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    Why elite lvl goes down when transform?

    I don't know about lowering the taming and transformation time. It is an Elite, it should be hard to get. It should be rare. If conversion and taming were to happen in 1 hour then everybody would grind the stuff he needs for a week and get one. Boxing them is so, so easy and you can hold them in even with straw structures. Is something that is supposed to be rare is owned by everyone - it is not rare anymore.
  2. I don't get how this would prevent offline raids. If they know your location - they know your location and can raid you. The fact that you changed your name should have 0 effect on a person that is with no mental issues.
  3. We really need a decay timer on singular structures like this. Griefing like this is beyond stupid. On my server if a certain guild sees you farming a resource somewhere they will block the spawn with columns. They need it as well, but if you can't have it they will be happy, doesn't matter that they can't have it as well.
  4. As per the thread title, i want to give my feedback on spoiling materials in the game and touch of farming as they are connected. So, right now we have various ways of preserving many types of materials: 1. We can cook and cure meat. 2. We can then use the curing wrack to preserve for longer times 3. We can use an ice imp for even better results as well. 4. Personally i use compost bins to preserve grass. When it comes to spoiling materials we have very limited options - we can spoil grass on the camp fire. Where am i going with this... We need a better way of spoiling meat faster. Right now, the only way i can think of is splitting the 10 x 100 stacks into stacks of 1 in my inventory and waiting the spoil timer out. Not a very interesting experience. SUGGESTION: It makes sense for this process to take place in the compost bin, in my opinion. It can be the opposite of an Ice Imp - instead of preserving for longer by increasing the spoil timer it decreases the spoil timer drastically. Once the normal meat spoils the effects of the compost bin would then apply their standard rules for the Rotten meat (increasing it's spoil time). Another way is to have a recipe for creating rotten meat, which can have a small requirement for additional resource OR NOT and he recipe time would be short (similar to the Straw recipe). It can be an entirely different structure apart from the compost bin, of course, with the rules from above. This is the only off-putting aspect, at least for me - you can farm crystals easy (drain essence 2 gives a LOT, albino is just... albino), you can have 10 camp fires and have a bunch of charcoal very fast, you can go out with a Kebo or any other big guy and get 4-5k grass in a few minutes. But meat? You have to find stuff to kill, harvest it and then wait for it to spoil and mindlessly split the stacks in your inventory until it does.
  5. phdmonster

    Flying creatures

    It is easier to tame a much stronger creature like a Griffin or Nidhog even than a Wyvern and the only reason is that they are passive and run away with no way for you to catch them except exploiting a bug in the game - boxing them in a 1x1 or getting them stuck on a mountain. Boxing a Wyvern or a Griffin (even less elite monsters) shouldn't be possible at all and it is. I have done it so many times it's just funny. Griffin - a godly creature by the press text, gets boxed This shouldn't be a feature goddamnit. My entire point is the balance is a bit off. In general Wyverns are useless unless you really, really, really need speed and then again they are not THAT fast.
  6. Well, I went out with a deathstalker. He was on Stay mode and Defensive. I looted a bee hive in an attempt to "tame" it so the guardian bees came out and hit me. Deathstalker destroyed them, but immediately disappeared. My guess is that bees went under ground or in the sky (somehow) and the deathstalker is either chasing them underground or in the sky as well. Probably the first option as i didn't see any flying tigers. Didn't answer to whistles as well, so my guess is he went off radius very very fast. All in all, i got a bee hive now, but i am a level 100 Nightstalker short :-) There may be some issue with creatures going underground. To avoid such stupidity a maximum chase range can be implemented. For example, if the pet is on follow he won't chase things until the end of the world - but lets say a range within which you can whistle to bring it back. EDIT: Another thing i encountered a few days ago is the following -> I used a recall rune to go back to town WHILE mounted on my Berunda. Only i was returned to town. Later i say in the log that the Berunda got killed by a gryphon where i left it. Maybe both the rider and the mount can be teleported? EDIT: Tried it again. Second pet lost to chasing bees. While it was in range whistling didn't work as well. Bees keep flying up and the pet chases them. Ultimately getting killed by something else. There should be a maximum range for chasing things after which the pet returns to the owner automatically.
  7. Hi, I've been robbed 3 times in the last 2 days. There is not a single hole in my base and someone has been inside and taken all of my things. When can we expect for going through walls to NOT be possible?
  8. phdmonster

