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  1. Not understanding what you mean by that.
  2. I may regret this but here goes....... US Knight 20 probably has been around as long as US Knight 1,3 and 7. We have had our wars and people have come and go though out the time this game has went active. I am the longest active member of this server and now feel it is time to advertise that we exist. I or we don’t have anything to offer those coming to our server other than plenty of land to grow. I also know that advertising your server also brings those who wants to burn down your world. But I personally feel it is time to build up our server to the next level of game play or die trying! I am hoping for those who want to protect the server to answer the call but I will defend it with all I have cultivated. RainGnyu (House Of The Skrulls) Eleven Faction
  3. So I am guessing PvP is not the main focus of this game.......so what is?
  4. Guess I need two more......who will it be?
  5. Who is the Best PvPer in Dark and Light....... Let’s get the juice going! Let’s see what I can instigate! Going to pick five of the ones mentioned the most in this thread.
  6. Fair enough....... just think 🤔 it can be improved to curb the frustration.
  7. I know you have your support site but wouldn’t it be better if the forums was the support site and those who answer the reports got all their information right here on the forums with live responses like you do. Just think maybe you can save money and your time. Also getting more people to the official forums instead of stream. I don’t know but it seems more effective that way.
  8. RainGnyu

    Dark and Light 8/3 Update - Patch Notes

    Just marking this thread topic because it happen on my server also. I want to see if it is something you can fresh in game.
  9. RainGnyu

    Dark and Light 7/5 Update - Patch Notes

    I don’t care anymore now! I am still going to grow the Tree just because, even if it doesn’t do anything. Maybe because I am an elf faction. I don’t know why I want this tree so bad.........
  10. RainGnyu

    Dark and Light 8/3 Update - Patch Notes

    I don't understand this stuff..........Is it something I have to do?
  11. RainGnyu

    Magicka Base Issues

    Found it!
  12. RainGnyu

    Magicka Base Issues

    Where is the video.....I want to listen to what they have to say.......Is this the 2nd live broadcast of the Q&A?
  13. RainGnyu

    Magicka Base Issues

    Did you guys have the live Q&A this month?
  14. RainGnyu

    The Sad future of Dark and Light

    Got to ask.........what server do you play on?