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      Dark and Light Update - Patch Notes   01/04/2018

      Greetings Adventurers! We're finishing up testing our next build, and will be releasing it soon. There will be an announcement in game allowing Adventurers to get to a safe place before servers go down. Below are the full patch notes for the update.
        General Updates Talos, Estel, and Ironfast Optimization The slums for each of the three major cities have been relocated to assist with performance. Resources have been reduced in each city which will improve performance. Rental Sign Storage Changes Players that have had their items stored away inside of these signs have had a bit of an advantage over other players since there is no way for these areas to be raided, and it wasn’t intended to have these be storage bins. We’ve changed these signs so that items can no longer be placed inside of them. Please relocate any items that are stored in these properties to avoid issues. Magic Storage Bins Magical Storage Bins are a new structure that have been added to the villages outside of each city. These bins will provide some similar features to the rental sign so that players who were storing items in this way have another option. Magic Storage Bins are still unbreakable There are two sizes of Magic Storage Bins. Large has a 20 slot inventory, and small has a 10 slot inventory. Magic Storage bins (large) can only be rented for 7 days at a time, and rental can be renewed only 2 hours before the time expires. Magic Storage Bins (small) can only be rented for 3 days at a time, and rental can be renewed only 2 hours before the time expires.  If items are left behind after time expires, the next Adventurer that rents the Magical Storage Bin will become the owner of them.  All Adventurers are able to see the Magical Storage Bin’s rental timer. Each faction will currently only have one large Magical Storage Bin. Each House is only able to rent one Magical Storage Bin at a time. If the House dissolves, the Magical Storage Bin will revert back to an unleased state. Adventurers are only able to rent Magical Storage Bins that are inside of their faction’s city. Libraries and Hotels have been closed in the cities until mechanical development of structures are completed. Bug Fixes Fixed a bug where Wind and Dark Wind Elementals attack AI wasn’t working properly. Fixed a bug where login music wasn’t working correctly during character creation. Fixed a bug where the waterfall near Ironfast was much louder than intended. Fixed a bug where NPCs were in cities that had no utility. Fixed a bug where Adventurers were spawning at incorrect locations in Ironfast. Fixed a bug where some structures were floating in the church outside of Ironfast.  Fixed a bug where Yetis would rubberband on death. Known Issues We’re current aware that structures aren’t loading in fully when an Adventurer first logs into Archos. We’re deploying a small fix in this patch where if Adventurers move side to side, these structures should load in, and are continuing to look into a full fix for this issue.
    • Erebus

      Community Update 1/10 - Monthly Development Roadmap   01/10/2018

      Greetings Adventurers,

      With the new year comes new opportunities and challenges for all of us. The Community Team here at Snail Games have made a few New Years resolutions, and one of those is improving how we interact with our community. We have a few plans on making everyone feel more involved with the development process, and this is our first one!
        Monthly Development Roadmap

      Towards the beginning of each month, we’ll be releasing an outline on what we plan to accomplish. This will include when patches will be released, a small idea of what to expect in each patch, community events, and anything else that we may want to do that month. This is a snapshot that may change over the course of development, and we’ll be sure to update the image, along with an explanation of why the change occurred.

      There will still be the release of patch notes going over the full list of changes and additions to dark and light when the patch is released, and teasers/introductions to our new content before they are released as well. However, we hope that these monthly timelines will provide a better understand on what we’re working on, and where we’re taking Dark and Light. I know that we’re all excited here at Snail Games for the new year, and for the future of Dark and Light.   EDIT: There will be a patch on 1/11
    • Erebus

      Dark and Light 1/11 - Patch Notes   01/11/2018

      Greetings Adventurers! On Thursday, 1/11 a patch with a few quality of life changes and bug fixes will be released. Be sure to check out the adjustments made to Dark and Light in our patch notes below. 
        General Updates Adjusted the Dark Wind Elemental Textures. Healing from Rune of Harmony II has been increased. Collision for small objects in Archos has been improved. New Upright Storage Box was added to Survival Knowledge Node. Flames of the Fireplace has been improved. Bug Fixes Fixed a bug where the House UI would not show proper information for House members.  Fixed a bug where barrel debris would look like presents.  Fixed a bug where Shapeshifting magic was not leveling up properly. Fixed a bug where tamed Bee Hives were attacking allies after triggering death or server restart.      EDIT: the Armor Vendor in Ironfast is still missing and is being investigated.  
    • Erebus

      Dark and Light 1/18 - Patch Notes   01/18/2018

      Greetings Adventurers! On Thursday, 1/18 ~1AM a large patch with content updates and bug fixes will be released.. Be sure to check out the adjustments made to Dark and Light in our patch notes below. 

