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  1. At the last 2 month I transformed 6 elite nidhogs into windriders... and all of them needed exactly 6 hours, only the one after the patch needed 7 hours
  2. Unamea


    Hello and thanks for the new patch. I thaught that rune of light would has a shortened duration now, couldnt find any optimization on that... And logged out staying adventurers are all over estel. The gaps at manor walls are already there (screenshot). With every patch my illusions on structure brake - take a look at the screenshots before patch and after patch before patch: after patch: before patch: after patch: before patch: after patch:
  3. I thought we need different loottable from mobs. Its not very interesting to hunt when you get the same drops all the time. Especially the loottable from elite is boring. Also I thought we need a different offer from vendor and different purchase of them. And its not very funny that its only possible to sell to vendor at 8 o´clock in the morning, if your fast enough. That might be ok on an own server, but not an offical...
  4. Thaught about it, but no I cant. Cause it was a manor foundation with a wall to the outside with a stairway to the next floor, some full chests on it, a workbench and a magic table... Also dont wanna test what happend to the other floors if a foundation on the ground would be demolished. The other floors and the roof could only be build with a foundation at the ground... had to build foundations all over the ground to put a roof on it.
  5. The time to transform an elite nidhog to an windrider changed to 7 hours. Were 6 realtime hours of stupid waiting near an elite nidhog not enough?
  6. Well that was a very frustrating morning... Why is there no /stuck command in this game? In nearly every other game I played theres a command to unstuck...
  7. Hello, relogged today, logged in and stuck into manor foundation. (EU-Wyrmslayer 1). Every login the same :( Cant do anything. Rune of recall dont work... Triggered death.... cant loot my corps, and also cant drag it.... all ledgendary stuff gone :(((
  8. Hello, I think a blackboard would be nice where we could look at wich part of the house/manor need to be repaired and a function to give the order to repair these parts. At a big manor you´ll need a lot of time to repair one part after the other. Also I think its disturbing to see these informations on each part of the manor, a repair all button would be very nice :)
  9. Unamea

    Dark and Light 3/12 - Patch Notes

    Also the human manor gate frame have gaps
  10. Unamea

    Dark and Light 3/12 - Patch Notes

    And all tamed cratures won´t eat from feeding troughs anymore. The feeding troughs are full of meat and they were all near death. Had to put feed in all theyre inventorys... Tryed a new feeding trough, same there (at both: wood and stone). Also all my wall-paintings are gone with the patch and also all the walls I "painted" with a illusion spell from the illusion stuff head disappeared with each patch.
  11. Unamea

    Dark and Light 3/12 - Patch Notes

    On EU-Wyrmslayer 1 the same. The great elven manor gate frame have gaps
  12. Hi, first I wanna thank you for the bug fixes :) But since the last patch I found some new bugs. The windrinders have twitches while staying around. And the eyes of the ice elements hover next to them. Pegasi still walk sideways. And today logged in dead at my manor, lost all my stuff, althrough I logged out yesterday evening inside the manor. House news says all house member (who logged in yesterday evening) died without any reason... The nature´s blessing stuff head breaks after first using... thinks its much to expensive to use it Also the character need to eat continuously. Today I also got grafic bugs in manor:
  13. Unamea

    My varius bug list

    Thanks for your reply Not mine. They wont use theyre mana to watering the plots. Just do nothing :( Not the "old" tames and also not the new "tames". Tamed one yesterday - same... dont do anything the should. Wont make screenshots of all the bugged places. It seems all elven buildings in the city and outside are affected. Confirm that. My treants dont do anything. Just like the water elements. the problem is: if I set the unicorn or pegasus on "wander" I need to be nearby, if I dont the tames would stuck into structure, as I reported... so thats not really an option :(