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  1. Thank you all for participating in the community movie poster event and we are happy to share with you our winners! The community team chosen winners are: These winners will be receiving a code each to play DNL with a friend! Congrats guys! And drumroll please for our grand winner of the $25 dollar Amazon gift card! We asked and the community chose: Congratulations to @TheRealBlaze406 for winning the event! So that concludes our event! Stay tuned for more info on the next event and we hope that you are enjoying Shard of Faith! Take care Adventurers and happy hunting!
  2. If you are experiencing issues on an official server or just want to see our our general guidelines for our code of conduct, you can view them here: If you feel that you need to open an investigation or want to report a bug, or just speak to a GM you may do so by submitting a request here: You can also report your feedback and bugs in this thread: Thank you all for your patience during this stage of development and we hope these resources help improve your in game experience Happy hunting Adventurers!
  3. Greetings Adventurers, In light of the new DLC, we reminisced together on our very start of Dark and Light by hosting a movie poster community event. We’ve enjoyed seeing your submissions and It was very hard for us to choose the top three. Calling all Adventurers, the final winner is up to you now! Cast your vote by liking the posted picture you think is best here On Friday 12th we will collect the votes and announce the winner! Good luck and may the best adventurer rein!
  4. Below are the lists of admin spawn commands updated to the new DLC See links below for more information: Bestiary Item list 1 Item list 2
  5. Adventurers, We hope you are enjoying your new experiences while exploring Gaia! We want to give you some developmental updates, so check out the new info below and let us know what you think! We’ve set up one US-PVE server and one EU-PVE server for Shard of Faith, and we will open more PVE servers, if we see the demand from players. We are currently working to fix two issues, and we estimate to push them live the earliest tonight (Thursday midnight), the latest end of this Friday: The Sacred Path servers, gear durability getting 0。 Shard of Faith, taming progression gets stuck as you are not able to feed the tame. Current available localization only supports English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean. Localization of other languages will be updated shortly. To enable death inventory drop, please configure “AllowBagDrop” in your server ini setting. We are also investigating a few other issues, including: The Sacred Path servers, for some of the tames, after dismounting them, characters land in incorrect locations and get rubber-banding. Resource and items missing after the DLC update. We’ve noticed the current inconsistency in decay timers across all servers in Sacred Path. We will be updating them in the next patch to ensure consistency for all servers, with the below timer: Straw 3 days, Wood 4 days, Stone 5 days, Iron 7 days, and Manor 15 days. We have adjusted structure HP in vanilla PVP servers for the purpose of unifying servers in the future. Having all PVP servers to follow one set of server settings and multiplier/number settings, and all PVE servers to follow another set. By unifying that, server transfer is doable between vanilla and DLC. Vanilla PVP servers correspond to DLC PVP servers, while Vanilla PVE servers correspond to DLC PVE servers. Changes were made to structure HP to balance the resource costs for defenders vs the resource cost it takes for raiders to be successful. These values will be looked at closely while players get used to the new dynamic. You can post any bugs you may have found or just general feedback in this thread here or here. We hope this sheds some light on some of the questions you’ve all been asking, just know we also want to take a second to thank you all for your patience during this stage of development. We are working to the best of our ability to bring you the best that DNL can be! Happy Hunting Adventurers!
  6. Hello Adventurers, As you all know, The new DLC Shard of Faith was released yesterday, and as with any major content drop there are unforeseen issues that need to be reported, documented, and fixed. As a reminder, we are still in early access and there is improvement to be made. Some of the issues are already known and being worked on however, Let us know in the comments if you have any suggestions, feedback or bugs to report. Just know we are working to the best of our ability to hopefully get all these issues resolved so you can enjoy the best DNL experience we can bring!
  7. Gaia was corrupted and torn apart by the darkness. Ganareth, the Gods’ land, has long been shattered; Shadow shrounds the universe, jeopardizing Gaia and Archos. Now it is time we unite and stop the fight among ourselves. Following the United Army, we travel to the corrupted Ganareth’s Shard through the ancient portal….. Shard of Faith is the first expansion to Dark and Light. Players will join the expedition force traversing to Gaia, the mother planet corrupted by darkness, and to Ganareth, the land where Gods used to lived in. Splendor was no longer visible as the entire land was cast into the magical universe. Cities are shattered in ruins. Yet we are still able to hear the Gods' word of encouragement, inspiring us to find the ancient altars, find their believers, and with the help of new races, defend the encroaching dark force. We’ve been dedicated to the perfection of our game during EA, fixing bugs, optimizing performance, iterating art assets and engines. At the same time, we are hoping to present more about Dark and Light to our adventurers, a larger universe that once lived in grandeur. That is why we bring Shard of Faith out, a part of Dark and Light that not only has the storyline and a brand new map, but also revamp and optimization in art and codes. These optimization is expected to be implemented into all the maps in full release. Servers Maintenance and New Servers We will be closing servers for maintenance at 12 am PDT on 10.9. It will take longer time for the maintenance to complete. We estimate it to be finished around 10 am PDT on 10.9. We sincerely invite our adventurers to select Shard of Faith when you are selecting a server to join, to try the new servers and experience the new DLC. Free Access to DLC Pre-existing DnL players will gain access to Shard of Faith for free. New players will have access to both The Sacred Path and Shard of Faith once they purchase DnL. The below map selection screen is where you can choose which world you would like to play. We recommend players to try Shard of Faith as it will bring you entirely new gameplay experience. New Map Shard of Faith features a delicate new map, with the same size of the vanilla map. The DLC map is divided into five larger areas, the Red Forest, the Acrid Swamp, the Howling Sands, the Anyltheas’ Hollow, and the Broken Spine, each of which has its own terrain characteristics and distinctive biome. Players will start from the four outposts, travelling to the four race camps, their temples, and dozens of dungeons that pose great challenge to your skills. A Journey