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  1. Lord Aero


    as long as there's better furniture man im good lol.
  2. Lord Aero

    Dark and Light 7/5 Update - Patch Notes

    I can understand your concerns but honestly there's a very large fanbase out there that has an overwhelming desire for new content. Personally I haven't really given much thought to the guardian tree since around March, and I'm sure neither has many other people. With all due respect though your pattern of behavior seems to imply you speak for the most dedicated players and the developers should cater primarily to you. I'm sure they're aware of many of the issues but the game doesn't have a lot of content and its still in its infancy. Appreciate them and send suggestions but don't crap on their parade. If it's really about the guardian tree, I don't think anyone would care if they removed it from the game altogether. They have as much to be proud of with their creation as you do with whatever you build... on their platform.
  3. lol I remember these guys. They trolled a dying server until they were the only ones left. Those servers are dead now, no one wants to jump into a server from back when you could tame a windrider with a goblin club.
  4. Lord Aero


    Honestly I'd be fine with the same resources to repair dungeon gear. The scroll only needs to be usable for gear outside of the dungeon. That way, like he said, We can just farm what we need and get out. If you want a catch-all scroll, then make it worth 1 chaos energy and some goblin pieces. Some parchment and ink, that'd be a good start.
  5. Lord Aero

    Flying creatures

    There are many ways to tame them, and none are quick or easy in most cases. You can always get a partner with tame, stand on the tame, and click fast enough to shoot the wyvern and lodge the arrow on your buddy's tame, tethering the wyvern, You can try to predict their pattern when they are walking, and quick build a pillar or structure that will impair their movements while they're still passive. Wait for it to get stuck in a mountain, but you better hope it'll have room to move once you have enough arrows in it. It HAS to break the arrows in order for them to be effective and often times they just stay in whatever crevice you trapped them in until the arrow duration runs out. Beg your friends for a Wyvern Tame a Griffin, though wyverns and griffins have advantages and disadvantages over the other. Wyvern is FAST and glides smoothly. Riding a griffin doesn't feel as fast or as smooth, but it'll shred most small creatures. Oh, you can also chase them down on an airship... oh wait.
  6. So when will we be able to attach components to the airships and when will I be able to finally upgrade my divine tree?
  7. Lord Aero

    Dark and Light 1/30 - Patch Notes

    Not to add to one's troubles but the bay doors don't snap to the ship either.
  8. Lord Aero

    Cool Screenshots xD

    It's paint and it's an unofficial server. You can enjoy the game with a community with healthy gameplay, no griefers. I hated the toxicity in official. Folks I knew lost their jobs spending hours just defending their bases.
  9. Lord Aero

    Cool Screenshots xD

    Wow, everyone's doing such a great job with their building. I'm inspired :D I've been working on this for some time, then I abandoned it so trees sprouted in my absence, so I cut out certain trees except the ones that look aesthetically pleasing in the courtyard.
  10. Lord Aero

    Mobile Fortress Feedback Collection

    I'm not on the same server he is but the same thing happened to me.... TWICE. Getting the crap to craft isnt even the stressful part. First time, I log out, come back, its gone. Second time, I leave my computer on, with my char watching it the whole time, come back to a hot office with a ship at 100% yet not usable. Please explain this phenomenon!! The stuck ship, not the dry room. lol
  11. Lord Aero

    Mobile Fortress and Live Stream Update

    Will there be a fix for the extreme latency when making directional turns with the air ship? sometimes I make a 90 degree rotation while in the air and it rubber bands to a 5 degree turn from the original position.
  12. Lord Aero

    Transport dragon

    I haven't seen a transport dragon since the first week of game launch, and I do agree that the cities feel less "city-like" when boroughs are in three different areas.
  13. Lord Aero

    About the meshes...

    I feel like what they're trying to go for is too complex for what they're capable of, but I'm sure updated skins would be on their to-do list.
  14. Lord Aero

    Dark and Light 1/18 - Patch Notes

    the land I cleared out to build the shipyard had all the trees in the area grow back when I returned.. this really is a pain. I don't want the ship contingent on my presence. I have things to do.
  15. Lord Aero

    Dark and Light 1/18 - Patch Notes

    I tried to build one and it looked almost completed, but I went to sleep, woke up, and it looked like it was restarted, not only that, i just wasted all those resources for no ship and a 200k hp dock. and there was no loading bar on the ship itself. wtf