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  1. Try this: If you know where the building was that you demolished then you can bet that one of the foundations was placed just below the surface but you can't really put a wall on it. If thats the case then you can use a Mystical tame to find it. Fly super low or walk around and your tame will trample said out-of-sight structure. This only works if you have an idea of where the structures edges were since the slope of the terrain sends some placed foundations into an area where you can't snap walls to them. Windrider is prolly best since you can aim its nose down underground while flying and you should hit it... if it's not metal that is. I know I Nidhog can have its head practically in the ground.
  2. Hakuakua

    Sup Tards

    Been working on a couple massive digital projects at the office and brotha hasn't been on the DnL for a whole min. Just dropping in to see what you farts are up too!! I still have all my stuff but I'm migrating to a private server with the same settings as a live server with only one difference... NO DECAY!!! What I miss? Any drama?
  3. Ohhhh, drama equal good for the game.
  4. Hakuakua

    where is cyclops work bench ??

    The workbench looks like a pile of junk where the Cyclopes are... and its best to just buy one from the vendor.
  5. I hangout on thcphamer's stream when I play. Sometimes I sit and don't say anything and other times I nerd rage about the game.
  6. From what I can tell the stats that are available to the lower tier is narrowed. Seems that you are rewarded with major stats when you get the boss gear. Least that's what I can tell from all the gear I've forged. Who knows what the new alloys will do when they put them out. It will prolly be expensive and rare to get. Think about when forging was upgraded and this is the first and only 3 star I have seen which kinda makes sense on it being the rarest of enchants. But for me to get a 3 and 2 star... that was pimp.
  7. I don't think this i something that will be available for moding. From what I can tell the nature of the gear sets the stats that it will be favored to get. And the rest of the stats are available to the higher gear you get from the caves. There is no reason at all for Darkstone gear to get the possibility of having 4 shots of attack on the gloves when its actually a lower tier gear set. That gear has major armor and durability as main stats so the stat that it's most suited to get is the HP stat and other HP sub stats. And you can get 3 star: In closing: There is no reason that 3 star should be made easy to get. Gotta try and try again!!! But that's the thing about modding.... do what you want!!
  8. Hakuakua

    Some Forged Gear Stats

    With that new vendor in town, I forged a shitload of gear at higher lvls with some interesting results. Although I haven't see any legendary gear. Seems like we have choices for how we setup our gear for daily use. However the results still lean to the boss gear sets as having the biggest gear boosts. For example my Frostbound set is now sporting a 568 attack character stat... crazy sauce. That said... if you are on live server and have enchants for legendary versions of any of the gear available, drop a screenshot so I can add to this image. There are still a bunch of gear sets that I don't have show but I will add once I get my hands on some screens of them. Full resolution 1920x1080 is all that's needed.
  9. Hakuakua

    Some Forged Gear Stats

    New vendor up where the library was in elf city. She i standing outside with all the gear in better quality. I got almost all the Darkstone in epic. Lot of durability on that set. Almost got the Mithril in epic as well. Just need the helm. However, I think the Ranger gear might not show up in better quality other than uncommon anytime soon. Looks like that has a low chance rate.
  10. Hakuakua

    Some Forged Gear Stats

    I'm elf so, the new vendor is up where the library was... She is standing right by the door that's locked. you need to find her and gather all the gold you can cause better grade of the set you want will appear. Be sad if you dont have the gold to purchase.
  11. Hakuakua

    Some Forged Gear Stats

    That new gear vendor is off the chain. Friggin epic Dark Stone gloves with 13K durability
  12. Hakuakua

    Some Forged Gear Stats

    I have a channel but I don't stream much... every blue moon I will turn it on and run bosses. That's not often though.
  13. Hakuakua

    Some Forged Gear Stats

    I prolly will but I'm kinda obsessed with getting better mythical tames and better gear. RnJesus gotta give me something.
  14. Hakuakua

    Some Forged Gear Stats

    Need a few pieces that I can forge to see what the median is... forging one pair just wont give a view as to what stat are within range of getting.
  15. Hakuakua

    Some Forged Gear Stats

    the. higher grade versions form the vendor in town gets a wider range of stats from the looks of the enchants