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  1. The developers have not changed anything or even attempt to fix same recurring issue of Local host single player. Multiple duplication of monsters making the slow and unplayable. Look at the screen shoot attached at least 20 Mythical stack on top of each other. This is just one example, go to the Centaur Temple 100's of Ice Elemental tack on top of each other. I cant enter The Valley without computer freeze. You have to slowly walk and kill all animal console command to enter this area. This issue has been going on for over a year now and the developers have done nothing about it, they just imported it into the new DLC. I do not know why I play this shitty game if the developer and not even going to bother.
  2. AzazelReborn

    Fire Cave

    Hi, Any update on this, its been awhile since I got a response?
  3. AzazelReborn

    Fire Cave

    In this picture there is over 200 elemental stuck on top of each other and the Meteorite in the middle of them, the game lags and after while crashes.
  4. AzazelReborn

    Fire Cave

    I am playing a single player localhost. I went into the fire cave to find hundreds of Fire Elementals. This issue is the same issue when meteor drop and hundred of wraith and undeads comes out of it. This game becomes unplayable and externally lags. This issue has been going on for months. I want to know when this will be fixed. I have included picture to show you that this is now unplayable. Please fix this issue, I really would like to play this game but with this issue its unplayable without using admin command. Also if I use admin command I will not be able to do the cave as all enemy will die to clear the lag.
  5. AzazelReborn

    Three Altars

    Is there way for me to know when these events is going to happen, because you know taming a Windrider or just waiting for a Nidhogg to transform will take serveral hours and I will need to be within render range for this to happen. If an even happens randomly as I am waiting for a transformation the will ruin the whole process and the tame will probably die. I have created an I taming structure. Whiles I was build a structure an even happened randomly. These dark creatures can damage iron structure I had to fly away to stop them from destroying the structure by luring them away. I will not be able to lure them away whiles waiting for a Nidhogg to transform. So my question is there a way to predict when it happens so I can tame right after the event?
  6. AzazelReborn

    Three Altars

    Hi, I just joined a private server and I have noticed that all three altars are activated at some random times whiles playing the game. Is this supposed to happen, I am planning on taming a Windrider but I am not sure now since the random events are happening. Can an someone please explain the purpose of this? Regards, AzazelReborn
  7. AzazelReborn


    Is that the only work around? Yes the console command does work but I shouldn't have to type destroywilddinos every five minutes now should I? Will there be a fix for this?
  8. AzazelReborn


    I have the same problem. I play single player and now have hundreds of wraiths, skeleton, elementals and dark fallens at every meteorite drop site. The game is unplayable if your not flying because they will just kill you in the mass as you enter that area. Without console command to kill all wild dino I wouldn't be able to play this game. I have to type that command every five minutes. Please let us know when this bug is fixed as its a massive issue on single player mode.