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  1. in rl horses just collapse when they die they do not fly all over the place with random legs flailing around, and chickens keep rnning util the legs get the message that there is no message lol. Removing colission might mean that we can't harvest from them? No idea why Erebus, but I am not suffering that problem so much now?
  2. Fabea

    Inbox full after one message?

    You have admin status Erebus, I believe that many forums like this prevent normal or new members from flooding the inboxes with messages that they never delete. I have had a forum myself and been a mod in 2 and the full message boxes can be a real pain. But allowing only one message at a time is a big pain
  3. Solo game. I have now given up on my solo game after not being able to fly my nidhof without hitting -1.0 fps in several places where large groups of wraithes were fighting fire lord, guards or other creatures. Just imagine seeing your mount's wings at the top of the screen then having to wait over 30 seconds to see it hit half way, ditto for when it finishes it's wing beat, and that happened 3 times while flying from the Elven city to the plains,
  4. While in the city I saw wraithes just falling out of the sky, can't they wait for the meteor now? I guess the queue for the meteor is so long that they are jumping it and taking the quick way down instead... https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1471002050
  5. TY Erebus, I will but you know how big a Flarehorn is and how small a wolf is compared lol
  6. It get stuck on top of whatever it's kill is and this is weird, the wolf is the worst for this. Honestly I begin to wish it could jump after a few minutes, can you imagine a flarehorn jump? I already call it a walking Earthquake what would a jump be like lol But seriously being stuck on top of a kill is no laughing matter in some areas.
  7. Fabea

    Spawning pool bug

    I had to log out after starting the process and couldn't log in until the next day, that might have a bearing on the problem Errebus, sorry I forgot to mention it
  8. Fabea

    Re too many wraiths

    Ty Erebus. I am no programmer but my son started out as one and I used to help him so I know that it's no simple on/off scripting.
  9. That's what I thought but I guessed that you might like to know about it, and again I should of got a picture but I was struggling to get my sword out and turn on god mode. I have never known such lag, not even when I needed to upgrade my graphics card.
  10. Fabea

    Spawning pool bug

    Sorry I forgot to get one Erebus, but he was on the floor below with his head through the outside wall so I had to put a fence around to protect him. My buildings tend to have the first floor 2 walls high, the next levels are 3 or more for large tames. Does that help?
  11. Fabea

    Three Altars

    If you are building a place it's best to find a area where you can kite the elite to and into the pen, try watching a few videos on how other's manage. But if you want to stay on the plains you could try th top left area near the large waterfalls, only one problem there and that is the snakes that sometime wander that way and the deathstalkers, there seems to be more of them around there
  12. I made a pool to respawn the flarehorn I tamed yesterday. Yes it was killed by the fish/colecanth (I recognised the ancient fish) Anyhow, I had to log out and leave it spawning (rl is a pain but we have to live it, shrugs) The bug is that the flarehorn was under the pool and when it was finished I had to destroy 6 walls, 2 floors and the pool to get it out. I don't mind having to remake the pool as it was temporary any how, it was just the only safe place I could put it right then, but even so it should not fall through the floor and I should not have to destroy a part of my new base to get my new tame out. I tamed one because of how slow my building of my new base was going, there was no space at all in the old one.Oh and it was under frequent attack from dear Krampus
  13. I hadn't been to the volcano island until yesterday and the first problem I hit was terrific lag in one small area. The FPS dropped to what looked like 0.45fps, it was hard work turning my charactr around Once I had it turned around I saw the reason for it, a cloud of dark aire elimentals, I tried to count but that isn't easy but I did get to 10 before they decended on me. My second thought was god mode quick! lol First was to grab the double handed sword Even in god mode it was a long battle with frequent tops to gain energy and prayers that I didn't die of thirst or starve before I managed to get away from them. Is this a part of the same wraith problem and have you found a solution yet ? Please say yes and that we will be getting it soon, those dark air elimentals will make going to the volcano a really bad idea for a solo player.
  14. Fabea

    Re too many wraiths

    And how about too many dark air elimentalsto finish it off? My first trip to the volcano isle and my fps dropped to les than one a second, I am not exagerating. Once I had managed to look behind me I saw why there looked to be over 10 dark elimentals, perhaps more. Surely this must be wrong? My screen turned a dark grey with them all crowding me Please tell me that one of the devs or mods are reading this.. I love this game but what did you do to make so many elimentals multiply in such a way that I have to play some parts in god mode in order to get a fighting chance, and all I wanted to do was tame a flarehorn I managed but I really wanted to avoid god mod as much as possible but that many dark eliments meant do it or have no chance at getting a flarehorn, ever. Once I had cleared them out of the way it went quiet and I managed to find and I tamed one but Sorry for the tag I honestly didn't intend for it to look like it was a high level problem, it's about high level wraithes