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  1. yes, i have seen that too. yesterday there were about 15? (hard to count) wraiths below the bridge to the human city. where the entrance to the dungeon is. saw no meteor around.
  2. Yovanna

    item filters request?

    i would be happy if i could sort things alphabetical and type wise. and it should save that setting so i dont have to sort the inventory all the time. cheers.
  3. Thank you, cant ask for more.
  4. Hi there, i was wondering why all the basic resorces, stone, ore, twine, sulfur and all the powders/dusts stack to 200 but wood stacks only to 100? is there any logical reason? with a stack of 200 fires would burn twice as long, smelting more stuff, cook more meat. then, why dont normal structures ceilings snap to manor walls? since there are no manor stairs i would be much more pretty (and cheaper) to build normal ceilings inside the manor structure and use normal stairs/ramps. as it is now, you have to build EVERYTHING twice as wide and that doesnt look good. Thanks for your time
  5. Yovanna

    What can destroy summoning pools?

    its the same problem in PvE. Summoning pools dont have a destruction timer. if they dont have foundations under them they are permanent buildings at the moment.
  6. Yovanna

    Dark and Light 6/8 Update - Patch Notes

    There is a bug in the current patch: if you have 90 meat in mount, have 90 meat in own inventory and you put meat with "A" into mount, mount has 100 meat, rest is gone. same with all other stuff with incomplete stacks. pls fix !
  7. Hello there, on the official PvE Server i play i found a nice place to build and the building allready standing there was long abandoned so i demolished it. but i still cant build there cause of 2 things: 1. there are mounts of the former owner around who have about 680 days to claim. so i cant build there cause items are obstructed. how fix? 2. i cant place any foundation there cause it says "too close to enemy foundation" but i cant see anything around. my guess: somewhere is a foundation below the grass which cant be targeted from above. there are also no trees or rocks respawning. so there has to be something under the floor somewhere. any idea to destroy it? if there is no way to solve those 2 things as the game works now, is it possible to get the following game fixes: if structures are abandoned for longer than 60 or maybe 90 days, they get autodestructed (also would remove those pesty waterpipes). also reduce claim/destruction timers on mounts to 30 days (mannor timer) so we can claim/remove them. Thanks for reading and hopefully fixing Y
  8. easy to dismount a gryphon. just jump over its head.
  9. Hello, im back into the game for 2 weeks now, not excessive playing, just 2-3 hours a day. i build a new base and did some taming and such... survivors work i guess. A lot things work fine, i have no lags, no mayor erros. but a few things bug me a lot. 1. Feeding trough. Stone one. has range of 2-3 foundations. WTF? i have just 7 mounts and cant get all of them into the troughs range. Im a long time ark player and we had a 24x24x12 eggfarm with around 200 dinos in it. we needed only 2 (TWO) feeding troughs to cover the whole building... i mean, come on, 3 foundations??? how about 5-10? as it is now its not much more complicated to give the mount its food directly and forget about troughts. 2. Fertilizer. LOL. i only have 4 (FOUR) plots and im close to destroy them all out of frustration. i need almost 30 minutes each day ! just to keep them running. why do they eat fertilizer that crazy? in real life i put fertilizer 2 times a YEAR into my plants and they are happy (i guess). why would plants die when they have no fertilizer for a few minutes? dam, some bio farmers dont use fertilizer at all and they still grow plants. its just slower. my suggestion: remove small and medium fertilizers, make large ones the only fertilizers with the recipe of the medium fertilizer. make crop plots use 1 fertilizer a day. this is still a lot of fertilizer compared to real life. maybe make the use of fertilizers increase when the plant still grows. 3. water bottles. another crazy time sink. noone likes this mechanic. 2 suggestions: make the water bottle not disapear if the water is used. basicly invent returnable bottles. second suggestion: if a water spout is near a magic workbench or other production items (like with crop plots) no water bottles are needed. irrigated workbench or cooking pot basicly. 4. mount agression setting. They dont work. i lost 2 birds set on docile who did fly into my 2handed rightklick. if i set a mount on passive/docile it has to stay fucking where it is. especially a flying mount. there is no reason why they try to fight. if you kill something with a horse and spear, and dismount right after the kill, the horse will run around for a few seconds like a headless chicken for no reason at all. the enemy is dead. please have a look into this. 5. the tasks. why are the tasks not finished? it would be a days work to fix them. most of them even work, they get completed but the list doesnt show what you have to do to complete them. pleasy fix this as well. aslo some task dont complete even though they are explained correctly. like "reaching a faction title", but there are a lot more. 6. i live near estel and thank you putting the armor vendor back into the city. but something is still wrong. the armor vendor has the same money donated as the weaponsmith but sells only crap as if no gold is invested. aslo in estel, if you run around the huge tower in the royal district walls pop in and out depending on the angle you look at them. if i come down the goat path from the stables the rear walls are missing alltogether. 7. what benefits does it bring to be the lord of your city? i am but i cant sit on the throne and cant change any settings. not important. but a nice feature that could use some love. 8. the water spouts are tooooo loud. every time im in my base i have the feeling i need to go pee. really, you hear them 10 foundations away. pleasy lower the volume. Thanks for your time.
  10. As i was cooking meat it came to my mind, why does rare and uncommon wood burn as long as normal wood? why does uncommon and rare stone give the same amount of sand when grinding? so why dont we give uncommon and rare resources some extra kick? lets say uncommon wood burns twice as long as normal wood. rare wood burns 10 times longer uncommon rocks give 2 quarz sand and rare givees 10 uncommon grass gives 2 hay and rare givers 10 you get the idea i guess... cause i really think we need better fuel than wood. if there is any, sorry, i missed it.
  11. Yovanna

