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      Dark and Light 2/8 - Patch Notes   02/08/2018

      Greeting Adventurers, The Spring Festival is approaching and we’ll be deploying a small patch on Thursday, February 8th at ~1AM PST to accompany it. You can see all of the changes in our full patch notes below. General Updates Localization Fixes We’ve recently received player feedback concerning the localization of Dark and Light into different languages. The development team has verified some files that have been causing the localization issue, and fixed them. Our Adventurers should now be able to play DnL in their native languages now. If you notice any incorrect translation in localization, please send your feedback to our official forums! Our Community Localization Project is still ongoing, and many Adventurers have assisted us with it. If you too would like to contribute to localizing Dark and Light into a different language, you can visit our Crowdin here! Remove Structure Demolish Timer Structure demolish timers has been a topic of the community for some time, so we’ve decided to remove it for now. Our initial intention for having the demolish timer was to prevent server delays caused by an excessive amount of structures on the map. We’ve however kept the demolish time in PvE servers for the time being. We’ll be keeping a close eye on how they are affecting the gameplay of these servers to determine if they need to be removed as well. Players will still be able to see a timer on the structures, however, when the timer is up, the structures will not be demolished automatically. Instead, other players will be able to manually demolish it by pressing E. Structures left unattended can also be manually demolished by players in this same way. New Content Ancient Fireworks To celebrate The Spring  Festival, we’ve added a new item, Holiday Fireworks. Ancient Festive Fireworks (Golden): drops from barrels, sold from city vendors, and drops in large amounts from cave bosses Ancient Worship Ceremonial Fireworks (Green): drops from barrels, sold from city vendors, and drops in large amount from cave bosses Ancient Festive Fireworks (Blue): rare drop from barrels, city vendors have a chance to sell them, drops in large amounts from cave bosses Ancient Blessing Fireworks (purple) : only drop from cave bosses When The Spring Festival is over, we’ll remove fireworks drops from the barrels, but they will still be available at city vendors. Cave bosses might drop the recipes for crafting fireworks, which can then be used at the Advanced Millstone/Mortar and Pestle in order to craft them. These recipes won’t be removed once The Spring Festival is over. During The Spring Festival, all the three cities will have fireworks shown at 12AM PST. Standing Torch Flame Effects The community has expressed to us how much they enjoy the different color fires standing torches has. We’ve decided to add a few more since they’ve been so popular! Straw and wood can turn the flame yellow Magic shards can turn the flame purple Bone can turn the flame blue In addition to these, we’re adding two more effects in honor of the Spring Festival!. Fire Elemental Core can turn the Standing Torch’s flame into a fairy wand’s yellow glittering effect Water Elemental Core can turn the Standing Torch’s flame into a fairy wand’s blue glittering effect Each elemental core will last for 15 minutes. While it lasts, flame effect won’t be changed if you place a different type of elemental core in it. These effects won’t be removed after The Spring Festival! Optimizations Optimized the Peregriff’s textures Optimized the Wind Rider’s flying animation and flying audio Optimized the map at the login UI, adding tips to remind players selecting an area for respawn. Bug Fixes Fixed a bug where some items are more often than others. We’re continuing to test and adjust the city vendors and what they sell. Fixed a bug where the floor in the Talos Royal Court lacks collision Fixed a bug where Estel structures are not showing in their entirety. Fixed a bug where Infernus Dragon will graphical issues after being killed. We understand that there are still many gameplay and system bugs in Dark and Light, and we’ll be continue to work on optimizing and fixing these bugs in future patches. We’ll also be optimizing stats values, gameplay balance, and other features in DnL, starting in February. New Servers On February 8, we will release three new Chaos servers. In these servers, structures HP will be reduced to 1% of a regular official PVE or PVP servers. Harvest rate and experience gained will start at standard rates, and we’ll enable multipliers at a later time.

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  1. I'm glad to hear that! At the moment I'm not playing active for myself, because I'm too busy with my job and family.
  2. Thank you, I appreciate it! Thanks for sharing the spreadsheet. I also made a new thread about it, so it's easier to find: http://dnlbbs.snail.com/en/index.php?/topic/1873-taming-spreadsheet-list-with-nearly-all-creature-which-feed-they-need-and-how-much-of-it/
  3. Hey guys, some of you already may have heard about my spreadsheet and are using it. Community member iFreecell suggested, that I make a own thread about it, so it's easier to find for other players (thanks for the idea!). Here we go! :) About the spreadsheet: At first I made this spreadsheet just for myself, so I would be able to prepare myself better, if I want to tame a creature. I gathered all information about the feed, how many I needed to tame a creature and was in contact with other players on my server, to get even more data for the sheet. After I realized, that this spreadsheet might be helpful for other players too, I imported the sheet to Google Docs and shared it with the world :) What is this spreadsheet for and how do I use it? The spreadsheet shows a list of nearly all creatures. For each listed creature there are at least three columns on the x axis. The y axis shows the level of the creature you want to tame. This is a small cutout of the hole spreadsheet. For example: If you want to tame a Windrider lvl 120, the spreadsheet shows you, which feed you should use (MF = mystical feed), how much you need of it (170 in this example), how much time it will approximately need to tame the Windrider (~510 minutes) and which potential level it will have after the taming process (164). Orange numbers are confirmed values from other players or my own tames. For some creatures, I have columns for different types of feed. So if you have tamed a creature with a feed, that is not yet in the sheet, share it with me, so I can add the information to it. Where can I find the spreadsheet? You can find the spreadsheet