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  1. I have thought about this too. In storage if items stacked to 500 we could handle it, on low level characters and tames it may just make it worse because of the weight of 100 wood is what 50 lbs? 200 ore is 40 i think. Its seems mostly weight related. Straw is light 3 lbs i think but only stacks to 100 as well so there is some inconsistancy.
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    Good call i fixed it and added a few new ones from todays play.
  3. Hello, First, I am new to survival games, although I have been playing pc games for 30 years the survival genre is new to me. Second I am loving this game so far! Random things I have noticed. Some of these are bugs and some improvements. You are probably aware of these but as a huge fan of the game I want to make sure. Shields unequip when logging out. The "lady" popup messages disappear to fast to read entirely. The "lady" popup messages pops blank and doesn't go away (these would be awesome voice acted). Harvesting with no tools should have a gathering animation instead of punching. Need to be able to toggle horse trample of on an off. Pillars on pve servers should not block resources. One idea is to allow building but let the owner have the ability to destroy any item after a 3 hour decay timer. Schematics need filters by material types or "tiers" 4 smaller boxes stacked up before the search box would be great, even if they only worked on the building pieces it would help tremendously. When you select a schematic filter it should hold that filter when going in and out of inventory, currently we have to reselect it every time. I find the chat channels very hard to understand. Which channel am I in? Who is in it with me? When I type something in camp is should say Mantase Camp, when I type in local it should say Mantase Local on the text history. There NEEDS to be a direct conversation with another player via tell or whisper. There NEEDS to be an ignore player selection. There NEEDS to be a way to turn off chat completely even if its just with a hotkey. There should be an option to not show chat when your inventory is open. I would like to be able to /afk this would be even more helpful with /tell. There have been too many times I cannot complete a task while my inventory is open because other players are having a "discussion" and the chat is overlaying my buttons, yes the buttons will work if I remember which one to click which I don’t. One idea I had for solving this is to have a selection on the character panel to display the character or the chat panel. I don’t find myself looking at my character panel unless I need to level up. Along with this option having a character panel that would "slide" to a minimized position and expand the crafting selections to show more crafting options (less scrolling and looking). I would like to be able to sort inventory by weight or alphabetically, again two little icons stacked next to the search window would be perfect. When removing and transferring items they show up at random places in your inventory forcing you to look for them every time. Key binds often don’t save, I am unable to give you exact conditions but I had to rebind my "whistles" several times before they took. Staff heads are located under the armor filter and not weapon filter. I tried to place a water reservoir on the ground not knowing it had to be connected to a pipe and It caused a bug that wouldn’t allow me to place any pieces and caused my inventory to "hitch" significantly, a relog fixed it. The pop up tool tips should have an adjustable amount of time they are displayed and be moveable to a location of the players choice. Even if there are only "X" locations and we choose. All npcs repete their lines to often. Corpses left in town on character logout are disturbing. A simple fixed sleeping animation would be great. Also maybe provide an xp, gathering, or some other bonus if characters logged out in beds when available. The red prices on vendors are hard to read a grey text could be a possible solution. When harvesting rocks they explode and fly across the map, its pretty cool the first time and than it breaks immerision. When placing a building piece i would like to be able to rotate it. The E key seems like a logical choice. Can walls stick on the sides as well as the top and bottom. Having left and right roof triangles are redundant as those are the only rotating building piece i have found so far. Can roof triangle stick bothntop and bottom. Pillars should not block resources on pve servers. One idea would be to allow the pillar owner to destroy any other player built objects after a 24 hour decay timer. There should be a limit to the number of pillars that can be placed they should also bemlinked to each other. For example a building is placed the pillar should be within x distance. And all other pillars need to be within x distance of eachother. So if i pillared of the human city bridge i would not be able to pillar all the way to the "church lady vendor". Also a limit on pillars by builxing type say 15 for wood 25 stone 35 mason. A flat cap would probably be just as good. I am still new and learning and these ideas may not apply to pvp servers. Now that being said, I again say I LOVE this game. None of these or all of these issues combined will prevent me from playing the game, I just think they would add significant polish. I am only level 25 and will be adding to this as I explore this spectacular world.