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As the most comprehensive community for the ARK: Survival Evolved and Dark and Light, Genesis Gaming Online is the only source you need to take your survival gaming experience to the next level. This is your chance to dive head first into a MATURE gaming community focused on providing the ultimate gaming experience. Explore our site to find out about our servers, weekly events and social media outlets.

Server Start Date: March 19th, 2018
IP Address:

NOTE: If you are adding Dark and Light through Steam favorites, the IP Address is:

[[[[[ RATES / SETTINGS ]]]]]
XP - 5X
Harvesting - 5X
Taming - 5X
Increased Player Levels - 100
Boosted Player Stats - 5X
Boosted Creature Stats - 2X
Spoilage - 3X
Item Decomposition - 2X
Corpse Decomposition - 5X
Structure Collision - Disabled
Force Structure Locking - Enabled

[[[[[ WEBSITE ]]]]]

[[[[[ DISCORD ]]]]]

[[[[[ INSTAGRAM ]]]]]

[[[[[ TWITTER ]]]]]

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