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  1. Hello, i confirm the bug of 1 durability of each item and the teleport to another location when landing from a mount. These problems are in Archos Map, at this time, when i create a new character in Gaïa i don't have the problem of 1 durability and for the teleport i don't know for the moment Zion
  2. ok, but when you nake, you even did 1350 whith the great sword, how ?
  3. I saw a video of one of your stream and you'll do more than 2000 damage on an official PVP server ? It's not possible even with a two hand sword, what's your secret ?
  4. I know, i made it more times, but i'll just want to know if there was another way to do it
  5. I do this for the moment but when you have 2 or 3 spiders it's not simple to avoid death.
  6. Nice, so have you a tip for the spider in the ice cave ? A solution for not lose the armor when you kill them ?
  7. Zi0n

    Dark and Light 6/8 Update - Patch Notes

    @Erebus, could you tell us how about the cost for crafting Soulbound scroll has been reduced ? Because i see no difference with before ...
  8. Zi0n

    Children's Day Event

    @Erebus, thanks for the work, but i thnik that an event must be shared on all the official server and not only on few servers ! Results are frustations for the other players, you saw RainGnyu react, and i think a lot of players have the same reaction. I'm on an official Server, and i'm connecting on it regularly since September 2017, and when i see that event on other server i think it's not equitable. Please, in future, think about it.
  9. Zi0n

    Children's Day Event

    Why only few servers and not all official Servers, what about the other players ?
  10. OK, it's nice for the decay but for me perhaps we can ajust the timer for the higher: I think, when you build with Iron or Manor, it's because you want to stay in the game, not just test something and block the other players. And it's possible with the holiday that you can't log the game easily for 15 days, so i think the ajustement for the higher architecture it's necessary. That was just the point of view of a PVE player.
  11. Zi0n

    Frost Dragon

    We confirm the same problem on EU-Wyrmslayer-5.
  12. ok, bad new, it's possible, i think it was after patch ajustments but i'm not sure.
  13. Hello, there's a long time now we have build a Ship Yard, a little bit after the different bugs have appeared with the sky fortress patch. No problem to build the Ship Yard, and at the beginning, we coul'd have access on the workbench of if to the different part of the Sky Fortress to do. But today, when we're openning the Ship Yard workbench, nothing, we couldn't do anything on it, the different part of tha Sky Fortress have disapeared ! :( I try to repair the Ship Yard because it was a little damage, but always the same problem, impossible to craft any part of the sky fortress on it :( Thks for the help Official Server: EU-Wyrmslayer-5 P.S: Sorry for my bad english ;)