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  1. iFreecell

    9 months later what is the future of this game

    huh? i came back to these forums to make a post to say hello to everyone and that i hope they are doing well. I wouldn't call what im saying "personal preference" but personal opinion. A new map is exactly as you mentioned very needed to bring back NEW players. As for myself, nah a new map wouldn't bring me back i've resigned myself from this game and a few others. If i wanted to play a survival game Ark would b'e the only logical option. So let me set the record straight, all the steam chart research i referenced was done in like february right before i decided to quit. I only mention it now because its relevant but if i had gotten information as i was posting i would have included dates, examples and been a bit more thorough but alas nope. As for the new games i have listed and my "need" for people sea of thieves is isn't a solo game, and the last place i'd come is here for players, i just used it as an example. No offense meant but i wouldn't play SoT with anyone from the forum except maybe 1 guy. The only game i've ever had to play alone is Dark and Light, it had the highest and fastest attrition rate of any game i have ever played with my friends and thats saying something since i've been gaming with around 20 of my friends for over 4-5 years and some for over a year. We don't always play the same game but when we do its usually longer than a month lol. I started with around 30 members in DnL, first month it went down to 5. Next month 3 and then just me. Some came back for 1 day to try it out but never stayed for more. You can call my post hating, i think its relatively neutral in the grand scheme of things. Here i'll put it in TLDR Terms: With each AAA or hyped Game release DnL will lose players, and players who had previously played DnL will put the game farther down there list of "i should come back to sometime" if a new map doesn't come out soon, dev kit and transfers will not be enough. you took this is a personal assault and decided to berate me by saying i need friends or playmates. This right here alone proves why the community is shit. I don't miss the community and i guess me saying it earlier was wrongly worded. I miss certain individuals that made the community better without toxicity. see ya in another few months when i decide to check the forum out of boredom!
  2. iFreecell

    9 months later what is the future of this game

    Lack of options and other big AAA game releases that looked more promising in the long run. I tried to stick with it but in the end just sorta did like a "cost comparison" on my invested game time vs other things i could spend time on. If i could have xfer'd to join others even just my character i might still be around but lack of options restricted me fairly hard in game. Also Sea of Thieves released also started Fortnite PVE, i expected to just take a break from DnL but the longer i didn't touch it the more i really wanted to get rid of the proverbial leech(loading strucutre/feeding tames etc) i had on myself.
  3. iFreecell

    9 months later what is the future of this game

    Been a good 2 months since i quit. A solid month since i even logged into game to refresh my tames/base. Fairly sure its all gone and definitely not gonna bother checking. As for me popping in randomly i was gonna do a post saying hi to everyone and that i miss them but i think a reply here will sustain my need to post anymore. So 9 months from now eh? Well first i suggest checking out Steam Charts for Dark and Light. If we look at this and view the % Gain of players we can see a steady decline in the playerbase. Each month the % lessens. So lets do a little math and guess work. We'll use 9 months starting from now till then. This month 6.01%, 2nd 5.7 3rd 5.3% 4th 4.5% 5th 3.7% 6th 3.0% 7th 2.5% 8th 2% 9th 1.1% Around a 35%-45% drop in playerbase assuming its a steady decline and the die hard fans stay. Obviously this is just guess work but with the current trends u can see it isn't going up soon. If you look at March, a huge % dropped due to other games such as Far Cry 5, Sea of Thieves, God of War. With every single big AAA release players are pulled away the %'s that i mentioned above could be grossly underestimated. Not gonna argue if i'm right or wrong on this but common sense tells me im more correct than anything. So to answer your questions just using my basic knowledge of games and with no confirmed information. Dev kit you asked about, to be frank you need to look at historically large patches pushed by the Developers. Almost always at least one month behind. So end of april should automatically mean end of may/start of june. EDIT: Saw that Erebus Replied after i posted. Glad to know they aren't a month behind like normal and only a week or 2. I haven't kept up to date with the game itself but i do read the unofficial discord and there are definitely rumors of some official servers being shut down. I wouldn't expect a community manager response about this but i'm a gambling man and with only 500 avg players and god knows how many servers it wouldn't suprise me if they cut half of them, since half aren't even played on. Your question about never have a new map is a bit odd. Right before i quit, i was told about a dev working on the new map and to expect great things. To be frank, if they ditch the new map then this game is 100% dead as a rock and will slowly grind to a halt. So to get back to a direct answer. The future of this game is going to rely heavily on a new map. I used to beleive that server transfers, and the dev kit might save the game, but If you look at Ark a very similar survival game. The Server transfers came out and there was no change to player base at all. Dev Kit was released and there was no different in playerbase. Both those instances failed to bring back players and in the transfers month they actually lost a % if i recall correctly and gained players with the dev kit, but it wasn't a gain they hadnt seen in any previous months before. The only "spikes" in player count were when new expansions and maps. The Center saw a huge spike. Scorched earth had a good one. Didn't check ragnarok/abberation. So if DnL even wants to have a "future" it will need an expansion soon and well before the 9 months. Some may say comparing ark doesn't matter, but it does immensely. Obviously they aren't the same game, but Ark is the #1 sandbox survival with a huge fluctuation of players, not using that data to compare would just make someone ignorant. My apologies for my long windedness. It was nice to see a lot of familiar usernames still posting on the forums. Although i loved this game i suggest anyone still playing it to cash out sooner rather than later or you'll regret wasting your time even more. As Always! Cheers! Freecell
  4. iFreecell

