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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, First, I am new to survival games, although I have been playing pc games for 30 years the survival genre is new to me. Second I am loving this game so far! Random things I have noticed. Some of these are bugs and some improvements. You are probably aware of these but as a huge fan of the game I want to make sure. Shields unequip when logging out. The "lady" popup messages disappear to fast to read entirely. The "lady" popup messages pops blank and doesn't go away (these would be awesome voice acted). Harvesting with no tools should have a gathering animation instead of punching. Need to be able to toggle horse trample of on an off. Pillars on pve servers should not block resources. One idea is to allow building but let the owner have the ability to destroy any item after a 3 hour decay timer. Schematics need filters by material types or "tiers" 4 smaller boxes stacked up before the search box would be great, even if they only worked on the building pieces it would help tremendously. When you select a schematic filter it should hold that filter when going in and out of inventory, currently we have to reselect it every time. I find the chat channels very hard to understand. Which channel am I in? Who is in it with me? When I type something in camp is should say Mantase Camp, when I type in local it should say Mantase Local on the text history. There NEEDS to be a direct conversation with another player via tell or whisper. There NEEDS to be an ignore player selection. There NEEDS to be a way to turn off chat completely even if its just with a hotkey. There should be an option to not show chat when your inventory is open. I would like to be able to /afk this would be even more helpful with /tell. There have been too many times I cannot complete a task while my inventory is open because other players are having a "discussion" and the chat is overlaying my buttons, yes the buttons will work if I remember which one to click which I don’t. One idea I had for solving this is to have a selection on the character panel to display the character or the chat panel. I don’t find myself looking at my character panel unless I need to level up. Along with this option having a character panel that would "slide" to a minimized position and expand the crafting selections to show more crafting options (less scrolling and looking). I would like to be able to sort inventory by weight or alphabetically, again two little icons stacked next to the search window would be perfect. When removing and transferring items they show up at random places in your inventory forcing you to look for them every time. Key binds often don’t save, I am unable to give you exact conditions but I had to rebind my "whistles" several times before they took. Staff heads are located under the armor filter and not weapon filter. I tried to place a water reservoir on the ground not knowing it had to be connected to a pipe and It caused a bug that wouldn’t allow me to place any pieces and caused my inventory to "hitch" significantly, a relog fixed it. The pop up tool tips should have an adjustable amount of time they are displayed and be moveable to a location of the players choice. Even if there are only "X" locations and we choose. All npcs repete their lines to often. Corpses left in town on character logout are disturbing. A simple fixed sleeping animation would be great. Also maybe provide an xp, gathering, or some other bonus if characters logged out in beds when available. The red prices on vendors are hard to read a grey text could be a possible solution. When harvesting rocks they explode and fly across the map, its pretty cool the first time and than it breaks immerision. When placing a building piece i would like to be able to rotate it. The E key seems like a logical choice. Can walls stick on the sides as well as the top and bottom. Having left and right roof triangles are redundant as those are the only rotating building piece i have found so far. Can roof triangle stick bothntop and bottom. Pillars should not block resources on pve servers. One idea would be to allow the pillar owner to destroy any other player built objects after a 24 hour decay timer. There should be a limit to the number of pillars that can be placed they should also bemlinked to each other. For example a building is placed the pillar should be within x distance. And all other pillars need to be within x distance of eachother. So if i pillared of the human city bridge i would not be able to pillar all the way to the "church lady vendor". Also a limit on pillars by builxing type say 15 for wood 25 stone 35 mason. A flat cap would probably be just as good. I am still new and learning and these ideas may not apply to pvp servers. Now that being said, I again say I LOVE this game. None of these or all of these issues combined will prevent me from playing the game, I just think they would add significant polish. I am only level 25 and will be adding to this as I explore this spectacular world.
