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    Locked tank on screen

    On vanilla, quests still stuck and the lady telling me to hit O for quests is always on screen.
  2. lococat

    giving up ?

    Too bad the decision was made for the dlc to be pvp only, and vanilla was broken with the patch. But hey all is good.
  3. lococat

    Hurricane Florence

    Well this is from Wyrmslayer 13, about 15 minutes ago: https://steamcommunity.com/app/529180/screenshots/?p=1&browsefilter=createdbyfriends Timers are still busted here.
  4. lococat

    Mythic Creature Tames

    The mushrooms grow randomly in a large plot, but it is more economical to buy them. The stats vary between critters, one level 20 fafnir will have different stats from another. And since the evolution of the elite is random and a L8 elite nidhog could spawn a 120 fafnir, or an elite 120 nidhog a level 8 fafnir. It seems that most any level of mythical kicks dark creatures butt. for food look here ... https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1O0fTD4DzirLhZWvJVTc1sW0xsH9FZyfBspLWUWQmWj4/edit#gid=965017120
  5. Well as it was initially explained your character (and only the character no pets/items) would be able to move back and forth between The Sacred Path (tsp) and Shard of Faith (SOF). Each place would resided on its own server and there would be a portal between the realms. Now how that would translate to single player I have no clue. My guess is that since they need a clean slate for the new code everyone will have to start a new toon to participate within SOF. I don't know that restarting now buys you anything other than a fresh start. And no one is saying when the DLC will release so if you wait that could be a while too. Sorry there are no clear answers, but at least you get the dlc for free.
  6. There appears to be a maximum number of structure items allowed in a given area, and if that's for rendering and game play no problem, but to be able to plan and build I need additional information and I can't find it online anywhere. I would like to know the following: Do windows/shutters count as separate structure from the window frame. Does a railing count as one structure? Are all gates only one structure or do they count for more? Is there a way to tell if an item is considered a structure. What is the tile radius for determining whether there are to many structures in said area?
  7. lococat

    Hurricane Florence

    @Stormborn I play on Wyrmslayer 13 There is this thread at steam https://steamcommunity.com/app/529180/discussions/0/1733213724913817507/ where others indicate that auto demo was on their servers as well.
  8. lococat

    Hurricane Florence

    On the official server I play on, there appears to have been an auto demo of all structures that could be demo'd regardless of the hurricane timers not being reset.
  9. On a tame enclosure for mysticals I use stone, 5 wide, 15 long 5 high with a mixture of walls, windows, and a few doors. and stone gates at each end.
  10. It is hard to get seriously motivated for this event since there has been no decision regarding server viability. Really need to answer the question of wipe or no wipe. Not trying to rain on the parade, I just can't build something more at this point.