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  1. Agent J

    The Archos Herald Issue, 35 - Revamp!

    Sad to see Jimmy go
  2. Agent J

    Cannot tame creatures

    I did a test while trying to tame a Fafnir. And found this is definitely related to the Food Drain setting set to zero. When I set this value back to 1 and restarted my server it tamed up no problem. I thought that this setting only applied to tamed creatures. So if a change can be made by the Dev team to make that happen it would be great!
  3. This was also one of my 1st complaints about the game. I have a few more ideas to make inv. mgmt. better. I started a new thread here if you want to follow it:
  4. Agent J

    item filters request?

    This was also one of my 1st complaints about the game. I have a few more ideas to make inv. mgmt. better. I started a new thread here if you want to follow it:
  5. I know that the filtered inventory request was posted previously on these links below. But I wanted to expand the Inventory management request to include sever improvement ideas that would make the game play and usability a whole lot better! So I started this new post. Like the mentioned posts below, The most important would be the ability that when items are filtered in inventory that actions taken only affect the filtered items (ex. drop all, or transfer all). Some other additional ideas That would make things better as related to inventory management are: When Transfer all is used it also transfers items in the secondary belt. This does not happen when you use the drop all function. It would be appreciated if the items in the secondary belt stayed where they were like in the primary belt. Auto stacking when moving items into another object such as a storage box, or workbench. (ex. If I have a stack of 100 twine in the bench, and I move over a stack of 101, fill the stack of 100 to 200 (or max for the item) and put the remainder in a new stack. In this case 1 (This is also a function that exists in ARK). Similar to that would be when collecting. Fill the stacks even if the number is not exact. I have so many stacks of 199 items when collecting resources and so many mouse clicks could be saved by filling the stacks. I did find a bug trying to change the button associated to my drop and transfer buttons (A, D). If I try and change this it cannot be put back. For example, Chang the drop key to O. Change it back to default D. Then D will no longer work for strafe right anymore. So to fix it I have to set all my key bindings back to default, and re-map the other that I still want changed. When Folders are created on an item like a storage box, they cannot be deleted or edited. What if I typo my folder name? Or want to purpose the box. I have to destroy the box and create a new one. It would be nice to remove and edit folder names. Next if I have created a folder in a storage box, and want to move something into that folder. I must currently drag the item. If I press the transfer button (A by default) the item does not get moved into the folder. It is simply put in the main inventory. It would be nice if My destination is a folder then the item being moved is put in the folder. Thank you, I hope that these ideas are also seen as user improvements that will enhance the game play for everyone, and are adopted by the dev team soon. Referenced Posts:
  6. Agent J

    Dying at login

    Yes after the patch on Mar 29th everything seems much more stable on both my private server, and the public server I am playing on. Thank you!
  7. Agent J

    Dying at login

    Matke, What work around are you referring to? I'm not sure that I saw one.
  8. Agent J

    Cannot tame creatures

    I didn't take the screenshot from the angle showing the trough, but above the graphs it does say "Taming..." If not close enough to a trough it says "Put Food in the feed trough to tame." I wonder if your though on being near a foundation is playing a factor, because I do use a taming pen that I built.
  9. I have been having a problem since the November patch where I cannot tame creatures. Either Carnivorous or Herbivorous. I remember a patch note that mentioned that there was a bug fixed where Herbivorous were not taming, but that fix never worked for me. They just seem not to eat. I have attached my server config files, and a screenshot of a creature showing that it never ate during a tame. And just to be certain, yes I had the proper foods in a bin close by. In fact I put all food in the bin. I do have the setting Food Drain setting set to zero, but in the past (and with ARK) this has only been for tamed creatures. Game.ini GameUserSettings.ini
  10. I have been having a problem when I login since the the 1/18 patch (or possibly slightly before that). I leave myself in safe spot, but every time I login I and dead. There is no bag or anything to even pick up my things. This does not happen 100% of the time. But probably 70% of the time. What seems to be the only time I remain alive is when I empty my inventory. I have tested this multiple ways. And with friends. I can see a friends body when they are logged out, and suddenly they disappear when they login. I have tried resetting the server, I have tried logging off and back on immediately. But I cannot find a scenario which leaves me and my gear in tact. I am happy to supply more info, I'm just not sure what else to add to help describe the problem better. Attached are my server config files in case it is one of the settings that might be contributing to the problem so that you can identify it. Game.ini GameUserSettings.ini
  11. In thew 10/10 patch update notes, it was mentioned that "Fixed a bug where tamed creatures would occasionally be stuck crafting an item at 99% permanently after a server restart." This same thing is still happening when a user logs off of a server (With no users logged on). Creatures should continue to craft after logging off. To fix you must start the creature crafting a separate new item. To give more specific examples, A Goblin crafting Goblin Contracts, or Goblin Gears. Another example is a Fire Imp crafting Copper Ingots, Metal Ingots, or Mithril Ingots.
  12. Agent J

    buggs when loggin in

    Since the latest patch I often find that I am dead when I log in. And yes I was in a secure place. What seems to help is if I do not have anything in my inventory. But even that is not perfect.
  13. On My server I have the "allowcavebuilding=true" option in my config. The option does not work though. It doesn't seem as though the cave code reads this option. When I try to put a foundation down in even the cave entrance it is red and says one of 2 things. Either "Can't place ...:No Ground or Snap Point" or "Can't Place ...:No structuring in city". A video demonstrating this is attached. Dark_and_Light_10_18.2017_-_00_14_43_06.mp4