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    Movie Poster Community Event: Cast your votes!

    I have to agree with Slowpossum. #6 has a strong feeling of the potential for exploration and discovery of the unknown. It also has a delightful feeling of the danger that lurks in the dark of night.
  2. While working through the tasks for the Mortar and Pestle, I noticed that the Quartz Sand tooltip indicates that it is the component for preserving food whereas the Sulfur Powder does not. Please let me know if there is anything more I can do to help you fix this issue. Thank you!
  3. Trendane

    Building 101

    I freely admit that I don't know how games like this work, so this may not be a viable option. But would it be possible to toggle the tile beneath a foundation to sand, mud or some other terrain type which does not have grass or other plants, or perhaps create a standardized tile specifically for that purpose? As soon as a player lays down a foundation tile, the ground beneath it toggles to a barren type and remains that way until the foundation is removed. Of course with my luck, the ground itself isn't any sort of 'tile' and cannot be changed easily.
  4. I was watching one of the streamers who were playing the new DLC on Twitch today and I noticed the 🔊 icon next to the text for the various tasks the characters undertake. The streamer mentioned that it indicated that it toggled the speech of the NPC providing the task. How much more voiceover will there be in the game? As a voice actor myself, I would love to audition if there is to be any more added.