here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1O0fTD4DzirLhZWvJVTc1sW0xsH9FZyfBspLWUWQmWj4/edit#gid=965017120 You can also use this short link, to easier share it with other players: bit.ly/2A6a5T8 How can I add my own data to the spreadsheet? At the moment you won't be able to edit the sheet yourself. If you have any data for new creatures or you experieneced, that the data in the sheet were not correct for your tame, you can easily contact me via PM in this forum, post your values in this thread or you can leave a comment in the spreadsheet itself (please mark the wrong number in the sheet, right click it and add your comment). You can also leave a comment in this steam community guide: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1130440363 If you want to share your numbers, it would be great, if you tell me the following data: Which type of feed did you use and how much feed did you need to tame the creature? How long did it take you to tame the creature? What level did the creature came out after the tame? How did you tranquilize the creature (optional)? How much tranquilizers did you use (optional)? Important note Please keep in mind, that the numbers in the sheet are not always accurate to 100%. As I said above, I gather the data from my own tames and other players. This means, that I only have a few confirmed data and have to try to calculate the other values in between. I do this with my lousy knowledge of school math, so don't be to harsh, if there is a better way to calculate the numbers :) Plans for the future I will try to keep this spreadsheet up to date, even though I'm not playing the game at the moment (hard working person ;) ). I also plan to add more columns to show, how much arrows/clubs it takes, to tranquilize a creature. If you have other ideas to improve/expand the spreadsheet, please leave a comment in this thread and share your ideas. Hope you guys find this spreadsheet helpful too. If this is the case, I would appreciate it, if you share it with other players! bit.ly/2A6a5T8 Change history 2018-02-04: Added columns for Stirge/Waterfly/Water Bug/Hydrelia, Arachnea/Spider and the good, old sheep. 2018-02-08: Fixed some numbers (feed) for Mastodorn. Values in this column were recalculated to match the new numbers. 2018-02-09: Fixed some numbers (PLAT) for Pegasus. Values in this column were recalculated to match the new numbers. Feed and time for Pegasus got confirmed. Added note regarding arrows. 2018-02-11: Fixed some numbers (PLAT) for Pegasus. Values in this column were recalculated to match the new numbers. Also fixed some numbers for Unicorn (feed & PLAT), added note regarding arrows.
  4. Hey iFreecell, actually that's a good idea :) I have no idea, why I didn't came up with this idea for myself :D EDIT: Done :) http://dnlbbs.snail.com/en/index.php?/topic/1873-taming-spreadsheet-list-with-nearly-all-creature-which-feed-they-need-and-how-much-of-it/
  5. Thank you, I'm glad you like it! If you have any data from your tames, I would appreciate it, if you share those numbers with me, so I can update the sheet. You can send me a PM or comment on the spreadsheet directly. Thank you for sharing the spreadsheet! I hope it will be reliable in the future, too :) But I need the input from you guys, to keep it up to date!
  6. I know it's a little bit to late for this tame, but maybe this will help you in the future. I made a spreadsheet on Google Docs for almost all creatures in Dark and Light, to show how much food/time you need to tame a creature and which level it will come out after the tame. Not all values are 100% accurate (only the orange ones got confirmed by other players), but you should have a pretty good guess, how much you have to invest. bit.ly/2A6a5T8
  7. Good and informative video! Don't forget to check out my spreadsheet, so you have the numbers for feed, time and outcome level for most creatures! Spreadsheet (Google Docs)
  8. The values for feed (94) and time (94 mins) in my spreadsheet matches your values pretty well. But I corrected the outcome level. Thanks for your input, Mayhem!
  9. Hey wildbill, I talked about the spreadsheet I made myself :) It was linked in this thread a couple times (bit.ly/2A6a5T8). And yes, till now I only have Nidhogg values for delicate feed. If you have numbers for "normal" carnivore feed, I would be happy if you share those numbers with us :)
  10. Hey guys, I just wanted to join your discussion here :) Hell2pay4453 was kind enough to contact me via PM and shared his awesome data with me. By doing this, I was able to update the spreadsheet with his data, so all players now have accurate and confirmed values. As majicou pointed out above, there are indeed still a lot gaps in the sheet. All values that are not orange are calculated using the rule of three (my best guess and it works for most creatures ;) ). So if you have gathered any numbers by yourself (even for boars taming with apples), please share those numbers with me and the other players. I will try to update the spreadsheet as soon as possible. You can sen me a PM in this forum, in the steam community (there is a guide for feeding where I also gather information) or you can comment directly on the spreadsheet.
  11. Cool, thanks for the information. Pegasus level after taming matches my spreadsheet pretty well (had 45, but updated it with your value). Thank you for your input! Without data input from the playerbase, the spreadsheet would be almost empty :) So all credits go to you and the other players! I also added the Windrider bug information in the sheet, so other players are aware of this.
  12. Hey majicou, your information (50+1 per lvl) got confirmed by @Hell2pay4453 for all mystical creatures. I already updated my spreadsheet with those new numbers. I also got the taming time for Windrider, Pegasus and Colossus confirmed. The only thing missing is the potential level of mysticals after taming. Do you know, which lvl your lvl 4 Windrider got after taming?
  13. Hello wildbill, sorry for responding so late, I had a lot of work to do this week. As the other players responded already, it's not possible to buy the delicate feed at the vendor. You have to craft the delicate feed for yourself. Have a look at this wiki: Dark and Light Wiki - Delicate Carnivore Feed In this post you will find all ingredients listed to craft the food. As you can see, you could buy the normal feed, you need as ingridient for the delicate one. For mystical feed (needed for Peregriff, Windrider, Pegasus and the Crystalline Beast): you can buy this at a vendor, but it's pretty expensive and they don't sell as much as you need. The best way is to buy/craft the ingredients and craft the mystical feed for yourself at a dark altar. Dark and Light Wiki - Mystical Feed I hope this will help you.