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  1. Hello Its been almost 9 months since the EA release and the some of us have been here from the beginning. I ve been on purpose away from these forums for some time, but its time for some serious asnwers. Where is the dev kit at the end of April? Is it true that many official servers will be closed? Is it true that we will never have a new map in the game? What is the future of this game. New map? New tames? Server transfer like Ark? What and when? This year, next year? When? Or it was just some easy money to make Pixark and the games that are coming in the future from Snail. Because from the reviews in steam this game is burned, totally burned. I think all the remaining players in this game (getting fewer every day) need some serious answers, and not half words. Thanks a lot
  2. luckypunkgr

    Solutions to bring players back to official servers

    1. Bug fixes 2. New map 3. New tames 4. Server transfer
  3. luckypunkgr

    The Archos Herald, Issue 30 - Bend with the Wind

    Hello Can you fix the supression stones plus the other bugs (human manor gates etc) and leave the air cave for now. At this state of the game we cant tame a single one elemental small or big. And this is too serious. Earth, fire, water, light and all imps cant be tamed for a week. Both stones are bugged. A big part of the game is the elementals, and at this point is not working. This is very serious. Just leave the air cave and fix these basic things. Thanks.
  4. luckypunkgr

    DnL Unofficial Server

    I reduced my rates to half, all x5, so its not suitable at all. I don't know but after playing in too many servers official and privates (x5,x10,x25) I can say for sure that the game is ridiculous in high rates. Too easy and you get bored too soon. I saw this from my server in 15 days they were building manor and have tamed mythicals. Thats why I reduced rates to keep players little more playing. I made a speedrun in an official knight server (x1 all). In total 20 hours I was level 30, got a horse, have tamed a panther for hide and preparing for lvl35 for chaos essence and making a griffin saddle. My point is that the game is super easy, even if you play in x1 official server. Building manor needs strategy in regular servers. As for the mystic feed there are ways to make 18 per hour easily in a PVE server.
  5. luckypunkgr

    FeelingLucky PVE XPx5 - Tx10 - Hx5 - EU based

    Hello all We have made some major changes to the server. We have figured out that leveling up was so fast (you could reach maximum in a couple of days playing), and this makes the players to get bored quite easily. So we made things a little more grindy as they were before. We changed the XP and gathering/harvest rate to half, taming remained the same. So now the rates of the server are: XP x5 Taming x 10 Harvest x5 After all the difficulty of this game is mainly the grind. If things go so fast, you have done everything in a couple of weeks and then you get bored. Of course nothing else changed. The server has the extra stats and difficulty comparing to all official servers. We wanted something to challenge us. So we will see you ingame. Thanks
  6. luckypunkgr

    FeelingLucky PVE XPx5 - Tx10 - Hx5 - EU based

    Hello all After many tests in the game balance we decided to increase the difficulty of the server. This means two things: 1. Wild animals and generally everything that wants to kill you, hits a little bit harder : P 2. More high level wild animals are spawning now, around the map : 0 We wanted to balance the boosted stats and the 120 levels of the character with the general wild life. So you wont be a superman, even if you are at the last levels. The settings are perfect for a smooth balanced gameplay in boosted rates. After all its a survival game. It's not fun if you don't die. Its not fun if you dont fear to die. We are waiting all of you to the best high rates balanced PVE server. Thanks and see you ingame.
  7. luckypunkgr

    Decay Timer Still Active after 2/8 Patch

    This thing disables the timer of demolishing every part by another player, its hasnt to do with the decay. (After tests I ve seen that leaving this to true reduces server's lag a lot, cause it hasnt to calculate every single part in the map). The real decay settings are the following. AutoDestroyOldStructuresMultiplier=1.000000 -> leave it like it is, its too complicated to explain PvEStructureDecayPeriodMultiplier=10.000000 -> how many times more will be the decay time than the default settings PvPStructureDecayPeriodMultiplier=10.000000 -> how many times more will be the decay time than the default settings In the above example decay straw after 3x10 = 30 days and so on for the rest.
  8. luckypunkgr

    Dark and Light 1/18 - Patch Notes

    Still having a problem in my private server hosted in Nitrado. I fixed the same ice cave bug by fresh installing the server, but the volcano cave didnt fix at all. Nitrado is telling that its programming error, so where is the truth and how can we make volcano cave accessible. I would appreciate a response evenif this is an old patch but I m running a very good balanced high rates server and I would like to fix it. Thanks in advance.
  9. luckypunkgr

    DnL Unofficial Server

    You can check FeelingLucky Server. Maybe one of the best balanced in high rates, server around. We are testing all things to have less grind but not ruining the gameplay. The admins have over 1300 hours each. You can check the link in your pm. Thanks.
  10. luckypunkgr

    FeelingLucky PVE XPx5 - Tx10 - Hx5 - EU based

    Hello all Some few things to inform about the server. We reduced the night length and it is now around 5 real time minutes and day is about 35 real time minutes. Also we have protected some major resources as the players are increasing day by day, so that everyone can get tons of cooper, iron and mithril without a problem. At last your attention please. Speak in English in the global chat, so that everyone can understand you. We have players from all over Europe and US. FeelingLucky is an English speaking server. Of course in House or Local chat you can speak whatever you want with your teamates. But in the global chat, speak in English. Thanks a lot See you ingame
  11. luckypunkgr

    Inventory Management Suggestions

    The perfect thing willl be to drop all things you want in one stuck. Not like now, when your flarehorn inventory is full and drop them, the server is struggling to survive with all these stucks in the ground (maybe more than 100 some times). Less lag, less memory and cpu use, and you open the stuck with the E and take what ever you want.
  12. luckypunkgr

    Died to nothing??

    Check your house news to see what happened.
  13. luckypunkgr

    Picking up monsters on Pve

    Exactly this. Also picking up wild animals in PVE makes the game extremely easy.
  14. luckypunkgr

    FeelingLucky PVE XPx5 - Tx10 - Hx5 - EU based

    Hello all We have raised the level of characters to 120, and balanced more the attack and the weight of all extra levels. So you are not a superman but you take full advantage of these extra levels. Also there were some microchanges in tamed animals to balance more the boostedrates of the server. We are testing all the time everything, making the best balanced private server around, without ruining the gameplay and having the less grind. So if you want to join, you are welcome and meet you ingame. Thank you all