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    The new Tasks

    After a 454 mb patch tasks are working in singleplayer now in the new area. Will test and edit here for regular Archo's after exploring for a bit in the new land. So single/dedicated Archos still no update on tasks. But DLC is working fine and having fun now without the struggle of finding building space or resource spawns to proceed as leisure.
  2. Calabeth

    The new Tasks

    Ok tested this on Singleplayer and Tasks do not update. Went thru the process of setting up a personal Dedicated server..... Tasks do not update. Did Official servers, tasks updated. Do you Devs really test this stuff at all beyond the scope of you official servers? The old system partially updated some tasks previously atleast. Not all but atleast some tasks were working. I hope you will look into and fix this issue. I abhor the lack of civility or freedom within official servers so I chose not to play there. But when you hype up new changes and updated to things and then have it ONLY work within official servers.