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  1. Just wanted to drop some basic idea to counter pvp players spamming pillars everywhere and direct everyone to work together for end goals. I think splitting map for faction owned zones and so called no man lands would fix a lot for this game. no man land : free for all building and combat. faction zone: Ability to purchase areas for building with gold. This would be nicely supported with deeper quest system which would naturally direct players for teaming up for larger areas to build up. all tiles should be connected and 1 tribe should only to be able to buy 1 area at time. Maybe some kind of faction area protection system with npc patrolling on roads or something else similar to make faction zone worth the effort. maybe some kind of faction wars to give pvp oriented players some goals instead of just harassing others for daily entertainment and playing king of the hill. Game overall is amazing missing link between mmo's and sand boxes which is greatest strength and selling point to build on.