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  1. MacDuff1031

    What the hell has Happened ?

    I don't know if the programming will allow this but could the house seal be added to the timer settings? So that the timer does not start if there is an active shield? Need to go on vacation? Grind the Magic Essence to keep the shield active until you get back. Don't want to put in the work for that then risk rebuilding.
  2. MacDuff1031

    rune of Harmony

    Its in game now. They updated the mats required.
  3. MacDuff1031

    Skyfortress Cabin door

    I hate the frames too. They really seem like a work around to not having door snap points on the airship itself. Which would be kinda ok if they didn't cost as much as a whole new door. The fact that the tailgate needs to be placed from the outside on a tall structure means you find a handy cliff or build a structure. Doing it from the back of a flyer is hard to impossible. I have heard and tried to use the END key to pivot and zoom out the camera to get a better sense of where the frame is going to line up, so that might help you.
  4. MacDuff1031

    endless Light source!

    I like the idea of faction unique craftables. Something to promote inter faction roleplay. I also would like better light options I know the first word in the title is DARK but I seem to constantly using the runes of light. As a dwarf my black manor is next to impossible to find or find the door to at night. I suppose I could put out and maintain fires and torches and liken my base into an airport.
  5. MacDuff1031

    Skyfortress Cabin door

    update replacing the door with a new one fixed the issue. Still a WTF moment and wasted mats.
  6. MacDuff1031

    Skyfortress Cabin door

    Twitch not YouTube. but yes I do occasionally stream.
  7. MacDuff1031

    Skyfortress Cabin door

    Link to steam copy of screenshot included below Is there a know cause / fix for when the cabin doors mount vertically? I placed the frame carefully from the deck. the door was done quickly but still was snapped in place. I remember seeing another post like this. Before I rebuild both parts do we have any notes?
  8. MacDuff1031

    HUGE BUG: Manor Bases Greatly Weakened

    Not that it will do any good but I've emailed Erebus and placed a bug report
  9. MacDuff1031

    Furniture suggestions

    Fancy bed. The patched one we have looks like poop next to the huge chest, oil lamp, and fancy chairs. I am a king I should not be sleeping in a beggar's bed.
  10. MacDuff1031

    Mobile Fortress Feedback Collection

    Issues with mobile fortress now that it's build 1. Tames landing on deck. Still unable to land anything larger than a gryphon / Nidhog on the deck. 2. Unable to fly with tames in the hold. 3. I've had structures (Curing rack, Candle stand, Torches) unclip from the hold and float in the air. This seems to be related to the airship clipping in to something like a building or mountain 4. Once I flew down from the Sky Fortress to check on something then back up and when I got back to the airship the doors were gone. After confirming they were not there by flying thru the ship, I thought they had come unattached like the curing rack. Back tracked along my route looking for them with no luck. Flew back to the airship and this time they rendered in. Not really an issue but trying to get the colossus on the deck is a recipe for frustration and falling tames. Also I've been able to create a floating windrider by landing it on some ballistas I have on the deck. It can sit on those with out moowalking. but when the ship moves it leaves the windrider behind sitting in the air.
  11. I'm torn I don't want to lose all I have built so I want a Legacy server but like Godhand starting over could be fun. Maybe team up with some of the other EA players. It would be nice to have something other than a tag for all the work. Full set of Legendary gear, your choice of mount, 1 boss drop that can't be lost, something like that. My ideal would be the choice of mount even if it's limited to non mythical tames.
  12. MacDuff1031

    Sky fortress repair/heal?

    Its worked for me, put the essence in the inventory and remote used it. Just like feeding a tame. You might need to be at the wheel "riding".
  13. MacDuff1031

    Patch ruined Dock workbench

    I noticed the same thing today. All the BP were gone.
  14. MacDuff1031

    Mobile Fortress Feedback Collection

    I was able to build the airship with no problem last night. We were flying and landing on the shipyard the entire build. Had bonfires on the deck for light. Turrets were off but on the deck.
  15. MacDuff1031

    Mobile Fortress Feedback Collection

    Live right now almost done <iframe src="" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" height="500" width="350"></iframe>