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      Dark and Light 3/8 - Patch Notes   03/08/2018

      Greetings Adventurers! On Thursday, 3/8 a patch with many quality of life changes and bug fixes will be released. Be sure to check out the adjustments made to Dark and Light in our full patch notes below. 

      Dark and Light Loading Optimizations We know that many Adventurers have had longer than desired load times since Dark and Light’s Early Access launch, especially for those who are not using a SSD. We’ve been working on this issue, and after this update, players should see a reduction in their initial loading times.  This is something that we’re going to be continuing to work on so that Adventurers can spend less time in loading screens, and more time in Archos. New Item - Mobile Fortress Artillery By unlocking Goblin Engineering Level 4, Adventurers will now have access to two new blueprints: Artillery and Artillery Shells. Adventurers can place these on their own Mobile fortress, on structures in their base, and on the ground as well. The Artillery Cannons have a small ammo storage capacity, however they do bonus damage to large creatures and other Mobile Fortresses. They also automatically aim and fire these destructive shells. These cannons will do 3x normal damage to large flying creatures such as Frost Dragons, Infernus Dragons, and Gryphons. 7x normal damage to mythical creatures such as the Peregriff. And 50x normal damage to other Mobile Fortresses. Lava Shoes Sprint Function The Lava Shoes that are craftable in the Scalding Abyss now have a new sprint enchantment. By holding down the “Y” key, you can enable this function and then move using your standard movement keys. The Lava Shoes require fuel, Flame Essence, which powers their new ability.  Hitting another Adventurer or creature while using these boots causes a small collision, damaging them. Taking damage while sprinting will not interrupt the sprinting effect. House Log Adjustments We’ve made some improvements to the localization of the House Manager. House logs will also provide additional details on tames that have died from hunger There are now additional tabs that provide information on House Members, Tames, Structures, House Management, and Diplomatic Relationships. Gameplay Updates Giant Storage Boxes can now be opened with a pin code by non House members.  Added a new sound effect to the Rotisserie Staff Head. The icons for Small, Medium, and Large Fertilizer has been changed. Magic Essence can not be used to restore 2000 health on a Mobile Fortress and Chaos Essence can be used to restore 10,000 health. The Estle Hunting Vendor has been moved from the woods to the road. Increased the feeding range while taming creatures to 30 meters. Added additional structures in Bel’Xahl Lair to prevent him from wandering too far away. Scalding Abyss blueprints can now only be used once to craft an item. Bug Fixes Fixed a bug where Adventurer bodies would sometimes glitch through structure ceilings on death. Fixed a bug where Adventurers weren’t able to collect their items after death due to them being stuck in the air. Fixed a bug where Goblins and Treants would have their crafting progression get stuck. Fixed a bug that was causing the server to crash. Fixed a bug where Bel’Xahl would get stuck in a hole in the Scalding Abyss. Fixed a bug where players were getting stuck in some parts of the snow capped mountains. Fixed a bug where Adventurers would appear larger when sitting on the Fancy Chair. Fixed a bug where non House Members were able to turn off the Soul Mire. Fixed a bug where Single Player Games would not save automatically. Fixed a bug where city vendor donations would be reset to zero after server restarts. Fixed a bug where some spells were causing double the damage on one cast. Fixed a bug where players would have their Earth Magic Knowledge stuck and unable to progress. Fixed a bug where the Searing Edge Ax had no sound effects. Fixed a bug where some trees around Archos appeared to be floating.. Fixed a bug where the Mobile Fortress had an animation issue when returning to the docks. Fixed a bug where wooden doors and door frames wouldn’t match up properly. Fixed a bug that wouldn’t let Manor Foundations be placed on Manor Ceilings. Game Optimizations Made an optimization to the Magic Tower Interface making them easier to operate.  Made an optimization to collecting different shrubs around Archos, improving the animation. Made an optimization to collection materials in the Wheat Fields. Made an optimization to Dark and Light’s localization. Made optimizations to the Nidhog, Windrider, and Wyvern. Made optimizations to riding of Unicorns, elite Unicorns, and the Pegasus. Made optimizations to flight animation for the Infernus Dragon and Pegasus.  Made optimizations to the Pegasus flight visual effects. Made optimizations to the Frost Dragon breath attack. Made optimizations to the sound effects of the Berunda. Made optimizations to the placement of Manor Structures such as stairs and ramps. Creature Updates Fixed a bug where the Peregriff’s stamina would recharge slower than other creatures. Lowered the animation frequency for Peregriffs, Windriders, and Pegasus. Windrider’s wildness was not dropping at all when taming. This has been adjusted. Fixed the Fire Elementals attack so that it can now hit close crouching Adventurers Fixed the ragdoll effect that Infernus Dragons could get after being defeated.
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      Dark and Light 3/12 Patch Notes   03/12/2018