to Meet the Four Races A DLC-exclusive Knowledge, Faith, will be unlockable in the DLC map. Satyr Faith, Saurianian Faith, Gorgon Faith and Necromancer Faith. Travel to their camps and temples to learn about their lores, complete race quests to unlock new craftable items and recipes. Incarnation Incarnation is the highlighted feature in DLC. It is different from shapeshift magic. Once you establish your rapport with the four races, you will be granted the ability to incarnate into race heroes. There is no time duration to your incarnation. Incarnated characters will have greater increase in stats, access to exclusive weapons, and wearable equipment. What is more special is that each incarnation will have its special abilities and skills. Two incarnations will be available at the moment: - Gorgon incarnation, with her climbing ability and swift swimming ability. Once you unlock your incarnation stone to higher tiers, you will have access to her Poisonous Mist and Petrifying Gaze. Mobility, plus venomous bow and arrows are the keys to your combat with enemies. - Satry Incarnation, with his great leap ability and thunder-wind wielding ability. Once you unlock your incarnation stone to higher tiers, you will have access to Aerial Thrust, and Platform Creation. You will quickly penetrate the enemy formation and use your agile thrust to damage them. When equipped with their exclusive mythical artifacts, incarnations will be given greater might. We will have more incarnations to come. Magical Circle and Magical Taming Different from the conventional taming, Magical Taming requires more delicate operations, better fighting skills and more coordinated cooperation as a team to achieve the goal. It is a more efficient taming system, that will even allow you to tame the new mythical creatures. New creatures 16 new creatures will join Shard of Faith. They lived in various biome in the DLC map, Owl from the shrub; Scarab from ores; Kasha, the hidden hunter in the Red Forest; Bufo, the swallower in the Swamp, Dharkhu, the climber and poison wielder in the Sand. Each creature has its unique feature and gameplay. Explore the map and tame’em all! Elite and Boss Challenge Each creature will have its elite version and Boss version. You will need to locate their hideouts and altars through which you can summon them. Craft the mythical artifact you unlock in the Faith Knowledge to learn about the weaknesses of these elites and Bosses. You will find it easier to defeat them and be rewarded greatly. New Items, New Resource, New Spells, New Facility Dozens of new items are available in DLC. Runes that change you into a tree to hide yourself from pursuing enemies; Dark Wraith and Dark Fallen summoning staffhead to help you crush your enemies; powerful weather magic to summon acid rain and poisonous mist that can turn structures into vulnerability. Quest System Revamp Access the Quest screen to initiate the quest tracking, so that you can complete them to claim your quest rewards. Voiceover is added to accompany the Quest system. We revamp the quest system to guide new players in familiarizing themselves with DnL, but for sandbox players, you are more than welcome to selectively finish the quest and enjoy the game to your own liking. Knowledge System Revamp All your gameplay behavior will now grant you Knowledge experience, which will accumulate to activate your Knowledge Node and unlock new craftable recipes. You don’t have to choose which Knowledge Node you want to unlock. Any players can ultimately unlock all recipes. Access the Knowledge system to learn what recipes each Knowledge Node unlocks. Balancing • Structure health is adjusted: Manor structures health will follow those designated in Chaos servers, while Iron, Stone, Wood, and Straw structures will have lower health, making them more vulnerable to demolition. • Adjust the crafting material requirement for all structures: foundations and pillars are more expensive now, while doors, walls, and decor pieces are less costly. • Adjust weapon damage and crafting cost. Consumables are now cheaper. • Reduce the cost of craftable magic. Repairing magic-related items will only cost you universal resource, • Reduce the cost for crafting Refined Square Cast, Refined Obsidian Block, and Chaos Essence. Performance and Optimization • Upgraded graphic engine with better graphic effect. • Optimize lighting, shadows, materials, character skin so that they look more real and natural in lighting. • Greatly reduce the game loading time. • Optimize game performance for better framerate. • Fix various lagging issues. • Fix various black screen issues. • Fix the rubber-banding issue with harvesting and attacking especially in higher framerate. • Optimize the performance cost for the map. PVP related - Limit for Allowed Structure per Zone DLC is divided into several areas, each of which has its distinctive resource and terrain, hence we predetermine a number limit for allowable structure pieces in each zone. Death no longer Dropping all your Inventory Once DLC is released, all types of player death will no longer drop equipment and crafted material. Q: What will be in the drop list, and what is excluded? A: Harvested raw material will be in the drop list, but you can still locate your corpse to collect them. In the inventory, item TIPs will have specific TAG to mark those items that are in the death drop list. Q: Is this exclusive in Shard of Faith? A: It also applies in The Sacred Path. Q: I am a dedicated server hoster. Will I be given the freedom to configure PVP death drop? A: We added PVE not dropping inventory in server setting. You are welcome to check or uncheck this option while you are hosting. Q: Does death not dropping inventory mean my equipment and items are absolutely safe? A: Please note that death not dropping inventory doesn’t mean that your equipment and items are absolutely safe. Please keep them in safe locations especially when you are offline. Q: Is there penalty for death? A: Once PVE death not dropping is implemented in the server, player stats will be halved after they respawn from death. Please use consumables accordingly to quickly recover your stats. At the same time, all your equipment and items with durability will suffer from 10% loss. However, we have bonfire set up in the United Army campsites, giving you an Buff to help restore your equipment durability. Others • Modify the attack and running animation for some weapons. • Flying is going to be restricted in Shard of Faith, as we ban some flying items that are often used in vanilla. To compensate for that, we provided a lot of supplemental items in Shard of Faith. Our Thankfulness • We would like to extend our appreciation to DnL adventurers who participate in our DLC closed test. Your feedback will be valuable to us in making Shard of Faith, and Dark and Light a better game. We hope you will enjoy Shard of Faith. If you notice any bugs or if you have any suggestion, please contact us. Thank you!
  8. Hey Adventurers! I hope you are all having a great weekend! Since we are doing the DLC playtests this weekend, we are going to extend the movie poster event until October 8th as the last day to submit your entries and we will do the Community vote October 9th - 11th and announce the winner on October 12th! Good luck everyone!
  9. Stormborn

