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  1. Natsu

    french crowdin project

    Erebus Would be good if we have contact on skype or discord !
  2. Natsu

    french crowdin project

    No sry, my plan was to get some translators from the Ark Translation to Dark and Light, because i work on that too, but now the Dark and Light Translation is Suspended atm. so i have to check out whats going on at Snail Games first. And i have to get a now Contact Person from Snail Games, but Erebus don´t write back...
  3. Natsu

    french crowdin project

    Hi there, i´m the Manager on Crowdin, it seems like that the Person who started the Project on Crowdin has left Snail Games, but i try to figure out what there Plan is for the Future of the Translations. Greetings Natsu