  2. Ive read a lot of the Steam suggestions but haven't had a chance to read them here. Rather than me waste time I''ll report and suggest my list here so the Devs can do as they wish with it so I do apologize if you are already aware of the majority. OK straight to the point. - I love my 3rd person gameplay but 1st person is a must. (hard to see underwater when first diving in and you have to go deep down before you can see a group of flesh eating fish coming for you for example). - Inventory needs an auto stack as you transfer items - Campfires would sound great if they made a continuous crackling sound - Harvesting rocks with a hatchet and pick is loud and doesn't sound very natural when hitting a tool to stone. Makes a bonk sound instead of a clink. - Can hear the neighbors large gates open and shut - Crafting complete sound is the same for all craftables. Would be great to have different sound affects. - Items that are not broken but do need repairing don't let you repair whilst on the quick bar. They need to be dragged into the inventory first. - Wall torch needs to give off a little more light. - We have a specified taming trough which is great but can they have a demolish timer on it so that they can be placed close to enemy buildings? Surrounding buildings are scattered everywhere and its quite frustrating having to kite the beast around to an open area away from buildings. - Health goes down on beasts instead of hunger. Seems to happen when youve dropped the beast for the second time. - Aggro range is very big. Ive estimated it to be around 400m in some cases. Was very hard as a new starter when beasts were coming from all angels without even having a chance to see them. - Camera shake on the bow starts a bit early? If you shake from being tired I would understand about 3-4 secs after putting tension on it. At the moment its pull on bow and immediately fire before it shakes. - Visual crafting queue would be good, so you can also clear certain craftables off it if need be. - Set pin code on doors/crates etc makes click sounds twice when you press it once - Starving and thirst sounds are quite loud - Would be nice to have sound effects when picking up arrows off a corpse - All doors open toward you instead of away when going through them no matter which side you come through them. A pain to approach door, step back run through then reach far over to close it, sucks if your running from something. edit: after a patch personal doors now swing away but the small beast gate still applies to the above - When placing some structures on the ground like storage boxes etc, the tool-tip from the foundation your standing on will cover the placeable and you cant see what angle it is, or if its green. - Emoticons in chat. Dragging emoticon folder from Ark to DnL did not help. - Have to single hit some ores, small trees, grass etc to get the harvesting to work. I read only a handful of players experience this. Re-downloading the game fixes it....until it happens again...then again... - When using Drain spell, trees falling sound is cut short - Scope doesn't show levels from a distance (I heard you guys were working on this one) - Horse mount is lacking two more hoof sounds :D (the two front ones) when walking - The turn over door weirdly flops around when opening and closing. - Water is rather loud and is torturing if in the same building where you are most of the time. Can be heard through four + ceiling levels as though its right beside you. - Would be nice if the light blue square that hover over walls and items in the center of your screen changed colour for different items. Light blue for the walls, green for things that open like windows, crates and doors etc. Sometimes its hard to select the window shutter when the whole time your selecting the actual window frame when trying to close it. Or climbing a ladder, the wall behind it keeps being selected instead. Even though you can see the tooltip. a colour option as well would be less frustrating. Thank you so much for you time. Please feel free to add more, readers. Server: OC-Wyvernslayer-1
  3. - Dwarf Bridge is still uncrossable from the city side ( must be really hard to lift a piece of terrain ) - After the solution chosen to solve the tames cliping inside mountains or terrain, areas of the map are now impossible to access (Dwarf city vertical tunnels, Giant trees) - Goblin Engineering Workbench! In the extreme example of 70 houses in the server, we will have 70 shipyards in the map just to craft some cannons. ( In a game with soo much pillar issues, and with a Sandbox design, thats awefull! ) Goblin Workbenchs will not be required in the amount the other 2 are. We will probably just build one per base. - Smelting/Recycle mechanic. End game players keep tossing away invasion gear because its too weak. Why not recycle that gear to earn some mats! In cases of gear crafted with mats that have different tiers, best the tiers of the gear, best tier of mats ( uncommon and rare gear gives normal wood and some uncommon, epic gear uncommon and some rare wood, legendary gear just rare wood.) Rust is a game that sucessfuly implemented this mechanic in public areas, creating new pvp hotspots. Dark and Light have many map villages that could have one forge or bench to recycle. - Iventory improvements: - More transparency, we have to use it alot in danger situations - Prioritize the item on the recipe crafting stuff. I keep losing rare wood crafting medium chests, when it should prioritize the normal wood. Right now its unecessary inventory managment -Selling should prioritize the iventory. I keep losing legendary axes on my hotbar when selling to hunter vendor because of that. - Transfer All affects second hotbar, soo most people dont use it. - Replace Magic Essence recipe to Empty bottles and shards powder. - Empty bottles stackable. - Show durability on radial menu. -Radial menu and/or keybindings for communication like, need healing, need help, i tank, etc, with the respective icon above the player. - HP bars broken. When doing caves with house members, and players of other factions, sometimes i took healer role, i had a hard time doing my job because i saw them full hp, when they were low hp and some died. - Light sources like braziers, bonfires, etc, eat a ton of your already few FPS. - Some icons dont match the items (brimstone gear as example) - A container with more water (like 5 gulps) 2 dont even fills most of players thirst . Alot of us have to carry multiple bottles for no reason. -Basic attack with almost all the melee weapons often dont register for players with high ping - Mana icon on tames while mounted -When out of focus, make the character fall asleep for like half or one minute, leaving it vulnerable. The mechanic will make more sence and be way more important and dynamic -Maybe let dragons grab, specialy, kebos, soo mid lvl players can farm, still not as good as, a windrider bahamut combo. With the issue of the node griefing, the progression needs to be more constant. The gap of power between a player with a mytical and without a mytical is already decent. Especialy in terms of defense ( Manor ). -Care and think that your game design its one of your worse enemies lag and optimizations related. I use 28 cooking pots to craft feed. I use 9 magicbenches to craft bottles and essence. When crafting in all at same time, my game freezes up to 30 seconds. When some players do it at same time, the server cries. But i have to operate in this big setup if i want some essence done. Erebus, this is the reaction to your statment of the devs reading everything we say on this forum, but if i dont get any type of real confirmation that they read it, disbelief and frustration will increase again on my side. Me and many of us could be doing things like this really often if Snail stop negleting the best tool that early access project gives. The thousands of free extra employees at your disposition.
  4. Bugs/Small issues Wooden doors have a large gap when placed in a doorway. Angled walls can't be placed under ramps. Walls can't clip into the ground which makes bases on pillars extremely ugly. When making a floor out of foundations then going to ceilings when the terrain slopes too far results in the ceilings and foundations having different heights. When changing direction with ramps by using a ceiling the first ramp that is going in a different direction has a large gap between it and the ceiling. Many different structures that get placed in a row like compost bins,storage boxes, and farming plots get misaligned when you place many of them. This could be fixed by letting this structures be able to snap to each other and possible the center of foundations/walls. The ability to turn off snapping would be helpful in this case as well when you want to place structures free style. Currently railings cannot be placed on ramps despite the fact that if anything needs a railing it's a ramp. Some things I would like implemented for building quality of life. A spell for picking up furniture and crafting stations. A dark magic spell for destroying building pieces like walls from a long range and get more then 50% of the original crafting resources back.
  5. Each dungeon should have a small trading village in the "safe zone/nobuildzone" at the start of each dungeon. These vendors would not be faction specific or perhaps have a vendor for each race in a small little village area. For blackice peaks the vendor should buy dungeon loot like bytorg parts, ice ore, and ice cubes. The vendor should sell high level brimstone, perhaps high level warmth runes, standard dungeon equipment. All that of course if you can afford his prices. -Having alternate a dungeon vendor like this would help high level players by giving them a place to buy and sell stuff from dungeons. It would also help low level players by avoiding having them competing to sell things in towns since the higher level players could sell to the dungeon vendor for more money and of course with more risk. -The "dungeon towns" would likely need to have stronger guards to protect them from the meteor spawns outside the dungeons and possibly dungeon breaks from the dungeon itself. Perhaps the villages can each have an event that happens like the invasion except with the players given say a 15 minute warning like "Blackice peaks dungeon is showing signs of disturbance go there immediately to prevent a disaster!". The event would be aimed at mid level players to give them a way to obtain small amounts of dungeon loot and xp without having to have a fully equipped party to clear the dungeon.
