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  1. Grip

    Dark and Light Update 6/21 - Summer Announcements

    so, next patch, change the timers on tames, having them set there with 700 of 765 days left taking up space is waste
  2. Grip


    still not fixed, and if click on home it will sometimes take you the wrong page
  3. Grip

    Worth coming back yet?

    depends on what your value of worth is....I would be wont to say not yet
  4. Grip

    Dark and Light 6/8 Update - Patch Notes

    How about timers on tames?
  5. Grip


    and just like that it fails to keep me logged in........ and timers still too long and where all the missing manor pieces....
  6. Grip


    well I guess compainling does work , soon as I posted about the login problem, it started to working..... now fix the timers on pets
  7. Grip


    Can you fix it so we do not have to log into each and every page on the forums everytime we look at something, it's getting to be a real pain oh, and fix timers on pets 500 days is a bit much , folks have been gone about 180, but still waiting for 500 is a bit much
  8. Grip

    Dark and Light 5/23 Update - Patch Notes

    fix the dang login to every page because you are not logged in .................
  9. Grip

    Dark and Light 5/17 Update - Patch Notes

    Will we be seeing the missing manor building parts anytime soon? Also, need to increase the weight capacity of the Dwarf air ship , 10k is too small
  10. Grip

    Question on Updates

    So, it's been 90 days, anybody still working on this thing?
  11. Grip

    Dark and Light 5/9 Update - Patch Notes

    When will we see enhancements to existing items in game, such as all the missing Elven and Human manor pieces? And how about addressing the timers, having to wait 365 days to remove a thatch foundation placed and the owner gone for 60 days is a real pain.
  12. Grip

    Dark and Light 3/28 Update - Patch Notes

    One of ours is sitting out on volcano island on a rock way to 'drive' it... we are going to let it be a 'base' on the ledge for mithril mining and processing... put an altar on it to pop in and the recall out to town. Our hatch also opens inward....
  13. Grip

    Dark and Light 3/28 Update - Patch Notes

    Get up on the back deck, go into room, look for shiny box of stuff, open it, and you will see a place to place the helm word of caution do not land on mountains and surfaces that are not earth ground in the world, if you do, do not release control of ship, or yo will not be able to 'drive' it again. If you are unable to be properly 'grounded' the option to drive does not show up and you cannot fly the ship again