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    Elite evolving mystical

    Honestly the time it takes to get them it what makes people say **** it. But that will soon be fixed for all unofficial servers.
  2. The Water Fly Battler Royal.docx Additional Info: You would be required to log in the Glass Bottle Generator server, you would have to level to at least to the point of obtaining stone hook arrows, you are of course more than welcome to level past that point. Once you Get your water fly you may do whatever you wish to make it the strongest water fly as long as it is not against the stated rules. at the time of the event we will all gather on in an area designated as the arena and all participants will battle to the point of tame death. The top 3 will get prizes to use on the server. Our server does have higher rates so it would not take long to get to that point.
  3. Thank you! If you would like you can look at the Server Introduction: Glass Bottle Generator in the private server announcements. I have placed all the updates dealing with the server announcements and development in this location. Past and future updates will go here. There are some roadblocks that we hit that you might be able to help us with!
  4. Hello Everyone, I know everyone is reading this is thinking another unofficial server announcement oh god. But I really wanted this to be very different from what people are used to. So let me do a small introduction the full introduction can be found here First Post and the update Second Update Post. We are a small group of online friends that met while playing DNL on unofficial. Most of us came from official servers and found that it really didn’t suit out play time restrictions i.e working full time and trying to defend a base does not always mesh well. Upon landing on unofficial servers with higher rates that suited our needs we found one problem we can get from 1 – 100 so to speak in about a day, a base in another day, in particular, we ended up becoming server alpha in less than a week. Well at this point things became boring because PVE content was pointless because we could 1 hit everything. So we decided to create a server based on what we felt was the best balance between having a working full-time life and wanting to play games the result was the Glass Bottle Generator. It is a PVPVE server meaning the main focus is PVP however in order to do PVP PVE content is needs to be completed. Join us here! Server Rates: Player Rates: Base Building Materials=x20 Player Level Cap =90 Materials used for raiding=x5 Tame Level Cap =350 Hot Springs =x10 Stacks =x8 Shards= x10 Weight =x.1 Food & Water decay reduced by 50% The Glass Bottle Generator Mod Core: So the last update I posted I spoke about the core of the server. Since that time the Glass Bottle Generator staff has been working to get the mod finished. There has been a roadblock on one of the features of the Core mod. The fire dragon breath can damage manor but it can only do so from about 5m away from the structure that it’s targeting. This makes it unable to fulfill its intended role as a flying ranged siege animal. As a result, we have pushed back the development of the dragon substantially due to the amount of graphing required to fix this. If anyone does have experience with modding in the Dark and Light Dev kit that may have a simple solution to the problem please pm me. Otherwise, we plan to launch the mod in the next week. Just to cover what the mod will do please see below. Core Mod Features Elite Evolution removed from the game. Elites will spawn as a rare spawn in-game. Removing the need to craft glass bottles to make magic essences. You don’t need to be a glass bottle generator anymore The Colossus will be removed from the game and replaced with a more manageable creature and will fulfill the same role more fully. Enabling the crafting of a larger water reservoir We are thinking about this, some of the players feel like while the part of the mod the removes the need to craft glass bottles it would also be nice if they had a better way to fill them if they needed to craft them quickly. We are looking into how this would work game files wise. Alteration of the savage Cyclopes to do damage to manor without the need to have projectiles. (we are still looking into this) The new creature that we were planning to add to the game has been placed on hold for now due to some issues with the dev kit. This is still planned but we have to find a work around currently. Server Update 3: So just an update on what we are doing how our launch went. Overall the launch went fine, however, due to a host issue we were down for most of the day. This has caused us to move to a different host since we have had no issues. We are adjusting the EXP rate for level 11 due to reports from players that it’s a bit of a bear to get through. This change has been put into effect.
  5. Alexj4596

    The Sad future of Dark and Light

    I'm in the same situation as you my friend. I have been treated badly by server owners and admins before. This was one of the things that encouraged me to make my own server. I know how I do not want to be treated, and as a result feel like I can offer a better experience to players who land on the server as a result. I have and am working on a terms of service/rules for my server. My rules have been compleated but terms of service i am still working on. My terms of service will basically be a player to admin contract stating what, how, when, myself or my admins should act or be. If we do not follow those same rules we can have a punishment enacted my own own player character.l by the community at large. At least that is the goal.
  6. Alexj4596