  6. A idd love for skeles to be tamable even if wraiths are not, i am on a RP server and wanted to play an insane necromancer who loves his skeletons, but alas i can not :p. moving on to more general stuff. A option to snap or not snap gates to make ti easier to put in your build however you want it. a few more decorations like rugs, (we have bears and panthers and such after all?) maybe animal heads that drop on death so can make decorations or trophies out of them? more then one type of table would be nice as well as maybe giving tables cold storage option so food doesn't rot so fast? some sorta counter item to make shop counters out of right now closest is medium chest. love to see shape shifting able to retain exp and maybe a few more forms to make it more viable for shape shift characters and in pvp battles. a larger variety of bows and arrows like copper, iron, and mythril tipped arrows and more bows in general. More alcohol, i do an rp server and it is very sad such an epic fantasy world only has centaur wine... some dwarven ale, elven wine, human mead... maybe a way to brew them at home in a new container type make it take an hour same as centaur wine, just different. Love to see the ability to craft your own uncommons,rares and such released soon i know your working on it ^^,, and maybe make the new workbench function a bit better/easier and less rng on stuff crafted in it, its already near impossible to even get to use. Axes i want to see more weapons, combat axes and great axes are one i really want to see, maybe some maces, maybe pikes/pole axes. Ability to use a larger array of weapons when mounted maybe even magic just limit why spells can be cat so cant cast firestorm while mounted for example. I know your working on it so this is more of i hope its soon but idd love for the dungeon to actually be doable in a legit server with vanilla settings as of now it is not even possible with 20 people unless you cheat. I have a ton more stuff idd love to see implemented and to request or suggest but ill save them for later for now ^^.
  7. Hi all, No need to doddle here, so lets get start with my list! Forges, Mortar and Pestel, Cooking pot, Fireplace and Camp Fire all need to auto craft like Arks crafting items. Empty bottles should stack to 25 and when filled separate into individually stacked items. Seeing that filled bottles are used for drinking. Or have the filled bottles also stack and then have a new item just for drinking like a goat skin or a water flask. Have the Darkness Comes event timed to 3 specific times of the day, and also have ini settings for server owners to adjust the duration, difficulty, and times of the event. Leave the current durability of the walls, frames, foundations, roofs, and stairs, but change the windows and doors to be breakable for more balanced raiding. Dev KIT!!! Hurry and get it to me!!!! I have so many mod ideas for this game!! Magic lights that are brighter than the brazer and use essence combined with the runes of light for fuel. Have an upgrade station that spawns randomly in the world once a day for an hour that will let you upgrade the rank of regular equipment IE Uncommon, Rare, Legendary and so on. Not just the Ice Weapons and Armor Have Doors open away from the player, not towards them. A way for the Server owners to adjust the rank/level of the drops/meteors. Did I say Dev Kit?! A button to cycle through the snap points when placing a building piece. More building pieces Under water breathing Spell A detailed Wiki Wyverns and above should be able to pick up Goblins. Griffins and above should be able to pick up Ice Imps. I mean if they can pick up the Fire imps, why not the Ice Imp? Have Mythical creatures harvest the bodies of the dead. The WindRider uses the landed eating animation in flight. Should be a simple eating animation that does not stop wing flap that lets the windrider slide through the air. The wind flaps on the Peregriff, Pegasus, and WindRider are way too fast. With huge wing spans, they should be slower. As for now, it seems as if I am riding an over sized Hummingbird. Bring back the Mythical original sizes Have a Public Pre Alpha of all Patches. These are only for Unofficial servers and official test servers, so bugs, and other unintended issues can be found and fixed. (Look at Empyrion's Development cycle) Official Dedicated Server owner support and Discord where we can report server issues, get a hold of devs, and where relevant information can be found. Change the building decay timer to 7 days instead of 3. Decrease the ground attack delay in the Griffin. Give us more Tier 6 Drop Meteors. all of them are on the Lava Island now, but they also should fall in the Event as well. An Elite Darkfallen would really spice it up a but. More diverse and balanced creature spawns. Since the last big patch, creatures, mainly predators, spawn in huge pack and decimate the area. This is a follow up to #2. Have a new crafting table or bench for making bottles, Ice Cubes, and any other mass quantity crafting items that are in the player's crafting que Please! Please! give the Elf and Human manor textures some love! They do now look good at all stacked and the Steeple roofs for the Elves look like a dunce hat. I know some of these are in the works, like the telescope I left out on purpose. But the others I would love to see. P.S. Also, Did I mention the Dev Kit!? @HorseJoke
