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  1. A little more info. Recently I was told that all wraithes around a city are low level, some of those that attacked me today are level 40 and over. I was tempting them away from the city ruins so I could collect some dark stone, I can't travel too far yet well not as far as the other deposits I know of. I managed to get 2 and a half dark stone before yet more appeared and started to knock all hel out of me. I am getting to the point where I feel like the solo player is just not worth playing now, and to concentrait on my friends server instead, it's far easier to collect darkstone in there.
  2. I know, that was my reaction at first also. lol
  3. Fabea

    Crops not growing

    I should of added that in the same amunt of game time as I play in my friends server I have harvested several times, I have never seen a world as empty as my solo player. It's not totally empty but I can go through Griffi alley and see very little activity?
  4. Count it disregarded Rain
  5. It's ok I have since then seen the full outfit and now I ask why is there a set of invisible leggings for a outfit, surely they could at least have a colour?
  6. I play in a single player world as well as a friends world but it's the single player world that has the problem.
  7. I had increased the rate at which harvest re grew but after a few problems I reset everything and now all creatures have low stats, harvests take rl days to recover and my crops are not growing they have been stuck in the early stages for 5 rl days. Advice please
  8. Please tell the devs that the meteors are spawning too many and that it's not a de spawning issue. I have watched them spewing out of a meteor so the numbers need altering,
  9. Fabea

    Still too many Krampus

    I took a screen capture of one of the recent invasions of the city Erebus, it's getting so I only go there if I really need something and I turn on a cheat as well as leaving my horse at the base. I don't know if this is a side effect but all of a sudden I am seeing a dramating decrease in creatures and all of them at a very low level, such as 1 or 5, I am lucky if I find anything at level 10?
  10. I am also getting this problem, are we suposed to accept cookies for the forum?
  11. Fabea

    Still too many Krampus

    Thank you Erebus that is good to know, sorry for asking again but was not a good situation at that time in the game but at least we both survived, though at the time I thought I was going to lose him.
  12. Over near the Dwarven capital I met a group of Krampus, some were alone but the rest were all gathered in one small area. My nidhog killed at least 6 but there were more coming and by then we could barely move with all the stun bolts so we flew up and eventually managed to beat a hasty retreat and my nidhog is level 117 and used for fighting. Please this is wrong, creatures this powerful would never gather in these numbers, same as the bears they also gather in too many groups for a creature that hunts alone in rl. Are you doing something about it or will we have to suffer?
  13. Fabea

    Wraiths grrrrrrrrr

    Further to this problem, I was met by around six or more wraithes just outside my new base earlier today. I am guessing that there are so many around the beach and fishing village that they have to wander further afield and end up near my base. It's no longer a real problem except when I need to take my character there to solve focus or grab stuff for my new base, but it's a nightmare when you are a low level and trying to build your first construction.
  14. Thank you Erebus and please thank the other Devs, I realise that working out such a glitch can take a few days. I am guessing that it's not really resolved yet and that this is stop gap but it makes a hell of a difference. So thank you all.
  15. Thanks Erebus. Yes took it from the large chest, a 100 stack and a 99 stack, this has to of happened at least twice, the last time was a test because I wasn't sure of the other times.