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  1. willodark

    Mobile Fortress Feedback Collection

    well i have one ship done just can't use the workbench no longer nothing there to build :(
  2. well with new patches comes new work March 8th here we come :)
  3. hopefully sky workbench is in this patch for the 8th
  4. willodark

    how to call GM in offical server ?

    ahh the GM issue keeps popping up hmmm. The company has a policy on the GM for the Official Servers. Now There is a CS person you can go through. Make a post and tag the right people in it. Superbowl weekend wait until monday.
  5. willodark

    worth coming back

    its going very well on USknight2 bugs are being fixed on every big patch and yes there is still a log in check about not being login for so many days that will always be there. but if your in a active house your don't need to worry about that rule lol Tames are little bit easlier depends on the tame and elites are little bit more active then before. there has been many patches since you last play so go check them out here alot alot of work has been put in but so much more is coming in the new few months so keep and eye on things.
  6. I want to take the time and thank for all the new players yes we all play at different times but thats why we have discord :) always welcome on USKnight2
  7. willodark

    Discord Server for all DnL Players

    i'm very happy about the new people that came and join us and i will always say thank you be safe and everyone have a good superbowl weekend
  8. willodark

    Discord Server for all DnL Players

    see hello and vex and i are online right now depends on what time lol
  9. willodark

    Discord Server for all DnL Players

    more and more ppl are jumping on Discord chatting up or typing away your choice and tons of freedom and people love using the musicbot
  10. USKnight2 is starting to heat up in the pass few days i want to take the time to thank you too all that has joined us and making USKnight2 a good place to call home.
  11. willodark

    Discord Server for all DnL Players

    new players are popping in left to right and having a blast loving it
  12. more and more players are coming on USKnight2 and discord is heating up if you are sick of trying so hard and working to death jump online, want active discord please you are all more then welcome to come over and give us a chance we will help out and it doesn't matter which race you are ok mostly Elf and Human on usknight2 and we are very welcoming
  13. more and more new and old players each day come over to USKnight2 is very welcoming :)
  14. willodark

    Discord Server for all DnL Players

    Discord is getting very active thank you for all that join and many more to come :)