is that some of these things that can be crafted or even build require some ungodly amount of material. Iron Hooks for an example require so much for just a couple of arrows... why the mushrooms by the way? For building material, pieces like stone, iron, and manor structures all require some ridiculous amounts of material. Manor alone demands an arm and a leg just to build one piece. Which honestly is mostly why I myself don't build anything from manor, because of how much it demands for just one piece of building block. It's not worth the hassle to go and do, even though manor looks pretty awesome, to me its not worth my time spending resources and time to make.

Also not sure if it's meant to be this way, but the world seems pretty empty of NPCs, the cities only have traders and guards... wheres the rest of the town folk? And some of the little towns that are here and there, are pretty desolate as well... Like the little towns that have a church in each one, the only person there, is the lady that sells bounding scrolls inside of the church, but no one else is there even though you have all of these buildings there, not even guards... last time I went to one of these it was over run by goblins. (I got mugged by five of them, that knocked me out and left me naked on the streets.)
then you just have these abandoned villages that are kinda in ruin... why? 

Another issue with building, and I'm not sure if you covered this in the Q/A I don't recall hearing an answer to it, but it was brought up by some of the players that attended the QnA. building on the land can be a bit annoying, you could be on a role with setting the foundation of a base only to get thwarted because of a lump in the earth or something that is "blocking' the foundation piece from being build. Would be great if the building algorithm could be fixed so that these things don't thwart you from building an awesome base.

Something else that would be neat to see is terraforming, I'd love to see this be implemented into DnL, building trenches, or a moat around your base that requires then you to build a drawbridge or even just a bridge at that. Over all just having more control of your environment would be awesome to see.

More land on the main map would be nice as well. I've noticed that some land masses have vanished over time. I've been around DnL since it was released almost a year ago. A lot of islands that existed don't anymore, which is odd. Was their a reason for the removal? For an example when loading the map, it shows a largeish... island south of the volcano, that island isn't there now.
And over near the human side of the world, that giant crater that has the red looking light stone, out in the waters across of that, used to be some little islands that aren't there now either.
I remember them because me and some friends had build a base on them, and I would swim to the main land and also attempt to survive the man eating fish that have honestly over populated the waters. 
Where did these lands go? And will you consider bringing them back?

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Thanks for everything that you have put here Keegan. There are a lot of great ideas here, and I know there are other community members that have similar feelings. When it comes to the topics on balancing, such as building health, this is something that we're always looking at. We're aware that some people feel that it might be a bit too hard to raid right now, and it's a mechanic that we're looking at. When it comes to some of the other suggestions that you have made, we have a lot of content that is coming up the in the new DLC that is free for players who own Dark and LIght. I cant give away any specifics yet, but we're all really excited to show the community what we've been working on.

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As always, Thanks for replying back Erebus, It's great knowing that the Devs are strongly invested into their community and listening for feedback in how to improve the game and whats being done right :) 
Looking forward to the up coming DLC!

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