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      Dark and Light 2/8 - Patch Notes   02/08/2018

      Greeting Adventurers, The Spring Festival is approaching and we’ll be deploying a small patch on Thursday, February 8th at ~1AM PST to accompany it. You can see all of the changes in our full patch notes below. General Updates Localization Fixes We’ve recently received player feedback concerning the localization of Dark and Light into different languages. The development team has verified some files that have been causing the localization issue, and fixed them. Our Adventurers should now be able to play DnL in their native languages now. If you notice any incorrect translation in localization, please send your feedback to our official forums! Our Community Localization Project is still ongoing, and many Adventurers have assisted us with it. If you too would like to contribute to localizing Dark and Light into a different language, you can visit our Crowdin here! Remove Structure Demolish Timer Structure demolish timers has been a topic of the community for some time, so we’ve decided to remove it for now. Our initial intention for having the demolish timer was to prevent server delays caused by an excessive amount of structures on the map. We’ve however kept the demolish time in PvE servers for the time being. We’ll be keeping a close eye on how they are affecting the gameplay of these servers to determine if they need to be removed as well. Players will still be able to see a timer on the structures, however, when the timer is up, the structures will not be demolished automatically. Instead, other players will be able to manually demolish it by pressing E. Structures left unattended can also be manually demolished by players in this same way. New Content Ancient Fireworks To celebrate The Spring  Festival, we’ve added a new item, Holiday Fireworks. Ancient Festive Fireworks (Golden): drops from barrels, sold from city vendors, and drops in large amounts from cave bosses Ancient Worship Ceremonial Fireworks (Green): drops from barrels, sold from city vendors, and drops in large amount from cave bosses Ancient Festive Fireworks (Blue): rare drop from barrels, city vendors have a chance to sell them, drops in large amounts from cave bosses Ancient Blessing Fireworks (purple) : only drop from cave bosses When The Spring Festival is over, we’ll remove fireworks drops from the barrels, but they will still be available at city vendors. Cave bosses might drop the recipes for crafting fireworks, which can then be used at the Advanced Millstone/Mortar and Pestle in order to craft them. These recipes won’t be removed once The Spring Festival is over. During The Spring Festival, all the three cities will have fireworks shown at 12AM PST. Standing Torch Flame Effects The community has expressed to us how much they enjoy the different color fires standing torches has. We’ve decided to add a few more since they’ve been so popular! Straw and wood can turn the flame yellow Magic shards can turn the flame purple Bone can turn the flame blue In addition to these, we’re adding two more effects in honor of the Spring Festival!. Fire Elemental Core can turn the Standing Torch’s flame into a fairy wand’s yellow glittering effect Water Elemental Core can turn the Standing Torch’s flame into a fairy wand’s blue glittering effect Each elemental core will last for 15 minutes. While it lasts, flame effect won’t be changed if you place a different type of elemental core in it. These effects won’t be removed after The Spring Festival! Optimizations Optimized the Peregriff’s textures Optimized the Wind Rider’s flying animation and flying audio Optimized the map at the login UI, adding tips to remind players selecting an area for respawn. Bug Fixes Fixed a bug where some items are more often than others. We’re continuing to test and adjust the city vendors and what they sell. Fixed a bug where the floor in the Talos Royal Court lacks collision Fixed a bug where Estel structures are not showing in their entirety. Fixed a bug where Infernus Dragon will graphical issues after being killed. We understand that there are still many gameplay and system bugs in Dark and Light, and we’ll be continue to work on optimizing and fixing these bugs in future patches. We’ll also be optimizing stats values, gameplay balance, and other features in DnL, starting in February. New Servers On February 8, we will release three new Chaos servers. In these servers, structures HP will be reduced to 1% of a regular official PVE or PVP servers. Harvest rate and experience gained will start at standard rates, and we’ll enable multipliers at a later time.


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  1. Hello all After many tests in the game balance we decided to increase the difficulty of the server. This means two things: 1. Wild animals and generally everything that wants to kill you, hits a little bit harder : P 2. More high level wild animals are spawning now, around the map : 0 We wanted to balance the boosted stats and the 120 levels of the character with the general wild life. So you wont be a superman, even if you are at the last levels. The settings are perfect for a smooth balanced gameplay in high rates (x10). After all its a survival game. It's not fun if you don't die. Its not fun if you dont fear to die. We are waiting all of you to the best high rates balanced PVE server. Thanks and see you ingame.
  2. This thing disables the timer of demolishing every part by another player, its hasnt to do with the decay. (After tests I ve seen that leaving this to true reduces server's lag a lot, cause it hasnt to calculate every single part in the map). The real decay settings are the following. AutoDestroyOldStructuresMultiplier=1.000000 -> leave it like it is, its too complicated to explain PvEStructureDecayPeriodMultiplier=10.000000 -> how many times more will be the decay time than the default settings PvPStructureDecayPeriodMultiplier=10.000000 -> how many times more will be the decay time than the default settings In the above example decay straw after 3x10 = 30 days and so on for the rest.
  3. Still having a problem in my private server hosted in Nitrado. I fixed the same ice cave bug by fresh installing the server, but the volcano cave didnt fix at all. Nitrado is telling that its programming error, so where is the truth and how can we make volcano cave accessible. I would appreciate a response evenif this is an old patch but I m running a very good balanced high rates server and I would like to fix it. Thanks in advance.
  4. unofficial

