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  1. A week ago me and members of my guild posted in this forums that some players where hacking , ddos the servers and cheating in general / We were fighting them and looting them . And so they also complained about us , even if we did nothing those players mostly got a 3 days ban . A week now i can not enter any official server ? is this a ban and if it is for what ? having a hummer from there loot ? i got a ban , if so how long ? i cant play in my guild official server for over a week for what ? i never got a reason or a time-frame or just be told about a ban ! I am banned permanently ? few weeks For having there loot but they get a few 3 days banns for making the items and using them against us plus ddos EU1 , 5 PLUS SOME others ? AND NO ONE WILL TELL ME ANYTHING ABOUT IF I AM BANNED OR HOW LONG ? do i need make a ticket to learn ? whas it a deal they make with the ddos people that they will also banne there opponents ? is it bannable to be on the same servers and getting be attack by people that cheat then looting them bannable ? why will no one from snail send me a email or a note about what hapen to my character ? for ovger a week i can enter any oficial server .
  2. Hes so bad of a player that he cant play 5 min without the server cursing or is it hes temper i wonder
  3. A refund is not a goal . I just want snail to make the game playable . I will miss the people i meet at the game it was hard finding the team players i had in the guild and alliance . Some off the oldest players in the game in EU 1 ,5 are left but i do hope for the future even if more are making there plans to move . A break is probably what i may do if it is not fixed . Still a develper has promise a anunsment in steam i hope it is more than a ban , a security , exploit fix will be nice . Yes plus a bit more balancing the tamming speeds but also the placement of some items like the goblin baristas that are currently not playable . A balance that the skullcrucker is the only usfull item to break doors and no siege is usfull even for straw , wood until then . Not to mention the inefectivness of spell for pvp other than the firestorms . Still this is the begining of the game and there will be patches hopefully but the non security of ddos , speed hacks is what makes the game unplayable and is needing a fast fix .
  4. We moved from the EU KNIGHT 5 TO the EU knight 1 and the hackers followed and bullying us
  5. Meteoritis

    EU Knight 5 DDoS Attack

    Most of the players are moveing from EU KNIGHT 5 TO EU KNIGHT 1 and now the hackers seems to following us around as they kill the servers bulling us and shunting the servers at will . EU Knight 3 seems to have similar issues
  7. You should try the EU-KNIGHT 1 , EU-KNIGHT 3 , EU-KNIGHT 5 Where the game is constantly under Exploits by players like pass from walls and the servers are constantly down from DDOS or lagging due to players using speed / teleportation illegal programs . Where you playing Missay83 ? chaos ? you should try the chaos in those servers . Allavez i got a multiplayer game to play with hundred of people in a consistent server not a single player not a co-op game . In a server that has official rules and does not go down . Do you know the pain of losing hours of game or even a week of it by the server going down / resetting after a ddos as you where moving your soulbount pets to a new location after a house merge ? OR resetting to a point you have your seal down or doors open and only the ddos player is in game as h knows when he stop the ddos to loot evrything / destroy all ? or the opponent destroy all the guilds in a server by exploits / ddos then after they move fron EU-Knight-5 to EU-knight-1 follow there as he have no more opponents in 5 ??? More than 40 people are vhating in cheat of quiting the game in discoed alliance chat , i may follow . I admit that i may have made some nasty comments to global to the person responsible and i almost never do in any situation . But while i may not be a OP player i hate cheaters in multiplayer games just take a look at topic in steam
  8. Meteoritis

    Hackers also on US Knight 3 IS this game a multiplayer or a single player game ?
  9. look there newest hacks of those cheaters at EU-KNIGHT-5 They got inside 3 layers of iron in minutes and i couldn't even cast my equip spell to them , if not cheat what ?
  10. They crush the server 3 times after we confronted them in global chat and after few hours the cheat pass 3 iron walls in min get incide and some how i couldent atack them at all at with the equiped spell it was stuck 01:03 UTC/GMT +3 hours also earler they crush the server when the where losing watch video at the end they crush the server they do so often it is embarrassing or look the server crushes to any other official