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  1. I will report back tomorrow with server details.
  2. Construction parts for Straw and Wood are reversed. Atm Straw textures are on wood textures. Atm Wood textures are on Straw textures.
  3. Metal

    Dark and Light 3/28 Update - Patch Notes

    Feedback: Well done on the patch! Lets hope we see more such "clean" patches as game goes on.
  4. Bug: When you are 50-70 meters away from Longhorn. You can see him walking on only 1 leg.
  5. Metal

    Just like i thought

    This is not ark. Any one spamming pillars like mad, should be instant banned from that server.
  6. Massive problems reported from other players + it hapeens to me also. Steam topic: steam topic
  7. Metal

    Unique Long Load Times

    Do you have multiple games on 1 hdd ? Because if yes. Your hdd cannot handle so many query in same time. Try to move server to different hdd's. SSD is fast yes, but it can only write 1 way not 2 ways like SAS drive. Take it like this. You got 5 trucks that need to unload their cargo in same time to a station. Edit: Case scenario 2. Your 2 quad xeons cannot handles so many servers.
  8. Metal

    DEAD when login

    Happens to me all time, what i do: - Have spawn point in my house. - I spawn in my house, while not loosing any items. // I do not click to re spawn as new character.
  9. I play Dayz mod and Dayz SA. I don't have Ark. On the topic: I am not allowed to counter your argument ? I am not allowed to dismiss your idea ? I must be the troll then, because i don't agree with your idea ? Hell! I will, because your complete idea does not fit into this game, unless it's modding which can be done in few seconds in future. Your don't believe me modding is coming ? Ask around and you shall find. Durability has been doubled since last patch. Try to find your self epic and legendary armor and see how fast it breaks. If i could survive 15-20 panthers in epic leather armor, then sure you can also.
  10. I never ever troll, got it ? 1. It will be in future. 2. That was my point with modding. If this change would be implemented in game: - No resources sink. - No need to repair armor / easy mode. That's why we are playing (atm easy mode) survival game, where you have to think, which mobs you will attack. How long your armor will stay "away". You have to "think", will i survive ? While op just want's Rambo and go thru kill gazillion of mobs and no need to think of repair. Such thinking is for WoW or other like armor settings games. This is not the game for such settings.
  11. Holy crap @ lazy bumbs, that includes you op. This can be easily done via modding.
  12. Metal

    Melee and Other issues

    Like Longhorn is walking on only two legs. 1 front and behind, when you see them from far away. Killing a panther or hyena in your wall, gets fuzzy/weird hit box glitch and sometimes goes up and flying in the air. Panther and/or other animals that is predator just gets stuck into your tame and you can kill it with ease. Panther does almost 0 damage to other animals (normal to players). Most of the times, hyenas/pigs kill them off. The new small tree that is bend has partly broken hit box, kind hard to hit it. When you kill a skeleton or goblin and go far away. Their LOD stands as they where not killed. But when you come closer, they are indeed dead.
  13. Tested: latest patch + official server. How to reproduce: Wait for meteor to spawn and let the skeletons attack you. They do 0 damage.
  14. Metal

    State of the game

    My background: Been around "online" since 2002, been in so many mmorpgs alphas, betas, closed/open betas i donno to count anymore. All together, im old, played gazillion of games. So i know a thing or to, when i will write my review. Im not native English speaker. I will only answer on: How dev's can get the player base back. Black screen bug and long loading screen time: By fixing this two issues alone we could see another "potential" 2k/4k players returning back to game. Linux server files: There is several hundred players, who have tech how and would like to setup a linux server. They alone can bring back several thousand players back. Better communication on larger scale (See Path of exile): Communication this day is the key to success. Path of exile developers are dishing literary news every single day. They are making different community events, like player decorations, player builds, etc... Communication, communication. The more they interact with player base, the more players are informed, the better! This alone can be positive and beneficial factor for the developers and the player base. Players will be updated on regular basis and keep the interest in the game. As we have seen with you tube video Q&A. There is a mention, that DNL is going no where and it's not closing down. Immediately, there where a lot of positive comment on YouTube channel about it. Polished game patches (yes it matters!): Me being a developer myself, i dished out even the smallest fix i updated and players where happy that this and this was fixed. The more and complete (polished with correct format) the patches are, the better! Even if that means, serious wall of text. Players will start seeing "AHA!", this and this is being fixed and they will come back. Just as we have seen with mystic feed and goblin nerf. Several player (not much, but some) have already come back, because dev's listened and fixed the problems. We are also seeing patches every few days, which are fixing core bugs and some small. This little patches are bringing small amount of player back and giving positive feedback/atmosphere back to developers. Modding and admin tools (holy grail - DAYZ private servers): Atm in DAYZ, no one is playing. Only casual noobs, are jumping from server to server. As this will happen next year with DNL. Once modding coming + admin tools come in our hands. Community will explode and youl see from 800~ server atm to almost 3k, if not more. Because we the admins, we the developers will have tools in our hands to craft/develop some serious world/mods. Player base will come back on medium scale, but it will be here. Server admins will then post their creations on you tube, where new potential players will see this and player base will grow even more. like moders making 1st. person mod probably right after release of moding tools. We could go on, but you get the point. Modding (we cannot forgot linux server files) and admin tools are probably the top priority for bigger player base. Overall, just with this little things i wrote about it in my humble opinion. I could say, we could get 15k~ players back to playing. Yes i understand your post. You see DNL as something super cool and you do not want to die/perish in forgoten lands, where it will not be seen anymore. DNL reminds me seriously of Skyrim and i to cannot shake it off. That's why i will put my dev. skills to good use and make some seriously good server to players. (Im dayz player, dont have ark)
  15. The germanguy (Q&A yt which was post sometime ago), they got a topic. So i posted there my questions.