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  1. ( THIS IMG/GIF is a property of MYTHIC Community ) Important Announcements From MYTHIC Community Dark and Light Staff - As of 11/4/2018 We have brought back our 2nd server and put it on the DLC Map (we now have 2 servers! once again.) We have buffed both our server(s) to have 5.5x! Max level increase 200 on BOTH server(s) Servers are streamer/content creator friendly! (No Lag!) We are adding mod(s) to both servers but want to talk to our community before we add them! So if you like a mod let us hear it in our discord! We also put a lot more improvements into the dedicated server box that has the DLC server on it so member(s) will not face game breaking lag issues. Both Servers are Roleplay and PVP! (Our server does have customized lore such as customized race! - we Let our members develop their own legacy and their legacy will infect on the server! ) We are always improving our server(s) and listening to your community! If you want a community that is mature and friendly and have professional staff why not check out mythic and check out our dark and light server(s) or see what else we offer! MYTHIC Community Overall changes: Check out our website by visit - click here
  2. (This IMG is the property of MYTHIC Community) Important Announcements From MYTHIC Community Dark and Light staff: As of 6/24/2018! We have improved the Server dedicated box once again for making sure players are loss lag and more enjoyment of Dark and Light and MYTHIC Community server. We also have Put our Rates to 5.5x For Exp and Gather. We are keeping Taming to be 10x! Modded Support - We are planning on adding mods to our server(s) as well develop our own mod that will bring major content. (We will be revealing our mod shortly on Dark and lights forums in the mod development section as well on our discord - But will be on our discord first/forums so join and see what we are bringing to dark and light!) We also increase the level for the server the max level is now 200! We have dedicated staff on board to make sure you are having fun and not worry about Early game issues. We do cover bugs on our server(s) We made our server group and solo friendly! And here at MYTHIC, we are always done to help you make friends in the game(s) you love! Join and become Immortal and build your own legacy with your own imagination with MYTHIC!
  3. BrookieMythic

    Adding onto DnL Map?

    Yea I kinda figure that it was a possibility I was more wondering why everything was in different level(s) or section but then I did some of my own research without thinking and posted my thread. So you can ignore my question here... I'ma get ready to post about my idea now And see what the rest of the community think at dnl
  4. BrookieMythic

    Adding onto DnL Map?

