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  1. new Trailer with Automatic Arena Event, drops no loot from my mod.
  2. Jerro

    The Sad future of Dark and Light

    yes, they do what they can, its a great game
  3. Jerro

    The Sad future of Dark and Light

    the mostly i have fixed in my mod item + - spells they dont break - weapons dont break (because they copied the bad ark system, breaks too fast) - armor dont break (because they copied the bad ark system, breaks too fast) - working seeds (1 large fertilizer holds 6 days now, and they are not bugged anymore) - greater houseseal (protect now your whole base, and your eys burns not so much) - craftable filled water bottles - craftable wood lvl3 (rare wood) - working soubound stones, to save gear and "spells" - fixed the neck bottle of a forge, they craft now automatic and 4 and all parallel. - fixed torches, they burns endless. and much more. play with mods player can fix more as they can do.
  4. Jerro

    Mod Item +

    - No Durability Spells / Weapons / Armor - Working Seeds + - Better Forge / Meatrack and much more. - you can upgrade wood lvl2 to wood lvl3 in the meatrack + - Light burns endless. - Goblin Balista + - Goblin Fire Balista + (Shoots Fire Arrow +)
  5. Server ======================== [EU] Geisel der Dunkelheit PvP T6/H5/XP6/Mod/Events Server Ip: Slots: 70 Dedicated Server: Germany, Amd Ryzen 1700x 32GB DDR4 Ram, 1000mbit, SSD Config ========================= Mode: PvP Harvest: Most at x5 (optimized rates, wood, stone, ore = x10) XP :6 Taming_Speed : 6 MaxPlayer Level : 65 Max Creature LeveL : 120 Only Weight is 5x Mods ==========================
  6. Jerro

    Force bow? other high end gear?

    maybe the devkit comes next montch i write a mod and delete the durability of the weapons^^
  7. On my Server they cant Spawn xD i have change the Spawn in dragons, dragons are now fly trough the world. :)
  8. i have yesterday build the sky fortress but, now is the hud blinking red, and food is on 0 of 1500. bug or need this fuel? /food?
  9. Jerro

    bottle table (with water supply)

    thank you :) if someone search for this command, i have search them a half hour, to edit my server. HarvestResourceItemAmountClassMultipliers=(ClassName="DAL_PrimalItemConsumable_HotSpring_Energy_C",Multiplier=10.0)
  10. nobody like make magic essence, you have to make thousands of bottles again and again. the most underwhelming act is, fill these bottles with water, that make no fun. but can we get a new table with watter supply? then can we craft these thousands bottle and fill automatic with water. i waste my time for fill theese thounsands bottles, but what i more want is in this time, to make things that make fun. 1000 bottle fill with right click if you stand in the occean or transfer bottle in a water supply and transfer back, and again is waste only of time.
  11. thx, i have read this yesterday ;)
  12. When does the live stream start today?
  13. Jerro

    Force bow? other high end gear?

    it give one problem, the repair mats are very expensiv of epic or legendary items. if you use the "epic" forcebow, youn can next time grind the dungeon for 280 frost essence -.-
  14. y, i do not spawn items for me, mostly i spawn for other people, maybe lost a item from a bug, or a creature stuck or give them the mats back, if a bug destroy them.. with activ admins in early acces stages, you can live better.