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  1. RainGnyu

    Dark and Light - Update on Shard of Faith

    Cool.......still need to fix the official forums please.
  2. Cool! Looks like a baby griffin......hmmm.
  3. RainGnyu

    Building 101

    If this is true this could be great news. Hate to see people go but if it pushes the game forward. I would like to here what direction the new team is going with the game and why? Knowing this would help ease the minds of the community I believe.
  4. RainGnyu

    Building 101

    How many people left the game? Sounds as if you guy are under new management. Sounds like the whole team had been replaced? Is this true?
  5. Wish I had the chance to obtain those items! I am still salty about that event!
  6. I know and agree even tho I never played that other game. Thing is, when new people hear about that other game as a reference to this game they remember their own experiences playing that game and it tends to push always the right type of player base that will push this game forward. While at the same time attracting the Worms that ruin the game experience over there to the shores of Anchorigde!
  7. You keep mentioning that other games failures as tho it is the reflection of Dark and Light. Try talking about Dark and light without adding the stigma of that other games failures. I get a nerves finger tick when I see that name mention next to Dark and Light.......Just saying.
  8. I agree+1 But this game isn't Ark, and I still agree.
  9. This game is not Ark! As much as you want it to be so........this game is a long way from anything Ark like. So if you say anything about Ark you are not talking about Dark and Light!
  10. RainGnyu

    Hurricane Florence

    Thank you!
  11. RainGnyu

    Elite evolving mystical

    hmmm .......mix feeling's about this one.....Just me tho.
  12. RainGnyu

    Inbox full after one message?

    Has this been fixed yet?
  13. RainGnyu

    Update On New Community Changes

    Wow! This is not good news!