    So I've been looking all over the dev kit for DNL and I'm so happy snail games has released it! So thank you but I want to add on to the map that DNL already has or even make my own map how does one go forth with that? Because when I'm looking at the dev kit and see the levels everything is separate and I found the landscape but feels things are missing apart of this shell ( I am still learning) but I would really love to customize the map file or make my own map is there something I'm missing to this since I'm noob developer :D any suggestions snail or anyone? :D hehe You can ignore this.... :D i'm getting ready to reveal my project! and concept idea with the rest of the community!
  5. This image is a property of MYTHIC Community Important Announcements From MYTHIC: (As of 3/15/2018) We kinda now consider our RP-PVP server to be PVE as well now. But players can still pvp on the server. As long its has roleplay intentions As of this week, we increase gather/exp/taming to be 10x just to see how stable it will be if it runs well this week we might keep it 10x! We also improved our dedicated box to keep things running more smoother for our members to enjoy on our server. 24/7 admin support has been taken effect on all our server(s) at mythic all we ask you to do is join our discord! If you need items be redeemed due to an EA issue or player not following the RP rules notify an admin! We are always improving all of our server(s) on a daily! You can find more information about MYTHIC Community on our website. please visit MYTHIC Official Website
  6. MYTHIC has made a new website - Please visit it at! MYTHIC community - We are still making it fit our theme at MYTHIC and show all our server that MYTHIC offers! and our top server is Dark and Light!
  7. Thank you for your feedback, It deeply means a lot that we are doing something that brings people together and plays Dark and Light! and to enjoy roleplaying so thank you for the kind words! But did you know that we have improved somethings! For example! Important Announcement: MYTHIC staff also are specially trained to help with situations that you encounter on our server! We also offer EA issues (Early Access game issue) So if you lost a tame or items! just make a request and an admin from our amazing admin team will fulfill your request!! We made this system to people to enjoy the EA part of the game! We are also looking for more people to be apart of our great and dedicated and strong admin team! If more information about joining MYTHIC please join mythic for about a week and then apply for being staff! with an increased level cap to 200! Special spawn rates for creatures! (If creatures are missing please notify a member of our staff!) Always improving the server on a daily! with Active admin within discord and in-game! New advertisement banner: we kinda merged the 2 banners from above into one but we kinda focus more on the RP-PVP server more! But we just wanted feedback on it! So what are you waiting for?! why not join MYTHIC and be apart of the elitist/immortal gaming community! and become mythical!
  8. MYTHIC is hosting a "Fall Weekend Event" With DOUBLE experience, Increase Gather rates, SLIGHTLY faster-Taming Rates. This will take place until the 10/08/2017 AT Midnight (EST - When the event will end on our server(s) ) News about changes! Another thing we have implemented to the server back when we first open the server we did starting kits we felt like that help people a lot so we're re-implementing that to our servers! If you want to redeem your starter kit to get started and enjoy an amazing RP Server! Just message a member of staff (Please make sure to message our Dark and Light Admin division) We are also reducing the panther spawns for the time being! Hope to see you on MYTHIC Server and build your legacy with us and become IMMORTAl arcanist!
  9. Attention Arcanist! Are you looking for a community that knows what they are doing? Well, I'm here to tell you that MYTHIC is that community! Come be apart of our RP-, PVE- and PVP- based Dark and light server(s). (Yes, all three game styles for players to enjoy. But we are dedicated roleplaying servers for both servers!) Benefits from a strong and STABLE and fast-growing community with professional staff WHO DO NOT abuse their player base. What do you say Arcanist? Will you join us and become immortal within MYTHIC? MYTHIC: Dark and Light RP-PVP Server Feature This is about our Dark and Light RP-PVP server in this section MYTHIC: server Rules: Our rules are pretty straightforward - They are posted on our forums If you want to go take a read on it. Click here! MYTHIC: Custom Races: Elven Faction: Dark Elven (Nagarrothi) High Elven (Asur) Wood Elven (Asrai) Human Faction: Vek'lor The Lionheart Covenant Valuxal (Half Demon) Dwarves Faction: HighLand Hammer Clan FelSmith Clan (Dark Dwarves) All Factions: Proemohr (Orc and Goblins) We have more races that are being revealed on a daily basis with the help of our community members! WIth these custom races, we also added passive rules that players must follow so please make sure to read your race lore just Click here MYTHIC: Dark and Light RP-PVE Server Feature This is about our Dark and Light RP-PVE Server section There are only a few different things from the First server. (Our custom races are not on this server - Our server rules from our main server follow to this server) How to connect to MYTHIC Dark and Light Server(s) Server name: MYTHIC (RP/PVP) -3x - Custom Lore/Races - More Server IP: Server Name: MYTHIC: Awaken Rift RP-PVE - 5x Everything Server IP: Other Important Aspects of MYTHIC We actually listen to our player base! If you want something changed or added, We will happily consider putting it to a community vote. We listen to everyone. We regularly host community events with prizes and incentives! Because it's important enough to bear repeating, our staff is professional. We train all staff to handle whatever might over our way to ensure that why, our player base, can have a wonderful time within our community and on our server(s) If you tire of Light and Dark or want to branch out to other games, we also host server(s) for Ark, Conan Exiles, and others. And we always looking for suggestions regarding any other server our player wants to see. MYTHIC Community Details: Our Website: Click here Our Steam page: Click here Our Discord: We highly recommend members joining our discord - we have 24-hour staff who watch over things on our discord. Server Review: Click Here