      Greetings Adventurers! On Monday, 3/12 a patch with adjustments for the 3/8 patch was released. We’re also going to be optimizing the forging system, and as always, your feedback to these adjustments are important to our development process. Be sure to check out of all of the changes made to Dark and Light in the full patch notes below!
        Forging System Optimizations Reduction to the overall cost of forging. Forging now has fewer affixes available, but the stat increase from forging has been raised.  Forging with materials that would normally give one stat increase now gives two. Forging with materials that would normally give six stat increases now only gives four. Our hope with these changes is to increase the rewards for forging with lower quality ingots, as well as reducing the overall time Adventurers need to spend on forging higher quality items. Items now have fixed and random affixes on them depending on the item being forged.  Fixed Affixes Equipment has a maximum of 2 fixed affixes. Fixed affixes are identified by the ∞ symbol. Only equipment that is green and higher in rarity will have two fixed affixes. The first fixed affix relates to the type equipment being forged. For example, the Lava Armor set’s fist affix is cold resistance.  The second fixed affix relates to where the item is worn! Chest items increase health, items worn on your feet have increase running speed, helms increase the amount of spells Adventurers can cast, pants help with stamina, and gloves increase attack. After these initial fixed affixes have been added to an item, they will not change with further forging. Random Affixes Equipment will also have a random affix attached to them which will be indicated by the ☆ symbol. Items of Purple quality or higher will be able to have two random affixes.  The random affixes library corresponds to each equipment’s characteristics. For example, Mithril Plate items can give a random affix that can increase the amount of constitution your Adventures has, health regeneration, or max health. Random affixes also have a chance to have double or triple the stat increase when forged. Double the stat increase will be notified with the ☆☆ symbol and tiple with ☆☆☆. ☆☆ is more rare than ☆ and ☆☆☆ being the rarest to obtain. Reforging a piece of equipment that has more than one random affix will only replace one of the random affixes. Bug Fixes Fixed a bug where the Mobile Fortress would disappear when mounting a creature near a completed Mobile Fortress. Fixed a bug where Human Manor Gates and Gate Frames could not be placed properly. Fixed a bug that could cause the server to crash. Fixed a bug that could cause gaps in a structure after repairing manor ceilings. Fixed a bug that could cause Adventurers to get stuck on Human Manor Walls due to collision issues. Fixed a bug with the Lava Shoe’s energy icon. Fixed a bug with Fafnir and Nighogs idle animations. Fixed a bug where Dwarven Manors had more health than Human and Elven Manors. Fixed a bug with House Manager localizations. Adjusted other localization issues in Dark and Light.
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      Dark and Light 3/15 - Patch Notes   03/16/2018

      Greetings Adventurers! On Friday, 3/16 ~1am we’ll be deploying a small patch with a few key bug fixes. Be sure to check out of all of the changes made to Dark and Light in the full patch notes below!
        Bug Fixes Fixed a bug where Adventures were logging off in a safe place, and logging back in dead. Fixed a bug where Stone Triangle Foundations were flipped. Fixed a bug where Mobile Fortresses and Manors were doing damage to each other.


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  1. It would be nice if we could snap other ceilings to manor ceilings .... or at least have 1/2 size ones to put in holes you get when do big structures and wind up off one row... and do not want to blow up 10-20 pieces to fix it...
  2. Fixed a bug that wouldn’t let Manor Foundations be placed on Manor Ceilings. So, we should be able to place foundations on ceilings? Not sure I understand why we should be able to do this.
  3. When will the Master Builder Servers be getting some attention? Would be nice to have a word or two once every other month on something being done or that some of the items we have submitted are being looked into
  4. Horsejoke, Could we get a update of what if any of our recommendations are being looked into, and if they will be implemented at all? Since the servers were to help with building, it would be kinda of nice to know what we are posting about is useful and if not what we can do to make them useful.
  5. after 1/21 patch, it is 3-4 small crop plots of plants
  6. Would also be nice to have arch walls, door's, window's, and archer walls.... having to use dwarf for elf is not right
  7. We really need Elven Arch walls and ceilings
  8. No, they are a a real pain to use. First they have a nauseating blue wavy color to them they makes it impossible to see what you are planing if you do any quantity of pieces. you cannot see how they look because of the reflections, wavy, pulsating light they emit, and secondly you have to remove them to place a real manor piece in. So, you build you test, then you have to tea it all down to build with manor or take the change of blowing up the wrong piece and taking it all down, manor and framework.....
  9. The cost of materials to build is really to large for manor pieces if one is trying to build a building of any size or substance. Building a small tower, base, or storage area for PVP it is probably not bad, since it take much to damage it. But to build any kind of substantial impressive building takes forever to build, plus if you make mistakes, which happens way too easy with the current placement methodology that manor parts have, you can really get ticked off. A simple miscalculation today cost us 15 manor pieces ... 15 .... we only got 1/2 of the material for 11 because of the inability to select manor pieces correctly due to their size. So we had 15 before our mistake, then got back enough material to only make 5 replacement pieces, all because we were off by one regular ceiling tile distance on first placement. With regular pieces it is not such a pain, because you are 1x1 in placement, so a large gate that is 7 wide does not cause a problem, when one is trying to make something look symmetrical, but it is when your using 2x2 pieces. Even worse is the fact that snap points do not work the same across items. Gates are really, really bad and hard to line up with walls, foundations, and pillars.
  10. Manor Buttress that is half the width size of the regular one. Have run into the problem were full size one is blocked, but a half would work perfect. And sadly you reverted it back to nauseating last patch ......
  11. agree on the usage issue. main crops the seem to eat a lot of fert is those that also make cores. an additional issue is the ratio of items to make a large fert, you can only put so much grass in to get it to make more than one, and sometimes the grass decays to straw and then stops the 2nd/3rd one from making, it should use all the items up if you click make, and then make them, not que them up allowing items in the bin to expire or accidentally get changed, which then screws the que up and you have wait for it to clear itself, which takes time.
  12. usually do not have it with non-manor because you can move around and get it to attache in a usable way, but the manor snap only works the one way
  13. Need Elven Arch Ceiling
  14. Placing ladders on manor ceilings are currently backwards, you can place them, but only climb them on the wrong side, making it impossible to go up as you ram your head into them