  8. Baruk_Khazad

    Some suggestions

    after some time in game i have set of things, that will make life in terms of comfort a little easier. 1- keybind for 'transfer item' as said- key for transferring items when cursor hover over them 2- snap points for triangular top roofs- they're won't snap to each other at sides- there is no way to make long top roof right now for triangular ceilings- all forums filled with rage about this, no need to repeat for pillars- adjustment to snap them with ceilings more accurately, to match wall height when snapping foundations to pillar after pillar snapped to ceiling- right now there is small gap between foundation and wall for sloped roofs- snap point not only to triangular wall, but to ordinary wall too (also, please add upside down triangular wall) and triangular sloped roofs (snap to top of wall)- one of most needed things 3- gates (lesser of two) first- their sizes not match foundations and walls. 2,5 foundations width and 4,5 walls high is too much gap when placed as part of building. second- snap point not needed at all- with their sizes, which do bad gap, gates snaps in strange unpredictable way. 4- wiki wiki is dead- no info about taming times, resourses, creatures stats. as good example to achieve- ARK wiki (WildCard officially claimed that SnailGames is theirs partner, so..) 5- breeding and genders (for living creatures, of course) this is not for comfort, but breeding mechanics will be great. also, sexual dimorphism for deers, moose, sheeps p.s. thank you for game with such potential!
  9. English is not my mother tongue, so be lenient ;) First of all, most of this topic are subjective impressions and suggestions! No reason to argue or troll about since this is a feedback forum. I am aware some of the points i'll come up wiht are already discussed somewhere else but they are important for us. If i am wrong at some point, correct me and i'll be happy with it. I am playing this game all of the yet round about 150h playtime with my wife and a max of 1-2 friends on a PVE unofficial Server with higher Harvest-/Tame- rates and all of this feedback is based on our experienced performance, trouble we had and wishes we talked about. Like many other Players of your Community we enjoy playing as a smaller group and there is NO intention in joining a 10-20 player House - ever! Just brings trouble, arguments and uncoordination into building, owning Tames etc (experience from ARK and similar games) in a game wich is meant to be chilly and entertaining for us. This point is important and come into play later again! We enjoy playing D&L and we always try not to look at it as an ARK-clone, because it is different and special in several aspects. But sometimes the direct comparison is inescapable. Let's get started with the DevTeam - what we expect of a publisher and what we feel is missing 1. Communication Issues: 1.1 There is a HUGE lack of communication! The rollback issues of the last big patch made them clear enough. 1.2 There is no Roadmap to be found anywhere. The community doesn't know what u're really aware of (that tiny "known Bugs" thread is really slim mates), what is going to be worked on in the future and what is planned in the far future. Resulting in a ton of Threads, comments and frustration wich could be avoided. People are always happier if they know what's going on and comes next. Solution proposal: 1.1 More activity in Forums! A lot more. There is not a single answer to be found around Steam Forums even on critical issues. 1.2 Publish your Roadmap or at least a part of it. If u refuse on that, expand the patchnotes. The Patchnotes could contain the lastest issues you are working on, they could contain what is planned as the upcomming patch content and the main emphasis for the upcomming content. 1.x More activity on the Forums - there are people writing their hands raw to give you feedback and try to help to evolve the game - with no response or reaction. Show those people some love guys. ongoing with stuff about the game 2. Crafting & Building Issues: 2.1 The crafting queue is nowhere to be found. Some Tables don't even have a queue payers can clear if they missklicked. Farming pots have no crafting queue as well. If you force players to keep grown flowers in it due to the ridiculous spoil rates give us at least a farming queue! 2.2 It should be possible to blend out the cathegories and see all available recipes on crafting stations 2.3 A sleeping Bag needs to be available before Level 10. 