    The Sad future of Dark and Light

    Honestly, iv put in 1600+ hours in this game. Both official and unofficial. I finally decided to open my own server and make a mod that fixes the annoying crap in the game. I am almost done, and my server will be 100% raid friendly without invalidating the PvE side of the game. Bottle issue will be fixed in an organic way. Since I started modding iv learned to allot from the old moders. I know why half the problems in this game exist and I also know they will likely be fixed or at least worked on after the DLC. The players of This game only hope is finding a server owner that can make the game like it was at launch with as few bugs as possible while removing the stupid out of the game, while the devs fix things. There are a lot of things that just can't be fixed without rebuilding the base engine. The base engine is the alpha arks engine. They do not have access to wildcards fixes or code. They are not wildcard.
  7. GOOD Mooring or evening depending on where you live. As promised I am posting an update on the project. The original Post can be found “Original Post”. So, I wanted to get back to everyone who had sent PM or expressed interest in the comments. Since I last posted the final forms of the projects of the server have end and we have entered beta phase. I want to explain what I mean by beta phase. We have come to a point were our testers are no longer enough to discover bugs, balance issues, and or mod problems. So, because of this, we are moving to open the server for everyone. The Server will Officially be Wiped at 9:00AM EST and “The Glass Bottle Generator” will be open for everyone by 10:00AM EST. Glass Bottle Generator Discord Link Click Here Discord info This is assuming no problems occur. Also, one other note. Currently, the core mod is not done, I have been working about a week and a half on it and its about 75% done. What you see when you first get in will not be the same when the core mod comes out. The changes that will be implemented in the core mod are as follows. Currently Finished or Nearly Finished Elite Evolution has been removed from the game, and have been made a extra-rare spawn Dragon Fire will damage manor. (please note this is a tricky situation, we are close to a solution but it may not be ready when the rest of the mod goes live.) All Elites have had their size reduced to make them more manageable. The former creature called the Colossus has been removed from the game in its current form and will return as a much-improved version, including being able to be picked up. You will no longer need to craft glass bottles to make magic essence. Under Development Introduction of a new Creature not currently in game or part of current game assets. Alteration of the Savage Cyclopes to do damage to manor without the need to have projectiles or reducing the cost of the projectiles. (still not sure on that one) One other thing id like to note, none of the current settings are currently set in stone as far as server settings are concerned. We are open and listing to see how people feel about everything we have done, good or bad.
  8. Good Day or Night my Lovely People of Dark and Light. I posting here today to tell everyone about a server I have been working to modify with my team, but first, let me tell you a bit about us. We are a group of players that originally played on an official. I personally have about 1200 hours on the official server. During our time on Official, we realized that our life scheduled did not really mesh up with the time requirements of the game, frustrated by rates, taming/tames as a whole, and what most players believe were missteps take by the Devs. This resulted in us taking a break at some point during the game's development and just kept watch over the updates. About 1.5 months ago we came back but did not return on the official for obvious reasons. Our move from official to unofficial while it has been fun it has been fun and we have learned about lots of new content that was added made lots of new friends, kicked some tail, you know the things you do on DnL. Onto our frustrations with the unofficial servers. Unofficial servers are a great choice for people who love the game but just don’t have the time to devote to whacking trees for 6 hours a day to build yourself a defensible base. You can “choose” your rates and even your admins to an extent. However, two large issues stuck out at us. The first one was the overall imbalance created by increasing rates on both a pve/pvp side. Typically what you see is the servers are at x20-30 on all items in items in the game and levels are increased by substantial amounts in addition to per stat multiplier changes. This collective change makes pve null, makes pvp either 1-hitko type pvp, or unintentionally turns the server into a griefing server. This causes the second problem the admins either don’t have the time to admin the server or servers they admin on due to sheer amount help requests associated dealing with griefers and then bug help requests. Both of these instances occurred on the high rates servers we were on. This brings us to the meat of this post. I would like to let the community know that the team and I have almost achieved balance with high rates without causing the pve/pvp imbalance. Now, this should go without saying but there are situations that we either cannot test as we playtest the server or unforeseen bugs that occur. We will do our best to correct these things as they come. We currently have about 10 people actively playtesting the server. We have gotten to the point of raid testing and we hit a wall dealing with the player stats, pve, and pvp. This is solely due to the fact manor health/resists do not scale with the damage and values close to vanilla and any modification to those values cause an imbalance in pve/pvp on lower tier structures, including players as well. There is no way to just modify manor in the InI settings. However after much deliberation, frustration and staring at the ini settings we have theoretically found a solution. I won’t go into any detail especially because we are not totally sure it’s possible yet but there is a good chance it is and I felt the need to let the community know especially people who are like us who work full-time jobs, have families and still want to play an amazingly fun game. I will update with another post with the same title when I have a closer date to launch and better information on the raiding fix.
  9. Hello All! I'd like to ask well quite a few basic can this be done questions with a mod. So here goes. I would like to reduce Evolution time on Mythics to a max of 6 hours. I would like to set up Individual stat gains for each tameable creature in the game. I would like to turn on mythic/dragon damage to the manor. I would like to be able to adjust what can damage structures and what can not. I would like to adjust the damage reduction % on structures. I would like to turn factions Off or at least make so that no one is red to anyone unless in a war. I would like to make so cross faction Allie is possible. I would like to make so the war flag applies to a whole alliance when it is placed. I would like to increase war timer for the actual war. I would like to make bottles craftable in the workbench and also able to decay into hotspring esseness.
  10. Hello, I am opening up a server. I would like to reduce the amount of time it takes for Elite Tames to Evolve. What is the Ini setting for the server to do that? Thank You,
  11. If I were to build a dedicated server, what would be the beat server build possible to ensure say 100 people at max can play at one time?
  12. I have only listened to a small amount of the latest stream. If you don't mind me asking y'all said something like having a system to limit pillar spam the answer sounded like y'all were planning to limit the mount of pieces each I assume house/player could place. Is this the current plan? Assuming you can even asnwer.