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      Dark and Light 2/8 - Patch Notes   02/08/2018

      Greeting Adventurers, The Spring Festival is approaching and we’ll be deploying a small patch on Thursday, February 8th at ~1AM PST to accompany it. You can see all of the changes in our full patch notes below. General Updates Localization Fixes We’ve recently received player feedback concerning the localization of Dark and Light into different languages. The development team has verified some files that have been causing the localization issue, and fixed them. Our Adventurers should now be able to play DnL in their native languages now. If you notice any incorrect translation in localization, please send your feedback to our official forums! Our Community Localization Project is still ongoing, and many Adventurers have assisted us with it. If you too would like to contribute to localizing Dark and Light into a different language, you can visit our Crowdin here! Remove Structure Demolish Timer Structure demolish timers has been a topic of the community for some time, so we’ve decided to remove it for now. Our initial intention for having the demolish timer was to prevent server delays caused by an excessive amount of structures on the map. We’ve however kept the demolish time in PvE servers for the time being. We’ll be keeping a close eye on how they are affecting the gameplay of these servers to determine if they need to be removed as well. Players will still be able to see a timer on the structures, however, when the timer is up, the structures will not be demolished automatically. Instead, other players will be able to manually demolish it by pressing E. Structures left unattended can also be manually demolished by players in this same way. New Content Ancient Fireworks To celebrate The Spring  Festival, we’ve added a new item, Holiday Fireworks. Ancient Festive Fireworks (Golden): drops from barrels, sold from city vendors, and drops in large amounts from cave bosses Ancient Worship Ceremonial Fireworks (Green): drops from barrels, sold from city vendors, and drops in large amount from cave bosses Ancient Festive Fireworks (Blue): rare drop from barrels, city vendors have a chance to sell them, drops in large amounts from cave bosses Ancient Blessing Fireworks (purple) : only drop from cave bosses When The Spring Festival is over, we’ll remove fireworks drops from the barrels, but they will still be available at city vendors. Cave bosses might drop the recipes for crafting fireworks, which can then be used at the Advanced Millstone/Mortar and Pestle in order to craft them. These recipes won’t be removed once The Spring Festival is over. During The Spring Festival, all the three cities will have fireworks shown at 12AM PST. Standing Torch Flame Effects The community has expressed to us how much they enjoy the different color fires standing torches has. We’ve decided to add a few more since they’ve been so popular! Straw and wood can turn the flame yellow Magic shards can turn the flame purple Bone can turn the flame blue In addition to these, we’re adding two more effects in honor of the Spring Festival!. Fire Elemental Core can turn the Standing Torch’s flame into a fairy wand’s yellow glittering effect Water Elemental Core can turn the Standing Torch’s flame into a fairy wand’s blue glittering effect Each elemental core will last for 15 minutes. While it lasts, flame effect won’t be changed if you place a different type of elemental core in it. These effects won’t be removed after The Spring Festival! Optimizations Optimized the Peregriff’s textures Optimized the Wind Rider’s flying animation and flying audio Optimized the map at the login UI, adding tips to remind players selecting an area for respawn. Bug Fixes Fixed a bug where some items are more often than others. We’re continuing to test and adjust the city vendors and what they sell. Fixed a bug where the floor in the Talos Royal Court lacks collision Fixed a bug where Estel structures are not showing in their entirety. Fixed a bug where Infernus Dragon will graphical issues after being killed. We understand that there are still many gameplay and system bugs in Dark and Light, and we’ll be continue to work on optimizing and fixing these bugs in future patches. We’ll also be optimizing stats values, gameplay balance, and other features in DnL, starting in February. New Servers On February 8, we will release three new Chaos servers. In these servers, structures HP will be reduced to 1% of a regular official PVE or PVP servers. Harvest rate and experience gained will start at standard rates, and we’ll enable multipliers at a later time.


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  1. correct. pve servers do not let you carry wild animals or players.
  2. there is a known spawn point on the eastern side of volcano island where the lava pools are. Although most the time those dragons end up meshed into the actual volcano so you have to fly inside to even find them. Its been about 2 weeks since we killed the 4 stuck in the volcano itself, havent checked again in a long while.