2.4 A bigger / faster Forge (like the campfire-fireplace upgrade) should be available on higher levels without the need to enter a still broken & unbalanced "Dungeon" 2.5 A better Bow should be available on higher Levels without the need to enter a still broken & unbalanced "Dungeon" 2.6 A better quality fuel should be available... like anything ?! 2.7 Better quality crafting!!! holy cow guys you implement uncommon and rare materials but if we craft armor, weapons etc with those, they still become the rusty worn out grey stuff like before? 2.8 Fertilizer and Glas bottles are not stackable 2.9 Due to the uneven terrain all the foundations should be adjustable in hight and a touch higher. It's a real pain in the a** to build a bigger plateau than tiny houses switching between foundations and ceilings just for the sake of foundations being completely unflexible and too low. If foundations would allow to be build higher than just the - "snap to the surface thingy" that's actually going on - building would feel a lot smoother and elegant. 2.10 Walls & stairs should be allowed to be build into the ground. At the moment there are tons of gaps that are not only damn ugly but impractical as well in a lot of ways like stucking Tames etc. 2.11 A lot of Parts need to be rotateable during the placement process. The recent patch fixed the issue for the Building parts like walls etc but still a lot of parts are missing this feature - like the "irrigation spout" & "stone pipe spigot". 2.12 Placing several big parts on point, like the gigantic beast gate, is close to impossible due to the camera angle, distance and the lack of rotation! Solution proposal: 2.1 If i remeber right, even ark has a visible Q and you can rightklick to clear single crafts out of it. Just make eveything that is queued up visible and give us the possibility to abort those. 2.2 It's cool to have the possibility to shorten the inventory on crafting stations... oh wait it's not a possibility -.-* 2.3 Maybe a "one use" grass or straw one? 2.4 Just like the Fireplace "upgrade" to the campfire - it's not that hard ;) 2.5 The gap between the lousy straw playmobile version and the op "i can shoot from deers" Bow is a touch too big guys. Just a reinforced Longbow or something like that. 2.6 something like coal ?! Either harvestable or craftable - maybe by Alchemie ? (throw sulfur powder + wood into the new mortar and pestle) to have longer burntimes than just wood for several instances like torches, forges etc and a higher stackcount (it is unnecessary annoying to fill up all torches, standing torches etc every two ingame days!). 2.7 People like to do stuff themselfes instead of braindead level NPCs to get cool stuff. If we farm and gather rare materials for hours, give us the chance to craft better armor ourselfes. 2.8 Let em stack.... 2.9 There are enough titles that could be used as an example how to handle foundations, just look over the plate rim. 2.10 There are enough titles that could be used as an example how to handle walls and stairs reaching into the ground for good reasons, just look over the plate rim. 2.11 Allow to rotate stuff and parts while in the placement mode by the mousewheel for instance. the actual "E" button rotation is sloppy inaccurate and sometimes not even there. 2.12 If you keep on refusing the first person view or manual chooseable camera distance, allow this feature at least during the building/placement mode... Would be easier just to give it to the players anyways tbo - there have already been several petitions in the steam forums btw. 3. Spoil Rates This is one of the biggest WTF Topics we had so far over and over again. A lot of the spoil rates need some balancing! We can understand why there are spoil rates but there is no reason to exaggerate... and tbo this is just annoying the way it is live atm. A part of the lategame/endgame experience should be - that Actions like farming my a** off every single day i log into the game should get less and less. At the current state that is never going to happen because some of the important ressources needed for special food are not ment to be storable in higher numbers. If i wanna play a Farming simulator i am going to play farmerama on facebook guys - don't over do it, there is enough other interesting stuff to do in your game than standing around pots for hours. -- I think this is kind of outdated but due to the new "feature" that soil rates are not shown on the items atm i can't tell for sure. -- As an an example (based on the timers our unofficial server is using wich i believe wheren't touched): Cooking the Herbivoire Feed takes 5 minutes in the Cooking pot. The spoil rate of 2 of the ingredients like snow loti is also 5 minutes. 