      Mobile Fortresses Deployed on Archos! The Goblins engineers of Archos have been quietly working on a machine that would allow them to take to the skies. By mastering their art, Adventurers are now able to craft the Mobile Fortress.  By unlocking Rank 4 of Goblin Engineering, Adventurers are able to start the production of their own Mobile Fortress. Adventurers will first need to make a Dock to begin their construction. From there, the construction of the Mobile Fortress begins and the installation of the control panel allows for control of the fortress. Add defensive measures, such as spell towers, and customize your Mobile Fortress to suit your needs and preferences. Goblin Artillery is a new defensive structure that will be added in a coming patch. For now, a standard ceiling has been applied to all Mobile Fortresses until it is better optimized for customization. Blackice Peaks and Scalding Abyss Adjustments We’ve been looking into the balance of these experiences for some time now, and hope that these changes will open this content up to more players so they are able to experience these trials. Creature Health Adjustments Bytorg the Frost Bound has had his health reduced to 2/3 of its current value, and breath attack animation has been increased allowing more time for players to react. Bel’Xahl the Scorched has had their constitution decreased to half of its original value, and his health reduced to 2/3 of its original value. All creatures inside both Blackice Peaks and the Scalding Abyss have had their health reduced by half. Item Crafting Adjustments Instead of dropping multiple required crafting items, both bosses will now drop a new elemental essence that will be used to create the armor and weapons offered by each cave. Bytorg will now drop Frost Essence and Bel’Xahl will drop Fire Essence. Players will be able to trade in any crafting items they currently have from Blackice Peaks or the Scalding Abyss for Fire or Frost Essence depending on the crafting material. Creatures in both Blackice Peaks and the Scalding Abyss can drop essence as well. Both bosses can now drop schemas as well as completed high quality items when defeated. In a future patch, vendors will be added to each cave who will sell rare items and equipment. Starting Area Changes We’ve received a lot of players feedback about high-level monster near the main city. This was a major threat to new players and we want to ease new Adventurers into these experiences instead of having it be their first. We’ve adjusted the spawn rules around the three main cities so that lower-level and less-threatening creatures spawn there. This does not prevent some high-level creatures from walking around the main city threatening budding Adventurers. We’re going to continue to keep an eye on these areas so that we may address issues as they come up. As always we appreciate your feedback and support during Dark and Light’s Early Access period. General Updates Starting Armor has for all Adventurers has changed. Adventurers now are ready for their journey into the wild and start with full leather armor. Leather Armor now provides 15 armor instead of 25, has a durability of 30 instead of 45, weight of 2 instead of 3, and retains the same heat and cold resistances as the previous version. Crafting materials needed for this armor set has also been reduced to match the drop in armor and durability.  The full armor set has now been moved from Armor Rank 2 to Armor Rank 1 in the Knowledge Tree Holiday snow has been removed, however the holiday creatures around Archos are going to stay a bit longer. Temperature around Archos has been revered back to pre holiday event. Presents around main cities will turn back to barrels. Rules to declare war have changed. In order to prevent players from escaping the war by changing their affiliation during the war, we make the following changes to the rules of war: When a player's House declares war or is declared war, it is not possible to leave the House. Rental Sign storage function removal. Because we’re disabling the ability to store items inside of rental signs, please remove any items that are stored inside of the rental property signs. After the next update, the rental signs will no longer have storage functions. We will be deleting some rental signs that are not used in the cities. In addition, we make the following changes to Magic Storage Boxes: In every village outside of the major cities there will be a Large Magical Storage Box with 50 inventory spaces that players can rent for 1400 gold coins. Players in a house of 10 or less are eligible to rent one of these boxes, and the rental will last for 7 days. Addition tames can now be painted using the painting feature. Boar  Elk Fire Dragon Gryphon Peregriff Deathstalker Turkey Wolf Sheep A new more decorative storage box has been added to Survival Rank 9. Reduced the size of the feeding trough icon over tames indicating they are in range. Terrain Adjustments Adjusted terrain and removed excess stone on Dragon Island. Terrain collision has been increased around volcano, snow capped mountains, and floating islands. Adjusted pillars around Talos so that structures are no longer floating. Fixed invisible wall that was blocking entrance to Scalding Abyss. Bug Fixes Fixed a bug where there was a space between above the door and door frame for the Elven Manor. Fixed a bug where placed Devil Bringer would not have a name when looked at. Fixed a bug where Horses and Deathstalkers were getting stuck on hillsides.  Fixed a bug where unlocked Shapeshift schemas weren’t castable. Fixed a bug where Elven Manor Pillars could not be set near Elven Manor Walls. Fixed a bug where Polymorph wasn’t castable. Fixed a bug where some towers in the main cities would not load properly.
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The Archos Herald, Issue 21 - New Year, New Adventures

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Welcome to the 21st issue of The Archos Herald - your source for all the latest updates on Dark and Light’s development and community features!

Development Updates


Dark and Light was patched in the early hours of this morning, which addressed some of the bugs that were present around Archos. The improvements made to the cities should help Dark and Light run smoother, and the addition of Magical Storage Bins should assist players that don’t have a safe space to keep all of their equipment. For a full list of the changes, you can check out the full patch notes here.

The community has been very active over the holiday season, and we’ve received a lot of feedback. We do know that there are currently some issues that players are still experiencing, such as Frost Dragons not having their breath attack, knowledge nodes not leveling up all of the way, and structures not loading in when an Adventurer first logs in. We have not forgotten about these issues, and the development team is still looking into what could be causing them.

Our Community Spellcrafting Event is still going on, and the discussions on these threads has been very productive. With all of the spell ideas that the community has shared with us, we’ve started organizing them into categories, and will be submitting them to the development team so that they can be fleshed out even more. To stay up to date with this event and to get involved in the conversation head over to our official forums or /r/DarkandLight!

In 2018, we are planning a number of changes to Dark and Light both inside and outside of the game. On the community side, we’re putting together a new communication system so that everyone feels more involved with the development process, and has an idea of what’s going to be coming in the future. Improving our communication with the community is a top priority in 2018.


Tales From Archos

The ever-changing land of Archos is full of adventures and trials. Over this past week, we’ve continued to see and hear tales from Adventurers across the land. Here are this week’s Tales from Archos!

DieDeutsche heads out into the wild as the sun rises over Archos.

Tread lightly, d’Artagnan gets as close as they dare to this dangerous creature.

Mickey captures the spirit of the holidays with this festive photo.

A fortress fit for a king. Fuleps4 shows us all their amazing home and companions.


Final Notes

Thanks for joining us in our 21st issue of The Archos Herald! To stay up-to-date on everything Dark and Light, be sure to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and join the discussion on our Official Forums page or our subreddit, /r/DarkandLight.

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