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  1. Jiggy

    Children's Day Event

    What server do u play on Rain?
  2. Jiggy

    Children's Day Event

    A very BIG thank you to Snail and the dev's on the Holiday Event, totally caught us by surprise and we managed to find 2 chests, the loot was amazing. Were even more estatic with the one of a kind statues, they add a real nice touch to the throne room. All of us from Oc Knight 2 would like to thank the dev's for such great commitment to enhancing gameplay over the holiday event, once again thankyou Snail!!!
  3. Jiggy

    Children's Day Event

    @ Erebus any idea on how many chests were placed on the servers? We have only managed to find 2.
  4. Jiggy

    Stomebreak Galive and Manor Damage

    I have a suggestion id like to make is to put in a raid timer specific to the pvp servers during peak times, idea on how to do this is bring structure hp on all pvp servers to 3/4 of what it is and make buildings to only take damage thru a 6hr gap on peak times ie weekends and evenings, i feel it gives every one enough time to prep and to also rebuild. if its not intened to be here plz move to suggestions topics ty
  5. What made u quit the game Ifrecell, if u dont mind me asking?
  6. Jiggy

    Dark and Light 5/9 Update - Patch Notes

    The Aim on the Pegasus needs to be worked on i can say the Buff to them is amazing but aiming and clipping through dark fire elementals is annoying
  7. Jiggy

    Dark and Light 5/9 Update - Patch Notes

    I can confirm this is still an issue
  8. Jiggy

    Dark and Light 5/9 Update - Patch Notes

    Any news on the Dev Kit ?
  9. Jiggy


    So destroy that dark stone near the nids tail? is that what is causing the leyline to bug out hahah
  10. Jiggy


    This leylines broken ive posted a screenshot of the exact location not sure if already known
  11. I believe the humans have a second vendor at the little chapel near the twin statues She sells brimstone lightstone n icewind n so on, not sure if thats the vendor u meant
  12. Very frustrated i jus lost my Epic forged Searing Edge to a yeti in the ice cave that pushed me under the world n died i have attached screenshots of the location and he piece of gear i lost. JUst annoyed at making the item and then forging only to loose due to a glich, i know i should have soulbinded like the rest of my gear but thought it was binded already :( anyways jus thought id report this glich and the troublesome yetti
  13. Jiggy

    The Archos Herald, Issue 32 - Spring Cleaning

    Already dealt with. Ty
  14. Jiggy

    The Archos Herald, Issue 32 - Spring Cleaning

    @ Erebus how do I get in contact with u if u don't answer emails and ur inbox here is full
  15. Not sure on how to do a poll lol but id like to petition for this Can we allow mythicals to harvest a corpse ONLY for meat to feed there hunger on the run? id love this to be implemented at some stage as i know there a status symbol but the fact i have to hand feed while out n about is kinda annoying, hope other ppl feel same way