2. Grade maths - stuff spoils before you can even cook one Meal - since u have to collect the stuff, walk to the pot, ect ect. This is really BAD and demotivating since you grow Flowers with fertilizer etc etc just to walk some inches to your pot and have it spoil before you can get anything out of it. -- I think this is kind of outdated but due to the new "feature" that soil rates are not shown on the items atm i can't tell for sure. -- Stuff that spoils too fast Alchemie Potions Flowers (ingredients / Farming) Fine Meat ! (cmon... give us a fair chance to deliver it to the tame thats not always near creatures that drop fine meat - it has to bloody stay for a while in the feeding trough till it's eaten u know?! - or to cook it in the fireplace AT HOME) Any cooked Meal, first we gather, then farm, then cook for hours and it just spoils into thin air... is that really the employment you want to let your players do? farm the same stuff over and over again instead of exploring your world, hunting Beasts, Tame creatures etc??? i doubt that... would be a bad figurehead for this title. Berry Jam should be possible to put into glas bottles for longer soil times OR higher stackcount 4. Timers & Durations The first huge question that came to my mind was - do they ever play their own game? I know Taming stuff should be something special even when we're talking about mythic creatures etc. -- ! BUT ! -- Can you Devs imagine, that at least some of your playerbase is build out of people that have a job, school, a family, kids and pets even friends? Those people are NEVER going to be able to sit around the computer (even in shifts) for 30+ hours nonstop to watch a goddamn bird lying in the dirt eating a bite every 45 minutes! How on earth do you expect those kind of players will ever be able to see and play the whole game potential? Not that gathering, farming, cooking, trading and hunting, bating such a beast into a decent taming house, would take enough time to make it special. Really at what kind of playerbase do you aim ? Only unemployed basement nerds ? Huge issue you guys should reconsider... 5. Movement, Stucks, despawns Holy cow - we had some paltry crys and ragequits on this topic... The map and the hitboxes or collusion detection need work. It is more than annoying to scout around the map, slip of a mountain though it looks like walkable, see your freshly tamed 100+ kittycat following you - getting stuck in a rock, have to move 3-5 minutes around the bloody mountain without getting attacked to get back on top to reach the tame and finally realize it has just disappeared / despawned whatever. Just GONE, hours of searching, fighting and taming just vanished into thin air for no good reason. Also a ton of wildlife creatures are stuck all around the map in rocks, steep terrain etc eating perfomance for being useless & unreachable / unable to set free tame or harvest. Tames glitching through the floor getting stuck in the own build stable. Another "Hitbox" issue, everything can hit through walls wich should not be possible. A Wraith beating the sh** out of a double wooden wall can hit you, your chests, tames etc. Tames sticking their head (or anything else) through a wall can be directely hit. Absolute no go. 6. Magic We love the idea to have magic! !AWESOME! But it feels... mhhhh. kinda... half-hearted yet. The whole magic topic could really use some more love in details! Stuff like, having the elements to influence each other more, ice & water have more impact on fire creatures as an example. It really feels kind of geeky to face a gigantic fire elemental and throwing tiny fireballs into it's already burning face... like... throwing a lit torch into forest fires to extinguish the flames The "drain" spell needs to get higher Tier levels (lvl II + III) like the other spells for higher level progression (one more to go) Dark magic... does't feel dark in any way. Add Curses, DoT effects, something like weakness effects, black hole spell, whatever makes it feel usefull in its meaning. make it bad and evil like it should be :) We think the Tiers also need a bit more balancing. The T3 Spells are expensive as hell (wich is fine) but the effort doesn't match the effect you get. some need more charges, some need more dmg, some need more effect or runtime. most of the spells don't feel as unique as they could and should be. kind of closes the circle to the opening point of this section, magic needs a touch more love in relation to the world, its animations, the effects on each element, maybe some resistances etc. Having magic armors (not runes - spells: babble words, waving hands) for resistances for instance would help rounding up the feeling. It's hard for me to express what i really feel... but, leveling a high tier mage with those spells doesn't feel magical enough yet, a bit more like having an ice or fire elemental gun than actually being a magical being - awesome enough to subjugate the elements to your will and fight fantastic huge dragons ^^ 7. Mechanics and other stuff I know, it is not ark. but in some ways it is. It's kind of sad to see dark and light has some 100% identical early ark issues. 