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  1. Sulevia

    Building 101

    I have played the game since day 1 I have 4k hours in the game and have been reading this forum and the Steam forum, since day one. Try doing some reading and stop assuming that the rest of us either don't care or haven't observed anything. It's just rude.
  2. Sulevia

    Building 101

    It just amazes me that new people get on this forum and assume that none of this has ever been discussed before. It has.
  3. Sulevia

    The Sad future of Dark and Light

    I've been at the mercy of the owner/admins of too many private servers to ever play on one again.
  4. Let's play a game called, How bad is your addiction? Tell us how many hours you have in Dark and Light (ARK hours do not count). And, if you have ever confused DnL with your Real Life. May the stories begin!
  5. Sulevia

    Hurricane Florence

    Thank you. Just found out that although we are many miles inland, we are also in the storm's path. Should hit on Sunday. Won't be as bad as the coast, but there could be power losses.
  6. Once again, right as Rain! Azrael, Rain is an experienced player and you could learn a lot from him. Name calling and angry retorts will not help anyone.
  7. Rain is right - no server wipes. I've often wondered why so many people insist that it is going to happen. Thanks Rain for explaining why. As I posted in Steam: The new DLC will be on separate servers from what we currently use. These new servers will use a different base coding. They have referred to this as a blank canvas, a place to try new things. The big hold up seems to be a way to link our current servers with the new ones so we can travel from Archos to The Shard with our leveled characters. Wiping the current servers just prior to the release of the DLC would defeat that purpose. As Erebus said in post #12 of Travelling between Archos and the Shard (new DLC): Right now our goal is to have the same Adventurer going back and forth between Archos and the Shard of Faith. We talked on our most recent Q&A why we decided to have only the character go to this new map, but I'm happy to explain again. With this new DLC, we're trying a lot of new things, and we want everyone to have a lot of the same experiences so we can get as much feedback as we possibly can. Starting at max level with all of the stat bonuses and knowledge to make high powered items from the start is going to assist in getting ahead and learning the lay of the land much faster than someone who is just starting on a brand new Adventurer. We understand that there are a lot of Adventurers that would like to bring over items and even cross server raid. While these are things that we're not against, they are features that will not be available when the Shard of Faith is released. (Aug 1) Once we have all had an opportunity to play on the DLC servers, the devs are considering wiping the current servers so they can replace the base coding. Many of the complaints the players have voiced can't be rectified with the current architecture. They are using the DLC as a way to test an entirely new system that addresses many of the players’ concerns.
  8. Sulevia

    Max Frame Rate

    Thank you so much. I knew the answer was something obvious!
  9. Sulevia

    Suggestions for Calculated's forum image

    Oh, yes, he's much prettier than Isaac Newton
  10. Sulevia

    Update On New Community Changes

    Last year's Halloween event was fun. It involved the Goblins, pumpkins, and candy. The pumpkins were introduced at that time. We also got werewolves. The candy is required to make ammo and we can only get it during the event. I also hope they do it again.
  11. Sulevia

    Max Frame Rate

    I know that there is a code for maxing the frame rate, but I don't know what that code is. Can someone give it to me? Why max the rate? So we can fly our Nids in corkscrews without crashing the system.
  12. This is a major problem on all the servers. On PvP servers, structures would eventually disappear, but since they added demolish timers were added, the decay timers are gone. Can't we have both? If there isn't such a thing, you're going to be inundated with requests to demolish structures.
  13. Sulevia

    Pin Codes for Beast Gates

    Others can open your gates if you unlock them. We've done it with shared taming pens.
  14. I think it would improve the game a lot if the skeletons dropped blueprints for things like bottles of ink, paper, magic paper, some of the runes, like recall and restoration, etc. This way I can put them in my workbench and not be waited down with making them on my character. It's a little thing, but it would add a lot to the game.
  15. OK people, there are a lot of very creative people out there. Let's give him (her?) some ideas. I'm not very creative. All I can think of is an abacus.