    You can check FeelingLucky Server. Maybe one of the best balanced in high rates, server around. We are testing all things to have less grind but not ruining the gameplay. The admins have over 1300 hours each. You can check the link in your pm. Thanks.
  5. Hello all Some few things to inform about the server. We reduced the night length and it is now around 5 real time minutes and day is about 35 real time minutes. Also we have protected some major resources as the players are increasing day by day, so that everyone can get tons of cooper, iron and mithril without a problem. At last your attention please. Speak in English in the global chat, so that everyone can understand you. We have players from all over Europe and US. FeelingLucky is an English speaking server. Of course in House or Local chat you can speak whatever you want with your teamates. But in the global chat, speak in English. Thanks a lot See you ingame
  6. The perfect thing willl be to drop all things you want in one stuck. Not like now, when your flarehorn inventory is full and drop them, the server is struggling to survive with all these stucks in the ground (maybe more than 100 some times). Less lag, less memory and cpu use, and you open the stuck with the E and take what ever you want.
  7. Check your house news to see what happened.
  8. Exactly this. Also picking up wild animals in PVE makes the game extremely easy.
  9. Hello all We have raised the level of characters to 120, and balanced more the attack and the weight of all extra levels. So you are not a superman but you take full advantage of these extra levels. Also there were some microchanges in tamed animals to balance more the x10 rates of the server. We are testing all the time everything, making the best balanced private server around, without ruining the gameplay and having the less grind. So if you want to join, you are welcome and meet you ingame. Thank you all
  10. This spreedsheet helped us for many many months and keep helping us. Were you playing in EU-12?
  11. If you play in boosted servers (masterbuilders or private servers) its super easy to tame a mythic alone. In masterbuilders (x3 taming) we needed around 20-30 mystic feed (depends the level, that means around 1-2 hours work in the altars) and 500-600 arrows made easily with an albino and a baha. The most hours were the afk 4-6 hours waiting to transform, I was getting bored. Now in private servers, you can find many x5, x10, x25 its less grind and you enjoy your playing time. And of course you have to be social in this game, I met several players in game and we moved all together 4-5 people from regular servers, to masterbuilders, now to private and having good time, and I keep meeting new players almost every day. PS With iron hooks, i have tamed 6 mythicals to masterbuilder and yesterday my first to private server. I have forgotten how it was when before 4-5 months we were taking them down with clubs : P In regular rates official had 4 mythicals and gave them all when I quitted. Enjoy the game man, its just a game.
  12. Welcome back. Generally not much changed only the optimization changed a bit. i can play it in my potato laptop :p even in extra low settings, and that was impossible some months ago. My suggestion since you know the game and felt all the grind of the regular servers, try a private server wiith boosted rates. I believe x5 till x10 rates are the perfect rates for this game not to die from grind and not to get married to it. There are many servers now and have people online, with boosted rates, no decay etc. It is not like it was some months before when eveybody was playing to officials only. I am doing this also after 1100 hours in this game, not going back to regular rates. After reaching almost the end in regular and masterbuilders, now i have various characters in some servers with different rates and I play wherever I want depending my free time.
  13. We have good news ! In a few weeks from now we are going to the caves all together !!!! So max your attack, your health etc and when the time comes I will give to all of you armor and weapons and go for fun all together to the caves ! We will start from the ice cave. So join now and you have the time to level up. There will be an announcement in the server to inform you about the exact day and hour we will go (it will be during a weekend). You wont lose anything at all, all will be given from the admin. And if we die we die, not big deal : p we will try another time. So join our server and the dungeons are ahead to have plenty of fun ! Thanks a lot everyone
  14. After lots of tests we made the right modifications in health, attack, weight etc of the characters and the tamed animals. So that the x10 rates offer a smooth gameplay to all players. Our purpose is that you cant be a superman or your simple tame cant be a death machine in these rates and these extra level ups. Everything is well balanced in detail, like the regular official servers, but with less grind and much easier level up. Also the 120 lvl max for the characters and the +100 levels of tames are well balanced, tested level by level. You cant have a horse with 130k weight limit, and 50k health and reach the endgame with only a horse or a griffin with extraordinary stats, these ruin the game. We dont want to ruin the gameplay, its a survival game and everything is important, all tames, all recipes, everything. FeelingLucky server is very well balanced server to enjoy the whole game.