7.1 Gates open in the wrong direction (should open the opposite direction to not push players and tames away into fences and other fortifications just because you stand 1 inch to close to it) 7.2 Loading zones are annoying! fps drops from stable 70 down to 12 and below... 7.3 Hitbox issues all over the place impacting on mount actions (like attack speed) getting stuck in corpes etc 7.4 Molten Tigres missing the Jump or any other second action Big Creatures, Dragons etc are getting useless or no threat because of the hitbox + action issues (ice dragons circling above for hours not even hitting once!) BTW: WHY do amazing huge elemental freaking awesome DRAGONS not have a elemental breath ??? it does not have to be op, mega strong or whatever but... #cryface for the lore, pure awesomeness they need ice, fire breath! even if it's low impact dmg and low dot dmg but... it is really missing. Thats the detail love i was already talking about in the magic section... #feelswrongman 7.5 The Quest Tracker is broken as f*** atm. please give us the possibility to uncheck / hide it as long as it is not working yet. 7.6 The new "Dungeon" and it's condition in prepring for it. - Not allowed to take Tames with you? what? i mean... WHAT? the whole game is based on finding, hunting and taming a cooler Creature than the one before and now we're not allowed to take em with us in the newest challenge? WTF! - The Cave is not ment to be entered wihtout some special armor that is not craftable......... - We get forced to take part in a absolutely unreasonable "Trade and Donation" System. Where is the meaning of selling a Vendor Materials once a day just to give him his own bloody money back right away to donate with it for stuff to spend more of his own money on ??? Sorry guys but that "concept" is more of a crimescene than anything else. Like mentioned before - give players the possibility to care for themselfes (the materials are already in here). - The Cave is not ment to be entered in a low number of players - again, what kind of playerbase do you aim at ??? why force people that like to play in small groups into bigger Houses they can't enjoy? This is not WoW and the Cave isn't a 25 Man mythic raid. 7.7 The whole temperature system needs more balance. I've seen people to explain how Humans behave and suffer in war & cold situations but remember this is a GAME - a fantasy game. not everything need to be annoying like having to eat 100 apples and 50 cooked meat in 5 minutes just becasue its cold or warm for 20 minutes. 7.8 Why do i have to eat 12 times just because i am midfight and got hit ? 7.9 what kind of armor breaks after getting hit 4 times? we're talking about cool fantasy mithril armor. Unmounted fight are ment to be tough and im cool with that. but not with expensive armor that took hours to farm breaking in 25 seconds because i got hit 4 times. 7.10 Tames can't be healed anymore by forcefeeding their food. 7.11 Why on earth are some rentable Houses in the citys only allowed for a specific sized House ? should be my Choice how much room i need and how much money i want to spend. 7.12 The new forging skill only raises by eating fozen crystals (out of a Cave i am not ment to visit) ? really i mean i learn how to build a magical forge by eating frozen cookies? doesn't make any sense in the current skill system. 8. Proposals & wishes 8.1 Breeding 8.2 More recipes in all categories 8.3 More fine tuning and a lot of love in the magic topic. 8.4 Official Servers with different server settings like a bit higher harvesting etc +limited max house members to 5 - for smaller groups (2-3 Player) or solo play (at least pve sided) not everyone is willing to join a huge house. 8.5 The possibility to zoom in and out is missing and hurts the gemeplay in some situations. at least implement 1. Person view if not even the free choice of camera distance. 8.6 While on the hunt with several House members, only Tames that are following YOU should attack on the attack command, not every single one in the area following other mates. 8.7 Make content either adjustable for smaller groups or rethink your concept of huge houses and 123734 members needed to farm, gather and have enough fighting power for endcontent 8.8 PLEASE adjust the Spoilrates! 8.9 Always keep in mind: Quality over Quantity! It's not only about kicking new content every month. So far we enjoy playing dark and light a lot - provided it is an EA Title. The aspect that actions level skills is pretty cool oldschool stuff, reminds me to the good old days of Ultima online #feelsgoodman. Though the system could use a bit more fine tuning as well. BTW, this topic and all of it's points are no rageing "do it or i'll insta uninstall" we are aware that it is EA, we are aware it takes time. Keep on working, improve on criticism given by the community and everyone is happy :) We're looking forward to new stuff you will come up with and we hope the given feedback is helping to evolve the progress. So far, with best reguards Grunf & Friends