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  1. Thank you for the numbers, sombrero! I added your arrow numbers. But are you sure about the feed? Until now there was a fix (and tested) formula for all mystical creatures (lvl + 50 = needed feed) and your number is way below.
  2. Update in the spreadsheet: I added a small section in the first tab of the spreadsheet for helpful tips from other community members. So if you know something cool and helpful to tame a creature, please share it with us!
  3. This would be awesome, iFreecell! And of course, I'm willing to put it in the spreadsheet :)
  4. You are absolutely right. That's why I planned this for the future. At the moment I just don't have enough information about the quantity of arrows needed. Only very few people commented on this so far. Whenever they did, I added a note to the sheet (small black triangle in some of the cells). Soooo, if you have any infos about arrows, just leave a comment in the sheet or in this thread!
  5. I'm glad to hear that! At the moment I'm not playing active for myself, because I'm too busy with my job and family.
  6. Michael R.

    Advice for taming a Frost Dragon

    Thank you, I appreciate it! Thanks for sharing the spreadsheet. I also made a new thread about it, so it's easier to find: http://dnlbbs.snail.com/en/index.php?/topic/1873-taming-spreadsheet-list-with-nearly-all-creature-which-feed-they-need-and-how-much-of-it/
  7. Hey guys, some of you already may have heard about my spreadsheet and are using it. Community member iFreecell suggested, that I make a own thread about it, so it's easier to find for other players (thanks for the idea!). Here we go! About the spreadsheet: At first I made this spreadsheet just for myself, so I would be able to prepare myself better, if I want to tame a creature. I gathered all information about the feed, how many I needed to tame a creature and was in contact with other players on my server, to get even more data for the sheet. After I realized, that this spreadsheet might be helpful for other players too, I imported the sheet to Google Docs and shared it with the world What is this spreadsheet for and how do I use it? The spreadsheet shows a list of nearly all creatures. For each listed creature there are at least three columns on the x axis. The y axis shows the level of the creature you want to tame. This is a small cutout of the hole spreadsheet. For example: If you want to tame a Windrider lvl 120, the spreadsheet shows you, which feed you should use (MF = mystical feed), how much you need of it (170 in this example), how much time it will approximately need to tame the Windrider (~510 minutes) and which potential level it will have after the taming process (164). Orange numbers are confirmed values from other players or my own tames. For some creatures, I have columns for different types of feed. So if you have tamed a creature with a feed, that is not yet in the sheet, share it with me, so I can add the information to it. Where can I find the spreadsheet? You can find the spreadsheet here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1O0fTD4DzirLhZWvJVTc1sW0xsH9FZyfBspLWUWQmWj4/edit#gid=965017120 You can also use this short link, to easier share it with other players: bit.ly/2A6a5T8 How can I add my own data to the spreadsheet? At the moment you won't be able to edit the sheet yourself. If you have any data for new creatures or you experieneced, that the data in the sheet were not correct for your tame, you can easily contact me via PM in this forum, post your values in this thread or you can leave a comment in the spreadsheet itself (please mark the wrong number in the sheet, right click it and add your comment). You can also leave a comment in this steam community guide: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1130440363 If you want to share your numbers, it would be great, if you tell me the following data: Which type of feed did you use and how much feed did you need to tame the creature? How long did it take you to tame the creature? What level did the creature came out after the tame? How did you tranquilize the creature (optional)? How much tranquilizers did you use (optional)? Important note Please keep in mind, that the numbers in the sheet are not always accurate to 100%. As I said above, I gather the data from my own tames and other players. This means, that I only have a few confirmed data and have to try to calculate the other values in between. I do this with my lousy knowledge of school math, so don't be to harsh, if there is a better way to calculate the numbers Plans for the future I will try to keep this spreadsheet up to date, even though I'm not playing the game at the moment (hard working person ). I also plan to add more columns to show, how much arrows/clubs it takes, to tranquilize a creature. If you have other ideas to improve/expand the spreadsheet, please leave a comment in this thread and share your ideas. Hope you guys find this spreadsheet helpful too. If this is the case, I would appreciate it, if you share it with other players! bit.ly/2A6a5T8
  8. Michael R.

    mythical creature feed data

    Hey iFreecell, actually that's a good idea :) I have no idea, why I didn't came up with this idea for myself :D EDIT: Done :) http://dnlbbs.snail.com/en/index.php?/topic/1873-taming-spreadsheet-list-with-nearly-all-creature-which-feed-they-need-and-how-much-of-it/
  9. Michael R.


    Thank you, I'm glad you like it! If you have any data from your tames, I would appreciate it, if you share those numbers with me, so I can update the sheet. You can send me a PM or comment on the spreadsheet directly. Thank you for sharing the spreadsheet! I hope it will be reliable in the future, too :) But I need the input from you guys, to keep it up to date!
  10. Michael R.

    Wyvern tips for tame and food?

    I know it's a little bit to late for this tame, but maybe this will help you in the future. I made a spreadsheet on Google Docs for almost all creatures in Dark and Light, to show how much food/time you need to tame a creature and which level it will come out after the tame. Not all values are 100% accurate (only the orange ones got confirmed by other players), but you should have a pretty good guess, how much you have to invest. bit.ly/2A6a5T8
  11. Good and informative video! Don't forget to check out my spreadsheet, so you have the numbers for feed, time and outcome level for most creatures! Spreadsheet (Google Docs)
  12. Michael R.

    mythical creature feed data

    The values for feed (94) and time (94 mins) in my spreadsheet matches your values pretty well. But I corrected the outcome level. Thanks for your input, Mayhem!