    Hurricane Florence

    I've confirmed with the dev team the timers should be normal and as they should
  10. Stormborn

    Movie Poster Community Event!

    Greetings Adventurers! With the Shard of Faith coming out soon, we thought it’d be the perfect time to reminisce on the very start of Dark and Light. We’ve all had different experiences while forging our path in Archos, and we think that now is the best time to share those experiences with one another. To bond over not only the the fortunes, but also the misfortunes, that we’ve had. Summary For this community event, we’d like players to create a movie poster based off the most memorable experience they’ve had from their time spent in Archos. Players may post a screenshot, edited or raw, that best depict their story and what their movie would be about. Whether it was the first time a whimsical Goblin came around and stole your entire inventory, or when you squared off against Bel’Xahl, we want to know about it! The Details -The Shard of Faith Movie Poster Event will run from today, September 27th until October 8th. -The Community Team will choose their favorite three posters. Those selected will get a key to give to a friend so they can experience Dark and Light and the upcoming DLC together. -All of the posts will also be organized and placed on Steam and our Official Forums. -On the October 9th to the 11th we will have a community vote. You can vote either through Facebook, Twitter, or the Official forums. For Facebook, simply like the posted picture you think is best. For Twitter, we will be counting retweets as votes for the most popular. And finally, on our Official Forums we ask that you post the corresponding number for the picture you think is best. The winner of this vote will receive a 25$ amazon gift card. We will announce winners on Friday October 12th! All submissions are to be sent to We can’t wait to experience everyone's fondest memory from Archos. We’d like to thank everyone again for being part of Dark and Light’s growth over the past year. We can’t wait to show you everything that we’ve been working on in the Shard of Faith and the new tales to come. Movie Poster Event example Below:
  11. Yes! Stayed tuned for something fun in the near future!
  12. Stormborn

    Hurricane Florence

    What server are you on?
  13. Hey Adventurers! We have been making a lot of changes recently and we understand that it leaves a lot of questions about the future of Dark and Light and the new direction. Most importantly, where is the Shard of Faith DLC? We haven’t been able to share as many details about the DLC as we would like to, including the release date but when it was originally announced, we were planning on releasing the DLC in Summer of 2018. Unfortunately it looks like we will have to delay the release for just a little bit longer. Hang tight, and as we get more details we will keep you posted! We want to assure you the game is in good hands and there is a lot of great things to look forward to for the future of Dark and Light! Just know we appreciate your patience, and in the meantime here is another sneak peak of what to look forward to with Shard of Faith. Check it out! Visit the Shard of Faith DLC page here: here. If you haven’t yet, be sure to check us out on social media so you will not miss the next big announcements! Facebook, and follow us on Twitter Again, we do want to thank you all for your patience with these changes. Feel free to ask any questions you have and let us know what you think of the screenshots! Until next time!
  14. Stormborn

    Building 101

    Hey everyone! Thank you so much for bringing any and all feedback to our attention. I know we made some recent changes and I want to reassure everyone that we are looking into these issues and to feel free to also let us know more in the future!
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    How bad is your addiction?

    Wait..Dark and Light is NOT real life? 😛