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      Dark and Light 4/9 Update - Patch Notes   04/10/2018

      Greetings Adventurers! On Tuesday, 4/10, a patch with our first round of bug fixes and optimizations will be released ~2AM PST. Be sure to check out all of all of the changes made to Dark and Light in the full patch notes below!
        Game Updates Optimized loading screen The loading bar will no longer be hidden when loading is stuck. We felt that optimization updates should also be included in the month of bug fixes/balance updates, and is something that we’re focused on going forward. Removed knowledge restriction on all spells and staffheads.  Adventurers no longer have to know a spell in order to use it. The only two exceptions to this rule are Telekinesis and Firestorm. Those are for Master Wizards only. Description text has been added to all harvestable resources to allow easy recognition. Optimized the visual effects for Rune of Restoration, Rune of Warmth, and Rune of Radiance. Bug Fixes Fixed a bug where Small Soul Suppression Stones were not working on Ice and Fire Imps. Fixed a bug where items placed in the three PvE experience workbenches would disappear after activation. Fixed a bug where the Qinaryss Gustclaw’s body would glitch on death. Fixed a bug where items in player customized inventory folders would disappear upon death. Fixed a issue where players were unable to dance at Bonfires. Fixed a bug where players would run into a collision issue at the entrance of Blackice Peaks cause their Adventurer to float.


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  1. Hello, we're looking for people who can help us improve the server with good looking buildings/other structures.the server used to be very populated in june-july with around 20 users being there daily, but somewhere around august 2nd it got shut down for a few days so some users left thinking it was gone forever, on august 15th its IP got changed and even more users left, not to mention that on june 4th a small server raid crew joined it and destroyed some pixel art and many unprotected buildings close to spawn by either blowing them up with tnt or setting them on fire. one of them even made a tower leading from one side of the beach to the top of the spawn, they threw TNT inside the tower and managed to destroy most of the base, the following the week was our users cleaning up the mess, leveling land and restoring the few buildings they could. most of the spawn was gone and we couldn't repair that so we lazily restored it. For More You Can Check:- Creative video agency Thanks
  2. Hello all, I'm in charge of a ~150 person network of mostly Windows users. I was wondering if there was any way for me to run a computer (Win2K, XP, or 2K3) on this network which would always be elected master browser. Currently the system is a total mess and more often than not browsing is totally down. I don't have any control over the actual workstations, so any solutions which rely upon client configurations won't do me any good.Is this even possible, or am I just SOL? Please help I didn't find the right solution from the internet. References: https://arstechnica.com/civis/viewtopic.php?t=653886 Video marketing service Thanks