    Major Disadvantages in Estel

    Well, i thank for your answers, but with the resources, you didnt get the point. in the human area there are copper nodes INSIDE the city where guards patrol. they are almost riskless to reach and give your around 200 copper ore. together with the forge in the city you can farm yourself copper armor without any danger. im very well aware about the resources around estel. most of them are untouched cause of the rock elemeltals and griffons there. those elementals are an unbeatable enemy if your low level (well, besides using the environment to get them stuck and shoot them to death with 100 arrows or more) ive even seens those elementals reach estel itself through that goat path fighing cityguards. scary as hell as a level 10. and if all armor vendors should be in their church, why does the human one stand in the middle of all other vendors? why are those outpost so poorly defended? or do you enjoy waiting for 3 in game days to be able to check if hes got some nice stuff to sell? or do you think a game like starcraft would have been successful at all with any of their 3 races had an advantage like this? if you want 3 races do it right or do 1 race. either have all 3 the same just with cosmetic differences or do some stone-paper-scissors research and give some FAIR disadvantages to everyone.
  12. Hello there, playing this game for some time now as an elf. If i would have know what disadvantages an elf brings, i would have played a human. First: there are no public camp fires or Forges in Estel. if you want to cook your meat as an elf, you have to build a fireplace outside the city which can be dangerous. same for copper and iron melting. second: there are no valuable resources within the city in estel. in the human city for example there a copper nodes below the bridge to the city. even a cityguard patrols there. third: Estel is a lot more scattered then the human city. in the human city all vendors are within a small area. the area in Estel is at least 5 times bigger. fourth and most anoying: there is NO armor vendor. i have read that the armor vendor has been moved to a remote location, and after a while i found the place. its quite a distance and without a flyer you would need around 5 minutes on a horse to reach him. but about 50% of the time i go there, there is no armor vendor, just a deathstalker. WHY the hell has the Estel armor vendor moved that far away while the human armor vender stands right in the middle of all other vendors?? PLEASE change that. There is even an empty house in Estel which would be great for him/her. PS: after reading some of the posts here about missing vendors it might be the problem that the armor vendor only on my server is missing? its EU-Wyrmslayer 16. can someone have look and drop a bit of love on Estel? i Just want to be an elf with the same chances the humans have :)