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  1. Yovanna

    Goblin Suggestion

    if an animal/goblin/whatever is killed, his corpse stays to loot. if the corpse is eaten or otherwise destroyed, there is a brown bag left behind. but i agree, dead goblins are hard to find in the grass and bags sometimes spawn in trees or bushes hard to see as well. my suggestion: if player owned items are in a corpse or bag, give the bag extra time to decay and maybe even give it the red light your own corpse gets.
  2. Yovanna

    Skeleton Drops

    i think thats the point. you have to level your skills as well to craft what you want. most are extremly easy to level, just punch yourself through the wheat field. at the moment where you can fight off skeletons easyly you should be high enough anyway to craft those things, unless you are in a house and use high level mounts. if this is the case, ask you housemates to craft for you. since you can unlock every single schematics i think its no use to introduce blueprints for items which have no quality. you will end up like in ark when every second blueprint you find is a useless one like a compass or structure parts. i prefer to find useful things from skeletons...
  3. hello there, im playing PvE and dont like PvP, so i dont know how its on PvP... but on the official server i play there are several places near towns where you cant build anything cause there are enemy structures nearby. but you cant see them. my guess is, that there are foundations below the ground which cannot be targeted and therefore not demolished. Since you cant damage them on PvE with anything and wild creatures dont target them as well (and they have like 400-800k hp) it would be waste of time even IF you could damage them. And then there are PIPES. PIPES everywhere cause people didnt build near water, no they build where they like and then notice, dam i need water so they build a pipe to the next water source. And on my server (and i guess on others as well) those are ridiculous distances. On top of it, you cant even demolish them without going nuts cause they are so high you need to fly up there, dismount your bird, hope you dont fall to your death and then target the pipe and demolish it. and then again for the next one. i tryed, takes about a minute for each pipe. i would need HOURS to demolish some of the pipes nearby. they are just plain UGLY and large so, here is my suggestion: on Server reboot when the server loads all the objects from the save file, just skip those objects who are more than 100 days demolishable. if someone doesnt come back after 100 days he probably never will. and his base is demolished and looted anyways. so please, remove the items we cannot remove. PLEASE
  4. i know this is early access and values have to be adjusted... but why has my infernus now only 3200 weight? it had 4000 just a few hours ago and i see no patch notes about that. well, i see no patch notes for almost 2 months now and noone knows anything... please folks, community comes from communication (i guess) and you lack a lot of it. it doesnt matter how much work you put into a DLC if noone is left to play it...
  5. For a few days now i own an Infernus Dragon, level 112. As much as i enjoy this mount, there are 2 things that bug me. First, the flying animtion. The Dragon doesnt fly like the majestic creature he is, he flaps its wings like a baby bird desperately trying to stay airborne. This animation needs some love. Slower flapping wings with more "power" in each flap, maybe more gliding, not like flap-flap-flap, more like flap-glide-glide-flap. Secondly, the dragon is to large on the ground. Im building a room for him and he barely fits in a 9x13 foundation room. When hes grounded he should fold his wings like the gryphon does. this would save at least 3-4 foundations on the left-right dimension. additionly his overall size semms to large. hes 2-3 times larger than then next smaler creature, most because of its tail. i think it would be good to make him just a bit larger then the frost dragon or windrider. i would guess a 20% reduction in size would be ok. Thanks for your time. Y.
  6. well to be honest i woudnt care to make that many bottles if they would stack. i have enough material in 10 minutes to make 1k bottles. but each bottle uses up 1 inventory slot. so its a horror to store or make them. i use a pet atm to store bottles (btw, i would be golden if empty bottles in a water elemental would be auto-filled) cause you can only store 150 in a large chest. The magic workbench only has 60 slots so if you put ingredients into it you can only make about 40 each time and then transfer them. constant work if you run several benches... thats my true dislike about water bottles. if i could make 1k bottles in one go it would only be a fraction of the grind. so here is my idea: let the EMPTY bottles stack to 100. if you right-klick them while standing in water you get a single unstackable filled bottle. i woudnt care if those get used up. empty bottles have no other use than filling them up, so you woudnt gain anything by stacking them, pure QOL fix.
  7. Yovanna

    Re too many wraiths

    yes, i have seen that too. yesterday there were about 15? (hard to count) wraiths below the bridge to the human city. where the entrance to the dungeon is. saw no meteor around.
  8. Yovanna

    item filters request?

    i would be happy if i could sort things alphabetical and type wise. and it should save that setting so i dont have to sort the inventory all the time. cheers.
  9. Thank you, cant ask for more.
  10. Hi there, i was wondering why all the basic resorces, stone, ore, twine, sulfur and all the powders/dusts stack to 200 but wood stacks only to 100? is there any logical reason? with a stack of 200 fires would burn twice as long, smelting more stuff, cook more meat. then, why dont normal structures ceilings snap to manor walls? since there are no manor stairs i would be much more pretty (and cheaper) to build normal ceilings inside the manor structure and use normal stairs/ramps. as it is now, you have to build EVERYTHING twice as wide and that doesnt look good. Thanks for your time
  11. Yovanna

    What can destroy summoning pools?

    its the same problem in PvE. Summoning pools dont have a destruction timer. if they dont have foundations under them they are permanent buildings at the moment.
  12. Yovanna

    Dark and Light 6/8 Update - Patch Notes

    There is a bug in the current patch: if you have 90 meat in mount, have 90 meat in own inventory and you put meat with "A" into mount, mount has 100 meat, rest is gone. same with all other stuff with incomplete stacks. pls fix !
  13. Hello there, on the official PvE Server i play i found a nice place to build and the building allready standing there was long abandoned so i demolished it. but i still cant build there cause of 2 things: 1. there are mounts of the former owner around who have about 680 days to claim. so i cant build there cause items are obstructed. how fix? 2. i cant place any foundation there cause it says "too close to enemy foundation" but i cant see anything around. my guess: somewhere is a foundation below the grass which cant be targeted from above. there are also no trees or rocks respawning. so there has to be something under the floor somewhere. any idea to destroy it? if there is no way to solve those 2 things as the game works now, is it possible to get the following game fixes: if structures are abandoned for longer than 60 or maybe 90 days, they get autodestructed (also would remove those pesty waterpipes). also reduce claim/destruction timers on mounts to 30 days (mannor timer) so we can claim/remove them. Thanks for reading and hopefully fixing Y
  14. easy to dismount a gryphon. just jump over its head.