    HUGE BUG: Manor Bases Greatly Weakened

    aaaah ok i see what ur saying i thought u meant they didnt drop them from 10mil and only damaged them to 5mil. and i agree bad development. i do wonder if they use those automated checkers instead of people for patches. bot sais ok and they just push it out without a true look.
  5. iFreecell

    Bytorg's toolbox bug

    Wouldn't suprise me, 10 bugs get fixed 9 more new ones appear. Hopefully i can get my computer parts in and do some testing myself. have u tried the new boots yet? are they op as i think? - edit: ill just pm u on steam and ask XD
  6. i feel like chaos servers are seperate from a lot of what happens on official. Its like a "hardcore" mode of DNL so maybe the level changes to the starter cities never was implemented on Chaos to keep it more hardcore.
  7. iFreecell

    Mobile Fortress Feedback Collection

    This may sound odd, but was it parked on top of a building? if it was and it wasn't too long ago u can go underneath the ship and from the right angle find the "Ride" option. If its been parked too long it will sink into the structure and u will have to demo some ceilings to access it correctly since its technically meshed underneath. I saw a post on steam forums where the player whistled the ship to a tame and left the tame out then de-rendered and rendered it for a quick fix. Unsure if this works but it could. hope u can find a fix.
  8. iFreecell

    how to use this item ??

    have u tried using fire essence from the boss? If you look at the item itself to repair it costs "fire essence" i beleive they meant u need that essence to work the boots and not the crafted fire essence. As with many things in this game i imagine its a typo and whoever translated or did this mixed up names. dragging it into the item much like Tek tier armor on ark should work. I haven't been able to log in over the last few weeks so can't test it myself.
  9. iFreecell

    Bytorg's toolbox bug

    do not insert blueprints before occupying the bench. Any blueprints placed inside when occupying will be eaten and dissapear forever. Lost a 307 Legendary FireAxe like that.
  10. iFreecell

    HUGE BUG: Manor Bases Greatly Weakened

    just a heads up, another post i read on the forums related to the stacking dwarven gates godhand mentioned that no other faction manor is stack-able like dwarven gates and erebus acknowledged this as a bug he would submit. so i imagine at some point they will fix it and many bases will crumble. Personally, i'm leaving my base as it is because i can't be bothered remaking a 30x30 manor castle with just walls and replacing every gate before it gets implemented.
  11. iFreecell

    HUGE BUG: Manor Bases Greatly Weakened

    I know i siad i would never reply to your posts again but you are misinformed. This has been known that dwarven manor has double the hp of other manor structures ( i never noticed but Godhand brought it up on the forums a while back) o Fixed a bug where Dwarven Manors had more health than Human and Elven Manors. in the 3/12 patch notes. it was announced and if you were aware of godhands post you would know dwarven was double the hp stat. They obviously bafooned it up because u can just repair it back up, but it was posted in the notes to be an expected change.
  12. iFreecell

    The Sad future of Dark and Light

    Opinion is Opinion. What you may like, others might not. I don't like fingers in my butt but other people might be more inclined to it. This game is exactly like that. Everyones definition of "value" is different. Some think that if enough time is sank into a game regardless of issues etc you get your moneys worth. Others think that a game needs to be fully polished regardless of anything else before they can enjoy the "value". Its a moot point to sit here and bicker about it. If you're dissatisfied stop playing for a while and come back later, irregardless of past or current issues, even if they do exactly as many people want that ideally polished game wont appear overnight or miraculously after they say "hey guys were gonna fix all bugs". Many people who demand optimization, bug fixes etc forget that in the past during major bug fixes it always created new ones, then those were fixed and slowly but surely it got lower. fix 5 bugs, 3 pop up, fix those 3 bugs, 1 pops up etc. I understand that its frustrating to see new bugs pop up after fixes, it infuriates me as well. The key thing to remember is the devs actually listened to the player base for at least this month to solely focus on optimizations/bug fixes and other major issues. Is it perfect? fuck no. Is it something that will take longer than a month? fuck yes. So i think people are losing perspective on the fact that nothing is going to get fixed over night, money doesn't grow on trees, and everyone dies eventually. Just my 2 cents. Cheers.
  13. iFreecell

    The Sad future of Dark and Light

    A wise man? definitely not wise. A Meme is great and all but if you're taking that saying to heart that makes you about as ignorant as the people you are calling ignorant. He does play. Can confirm.
  14. iFreecell

    Bytorg's toolbox bug

    You are very correct sir. this bug (eating patterns) has been sent up. as for it eating materials as Kaurakenraali mentioned, i suggest making a report on support.playdnl.com describing what happened etc
  15. the CEO isn't generally involved with the game creating themself unless you're talking brand new INDIE self created gaming company. A business like Snail has a Game Director who is the HNIC then supporting staff to include developers but the CEO might or might not be involved depending on other games in process etc.