  3. Cheer leader? Excuse, i'm trying to politely asK You not to be a cuck who whines So hard that i have to jerk off with his tears every night to make sure i dont drown in your sorrow while i sleep. The blanket of salt freshly made by the posts u decide to make that day help me get through most nights but i can't seem to sleep well with the amount of shit hate you spew. Stop being a bitch. Be polite every single person here is a human being so just because you wanna be toxic doesn't mean you should be. if you wanna get roasted i will GLADLY roast you on every post and reply you make from here on out. I'd much rather be this so called "cheer leader" because at the end of the day every single user or better yet dev you critisize is working to make this game better they may be retarded but at least they are putting in effort. I dont see you applying on LinkedIn for a job to help improve the game i just see u crying salty and stupid shit.. Counter to me wanting to roast you on every post think this is the last time i ever respond to something you post. bye
  4. On initial release, there were 3(possibly more or less) transit dragons that would randomly rotate between towers on the map to allow players without flyers to travel long distances with no danger. They would always bug out, or get stuck into each other or something crazy, although i never noticed a bad lag because of them apparently they were the cause for some of the latency problems and were taken out of the game. Unsure why 1 was chilling there, could easily be a bug.
  5. honestly not sure. i know there have been a few posts in the past regarding this issue and Erebus/Horsejoke have replied. Assuming nothing has changed, there are 3 spawns of 2-4 dragons that appear every 48-72 hours. Although it did seem much less a few months ago like 2 dragons every 48 hours. I'm sure the devs are aware of the problem, and with the report stuff down posting here is probably the best option available currently.
  6. i recommend still rendering cuz you know DNL and its always better to err on the side of caution with the game. We just recently had a stone base owned by another play decay completely 2 days ago. I'm currently testing out what u mentioned on official right now with straw foundations in an obscure spot on the map. I'm thinking that the removal of decay timers may only be for newly built structures and not count any structures built before the patch. Again strictly a theory until i see if the straw despawns.
  7. Gotta bring that toxicity down man. This isn't the steam community forums. I understand your frustration. I really do. Take a step back before making an angry post and think "why" (its what i do). In this case from what i've seen Erebus needs to send in a documented report to the development team, most likely they have a spreadsheet or form they use that documents the issues in an order with priority or something along those lines. He's probably asking additionally questions because the less the devs have to test themselves and the more information the player can confirm means the faster the fix is implemented. Like i said before i understand your frustration, i deal with daily logging in and realizing i have nothing in game to do besides a fire cave and more manor for nothing. Cheers!
  8. check inside the volcano with a flyer transform stone.
  9. Yea. If u haven't been i reccomend using soul bind scrolls to get ur dura fixed if its an expensive one. i imagine it'll get hotfixed soon but it definitely restores dura. As for arrows i wish i could say reliably, our pegasus kept getting stuck into the ceiling, 2 of us would pester with like 60 arrows then it wouldn't move at all and they would despawn so it was really hard to keep track of the # that actually broke. We did however use 1100 or so and easily 200-300 never broke
  10. now he has no soul!
  11. is that yellow? looks green and looks bad ass.
  12. force bow is useable with iron hook arrows, just not stone hooks. we used forcebows to tame our recent 112 pegasus. just not sure if it does additonal constitution.
  13. If u max the leather armor vendor. u can get some very impressive lighstone. Legendary Lighstone with 1500 durability 450 magic reist and 180 armor.
  14. do bows effect constitution now? that'd be awesome if they did. In my tests a few months back they didn't change anything. I have heard the Forcebow applies my more constitution but once again haven't tested it.
  15. I think that players are assuming this after seeing Ark have the same thing come up. To be honest it would only make sense to wipe or maybe make current servers into "legacy" as ark did. This game has got at least 2 years or if not more before any official post early access release. There has to be a Devkit release and many other things before it ever comes close to official release. I believe it was 3 years for ark alone to official release If a big advertised official release would happen you wouldn't want to join servers as a new player and find that an alpha tribe is so established you can't do anything or aren't allowed to do anything. There are many ass holes in this game who would abuse the power they have.