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  1. when I try to start the game it says DX11 10 is required to run the engine.
  2. Azrael


    Please make sure you cant get under the map on this game and cheat base defenses! This is a HUGE problem on ARK so please don't let it be a problem on this game that has so much potential! PLEASE don't ever EVER add climbing features and put a rubberband function when you get beneath the mesh. ARK failed in so many ways adding climbing was one of them.
  3. Azrael

    Mythic Creature Tames

    Hello everyone! I was wondering if anyone could explain to me the process of taming mythic creatures in an official server. Like whats the best way to get the feed and to get the arrows? Also is the Fafnir or the Sacred gryphon better stat wise? I want to make sure I have the right one in my crosshairs. Also and most importantly, how many mythic feed and iron arrows will it take? Anyone's advice would be much appreciated.
  4. All Im trying to do is get the devs to not put the stuff in DNL that was in ark that for me, made that game suck and according to their last stream theyre about to add one of the most game breaking things from ark. I personally disliked ark because it was so unbalanced and always felt unfinished. I love this game its like ark without most of the dumb stuff and looks to have a bright future. The reason I mentioned ark in the first place is because this is the parent company of ark, you know that right?
  5. Ok so I wasn't the one being angry and insulting at all. Please read his comment again and read my response, he didn't answer he made insulting inferences about me!
  6. If there is going to be a cross server function then hopefully you wont be able to take tames with you as that will just lead to the extra large toxic houses/tribes to go from official to official and ruin it for everyone else. This was a poorly thought out part of ark that utterly destroyed its official servers and made it so if your not part of a large toxic tribe then you have to play on unofficial servers.
  7. Please read the question before you make some irrelevant response out of ignorance!
  8. Ok so if this game adds animals you can build on how is it not similar to ark? If you only have dumb stuff to say why say anything at all?
  9. What's the point of a server region if people not anywhere near that region get on and use their high ping to exploit game mechanics.
  10. The creatures you can build on in ark are not only ridiculous but they also cause many problems with balance. Having a flying building/bird with rocket launchers is OP AND RIDICULOUS!! Please leave those out of Dark and Light, it will be so much better without that feature. PLEASE!