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  1. I came in this morning and me and my tames has been killed by wolves. Inside my base. With nothing broken. There was also a deer in there. all the stuff in my inventory despawned of course, so if this could get fixed like now please? Also would it be possible to get my stuff back?
  2. So I was playing around the elk rune and tried to mount my griffin while shapeshifted by accident. I cancelled the effect, mounted my griffin and he shrunk. It’s impossible to dismount while he’s landed now too. this is on US- Wyrmslayer 1 owner is Mesowet, griffin name is Shefset. i’d Like this fixed please. Lol
  3. Toc the Younger

    Visual bug on Pegasus

    This is a much better example of what I mean
  4. Toc the Younger

    Visual bug on Pegasus

    So, when looking at them from a certain angle the primary feathers disappear. This makes it flip out while flying and makes the wings look tinier than they already are. (Every other mythic gets glorious wings, why not this one >.> )