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  1. Still bugged. Big time.
  2. My character name on my inventory screen (over the picture of your toon) reads as “Primal Character.” Instead of my real character name like it used to.
  3. DHew

    Forums Sign up not working

    There are all kinds of problems with these forums, so it’s not surprising nor is it his fault. They know about the issues here and hopefully they are fixed. It’s to the point now where some sub forums I can’t even type in because it never lets me log in.
  4. Anyone else having trouble using recall to get out? Today I ran around the entire room for 20 mins trying to recall. The animation of the spell would happen but I couldn’t recall. Min the past, I’ve noticed ed that sometimes I can’t recall out but never a long term issue. It’s bizarre.
  5. I haven’t seen one spawn on DnL: Resurrection in two weeks. I’ve seen a total of two spawn in the last month. How are these spawned in? Are there specific place holders? Are they really supposed to be this rare?
  6. DHew

    rune of Harmony

    It is an aoe rune of health 1. Complete wast of 12 rune of health 2’s.
  7. DHew

    Dark and Light 5/9 Update - Patch Notes

    With about every other patch, things that damage manor are labeled as a “bug fix” and no longer damage manor. I’m not complaining, but I am interested in why the devs make manor more and more difficult to destroy. What’s their angle?
  8. Lots of people posting that the forward and backward goggles aren’t working for joysticks after the last patch.
  9. See title. Since the latest patch we cannot name our tames.
  10. Lots of new players this weekend. Two twitch streamers. Player capacity increase incoming.
  11. The playerbase is solid on the server, we need moar though! Join us.