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      Dark and Light 4/9 Update - Patch Notes   04/10/2018

      Greetings Adventurers! On Tuesday, 4/10, a patch with our first round of bug fixes and optimizations will be released ~2AM PST. Be sure to check out all of all of the changes made to Dark and Light in the full patch notes below!
        Game Updates Optimized loading screen The loading bar will no longer be hidden when loading is stuck. We felt that optimization updates should also be included in the month of bug fixes/balance updates, and is something that we’re focused on going forward. Removed knowledge restriction on all spells and staffheads.  Adventurers no longer have to know a spell in order to use it. The only two exceptions to this rule are Telekinesis and Firestorm. Those are for Master Wizards only. Description text has been added to all harvestable resources to allow easy recognition. Optimized the visual effects for Rune of Restoration, Rune of Warmth, and Rune of Radiance. Bug Fixes Fixed a bug where Small Soul Suppression Stones were not working on Ice and Fire Imps. Fixed a bug where items placed in the three PvE experience workbenches would disappear after activation. Fixed a bug where the Qinaryss Gustclaw’s body would glitch on death. Fixed a bug where items in player customized inventory folders would disappear upon death. Fixed a issue where players were unable to dance at Bonfires. Fixed a bug where players would run into a collision issue at the entrance of Blackice Peaks cause their Adventurer to float.


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  1. New vendor up where the library was in elf city. She i standing outside with all the gear in better quality. I got almost all the Darkstone in epic. Lot of durability on that set. Almost got the Mithril in epic as well. Just need the helm. However, I think the Ranger gear might not show up in better quality other than uncommon anytime soon. Looks like that has a low chance rate.
  2. I'm elf so, the new vendor is up where the library was... She is standing right by the door that's locked. you need to find her and gather all the gold you can cause better grade of the set you want will appear. Be sad if you dont have the gold to purchase.
  3. That new gear vendor is off the chain. Friggin epic Dark Stone gloves with 13K durability
  4. I have a channel but I don't stream much... every blue moon I will turn it on and run bosses. That's not often though.
  5. I prolly will but I'm kinda obsessed with getting better mythical tames and better gear. RnJesus gotta give me something.
  6. Need a few pieces that I can forge to see what the median is... forging one pair just wont give a view as to what stat are within range of getting.
  7. the. higher grade versions form the vendor in town gets a wider range of stats from the looks of the enchants
  8. Mana max which is for all spells.
  9. Thx for reminding me!!
  10. They slipped in a run speed nerf. Thought we didn't notice but we did.
  11. Know what you get when you have a deer with no eye? No Ideaeeeer!!!
  12. You need stam to kite well. Currently the low quality just won't give you the stam you need. Nothing like the higher gears do.
  13. only problem is that gear is low quality. If we could get higher these other might has some use.
  14. Been messing around organizing some of the gear I have forged so far.
  15. Stack it, organize it and know where your stuff is... And No, I only use the really big chest for certain things like fertilizer since it doesn't require any separating. https://youtu.be/M0KI5EKTLaA