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It has happened afterwards as well. If I get stuck in an object, leaving the ship and whistling it to follow then entering the ship again seems to allow me to break free


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1 hour ago, Wazard said:

Our ship is stuck in a structure and we are now unable to board it to move. It just says change name.

This may sound odd, but was it parked on top of a building? if it was and it wasn't too long ago u can go underneath the ship and from the right angle find the "Ride" option.

If its been parked too long it will sink into the structure and u will have to demo some ceilings to access it correctly since its technically meshed underneath.

I saw a post on steam forums where the player whistled the ship to a tame and left the tame out then de-rendered and rendered it for a quick fix. Unsure if this works but it could.

hope u can find a fix.

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Just posting this here to relay more information that can possibly lead to a fix.   

I've recorded most of this and streamed also last night into the early a.m. EST.     Airship attempt #4 was successful.   This time I decided to build and place the ship yard on a flat level surface at the volcano (least laggy part of the map and one on the server also done successfully in the area). 

 I followed the same steps i've always done with the air ship.  (No tame touching it, No damage to it, during least laggiest/busy time and Never leave render)
Additional steps: 
I created and placed a brand new work bench just to craft the new Ship yard and nothing else.
I did NOT check the craft progress in the ship yard work bench the entire time of it crafting until after 4 hours.     

The craft was 4 hours as usual.  The animations kept rolling for 4 hours and 55 minutes.   I thought this would be a failure due to 55 minutes of waiting after craft being done.
After 4 hours and 55 minutes of never leaving render, to see if the animations would disappear like the previous times I left render and returned.  animations were still rolling.   Upon discovering that I left render yet again briefly.     I came back to the airship finally spawned 5 hours in total.   Immediately stoned it and it flew lag free across the map to my base where it still sits.  

So this may be something to do with specific laggy areas or perhaps being near world tile buffer areas that cause failed crafts.   The 3 Successful airships on the server were crafted at  the top of the MTN east of dwarven town on a top flat spot.   The other 2 were successful at Volcano on flat surfaces.

The three failed were near Portal mtn/Centaur camps.  


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Adding to my submission above.  I crafted a 2nd airship successfully from the same shipyard used on the 1st successful craft,      attempts # 4 and 5 were good .

This time airship appeared about 30 minutes after crafting was finished.   all same steps followed

I contend the issues with failed spawns after crafting has something to do with locations , potentially around world tiles/buff points. 



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