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  1. Weaver

    Dark and Light 1/18 - Patch Notes

    unless it's 200+ or so because of the like 150% (or w/e) you can have above your actual weight when being over burdened... 200+ will get you 1200+ if you have 1k weigh while overburdened like I do. Just because it's not ALL you need or an easy fix doens't mean it's not important info. This game needs people that aren't so simplistic. :D
  2. Weaver

    Dark and Light 1/18 - Patch Notes

    -.- you need a tame with some weight sure.. (omg tames are useful) doesn't have to be a flyer. if you tame the shipyard to the place you want to place.. use the rune of gravity (probably tier 3) and then take the shipyard from the tame.. you'll be overburdened or maybe be able to barely move.. but it's doable... please don't limit the devs to content that intellectually lazy people can do.
  3. Weaver

    Dark and Light 1/18 - Patch Notes

    Rune of Gravity... been in game since the beginning.
  4. Weaver

    Armor stands?

    This would definitely give some limited use to all the useless armor we have clogging our inventory or dropped on the ground. :D.
  5. Weaver

    Dark and Light Update - Patch Notes

    And what of the Vendors? -.-
  6. Weaver

    Dark and Light Update - Patch Notes

    Anyone noticed that you can't interact with the Doors that close off the library (w/e) on the elevated platform in Estel (Elf City) so.. unless they moved the Vendor.. we can't access it. (US - Masterbuilder Server)
  7. Weaver

    Dark and Light Update - Patch Notes

    They already said that they will give tons more storage.. but i surely hope it's locked behind Building Manor or something.. not a 4x4 wood shack with an unlimited vault.. lol
  8. smh... and don't take advice from people that don't even know how the game actually works.
  9. Weaver

    Dark & Light - Developement Kit

    I've taken a brief look at both of them... their websites aren't very useful in finding much info about gameplay in them. But what i can find makes them look like they are ob the level of games from 2000 maybe.. I did say MODERN PC Games... How ever. i just found a post on MMORPG.com that says Clack Gold was released in 2014.. and there's a video about it.. so that's better... at least. Of Course.. looking at that video makes it look like they took 14 years to make a 2000 game.. lol. At any rate... jumping to the Unreal 4 engine and using the Ark Core mechanics will help them warp ahead in what they can do in DnL and future games they develop to maybe have a higher standard for their games. I'm seeing some things in Black Gold video that we have in DnL.. so there's a lot of throwing in their experience in other games with DnL.. The skill system in DnL is something they did in their first games back in 2000... from what i read, which isn't bad. If we look at what they have done with their other games.. and see what they are carrying over to DnL... we can have some idea of what they will do.... and confidence in that they know what they are doing... since they have tons of experience with it. However.. merging several systems into one will be the challenge.. especially with the Ark/Unreal stuff being so new to them. I did just watch the "First impressions" Videos for both games... there's HOPE.. :D.
  10. Weaver

    News but NOT news....

    Them being a Day late with Patch Notes is a separate issue... and there's other places to put Community Opinion and help topics. Sure it makes them look like Amateurs... so does every Tom, Dick, and harry posting in official news section of the thread. Incompetence (perceived or otherwise) will lead to a game's demise...
  11. Weaver

    Question on Magic for devs

    btw... check out the Community Spellcrafting thread that has been on the forums for like a month and you should see 9and be able to participate in) the changes the Devs are considering to Magic.
  12. Weaver

    Community Spellcrafting

    Please clear the News section of Non-News topics.. ty
  13. Weaver

    Question on Magic for devs

    They have already stated they are working on balancing/changing magic.
  14. Weaver

    A Song

    I like creative and helpful people in the game that is about MORE than just pixels.. If you would like.. please Friend me on Steam (Wevaer is my Name, Wreck it Ralph is my Icon). Hopefully we can find a way to work together to make the game better (and maybe have some positive effect on each other :D).
  15. Weaver

    News but NOT news....

    Well.. this isn't the first time that this has happened.. if I can ask this question here.. they need to check/click a box.. no one should be able to post here except Game Reps. The "Mystery Patch" and "Dev Kit" things are what I'm talking about. When i read "news" i get excited and think the Devs are actually saying something important.. but. nope.. just some more stuff that doesn't mean a thing. There's already plenty of other places to talk about ideas, suggestions, whining, and "relevant topics".