    Flying creatures

    Exactly. A gryphons are i think stronger creatures in general, but they are hell-a easier to tame than a wyvern. I watched a dude use entanglement and then shoot arrows, but he manages to SHOOT 4-5 arrows before the dude goes out of orbit. After the 6th attempt, the wyvern gets stuck in a mountain and the dude is able to shoot a sh*t tone of arrows to get it down. That's what i mean. He chased the same one all over the place and shot it with arrows every time it went down on the ground for a break. I don't know how to managed to get 'em down though... I know about the box thing for protection. Too bad there are pillars all over the stupid map. Yes, you know who you are (the ones that put em there).
  9. Hello everyone, So, i have been on and about for a while now exploring and experiencing the game. So after taming a few sheep, a boar, wolf and a nightstalker i decided to move to a flying creature to try my luck. Now, uhm, the Berunda is so easy to knockout it is laughable - i had a harder time with a boar. I wanted to see if i can get a Wyvern, but they are scaredy-cats and passive, so they bolt the moment you hit the first arrow. I tried a couple of times, each of them failing because this guy is so far up in the sky i would need a sniper rifle to shoot it. I've talked to a several people about that and everyone tells me "Just wait for it to get stuck somewhere"... Really? I mean, these bugs are not meant to be there. I am not sure if there are other fliers that behave the same way (run if in danger), but provided you play alone, they are impossible to get down. I'd imagine you need 10-15 (maybe even more) arrows to knock it out and unless you get the rare opportunity of exploiting a bug i don't see you shooting 15 arrows in the 2.5 seconds these guys need to go into warp drive mode. Unless of course Wyverns weren't intended to be hunted by a group of maybe 5-6 people. Then i think it's fine, BUT i think it would only be fair if they attacked like other creatures or other similar creatures run away like Wyverns. There is a bit of an inconsistency here - Berundas are chill, and that's fine. Gryphons are assholes (the air equivalent of Night Stalkers) and that's fine as well. The Wyvern is a flying sheep/bramblehopper, but equipped with intergalactic space travel gear. Even streamers and YouTubers exploit this bug in their attempts. The only viable solution that i have seen up to this moment is to polymorph them and basically build a house around them before the poly runs out and shoot them full of arrows while they are boxed. That or try your best at shooting as many arrows as you can and hope for the best. This is okay-ish, but building something under a creature shouldn't be possible IMO. I mean, you can basically apply this method to any other passive creature in the game and tame if because for some reason it just sits there and doesn't attack neither the player, nor the box you built around it. My suggestion is to make fliers stronger to give a bigger challenge to players - more constitution, damage, health etc. After all they are fliers. They give you the ability to skip all the cr*p that gave you nightmare on the ground. Honestly, i am a little puzzled by the decision to make a carnivorous dragon-like creature as passive as this.
  10. phdmonster

    Bug Reports (Weekly)

    What do i open it with? MS Word and tools from Google Drive show it is empty.
  11. phdmonster

    Bugs and new content

    I didn't write those things to shame the company or anything like that. In fact it is the opposite - i really, really enjoy the game. The detailed and complex systems they have in place - not all games have an amazing crafting system like this. My entire point is summarized in the last sentence. Fix the current build before you add new stuff because if the build is buggy, then the new stuff has a very high chance to be buggy as well because it is interacting with buggy stuff. At least that's what i would do. I do it at work - I am a python programmer. I create a bug-less base and then add features on that base and it is eassssyyy. So 25 people take care of Dark and Light, ARK and a bunch of other things? And of course not all of them are devs. Really? Holy crap, no wonder things are not lightning fast :-) Not every company can afford to have 300+ devs to work on a single project (i don't know if the number is accurate, but i imagine Blizzard for example is close). Thanks for the link, i guess i am not up to date on the spells topic, i will give it a good read and wait for the update. Aaaaanyway, i love what these guys (and they are only 25) are doing and i want people to take this as constructive criticism and ideas and not as bashing them. P.S. The game is fantastic. I realize that my initial post in Steam about the monster strength was premature. I like this forum better than Steam.
  12. phdmonster

    Firebeards #1

    What is a Chaos server?
  13. Hello devs and players! DISCLAIMER: I know that the game is in EA, which essentially means it is not even in BETA stage, yet. These are just suggestions and observations on my part. Many of the things may and probably will change in the course of development. I've seen a lot of threads for suggestions and a lot of threads for bug reports with a sh*t ton of bugs and a sh*t ton of suggestions for new content. My "suggestions": 1. Weapon and armor variate. Dyeing armors and such customization. 2.1 Not a revamp, but a major upgrade on the magic system... While i think the way it works now is fine, as some people have pointed out - having just different tier for the same spell is lacking imagination. More AOE spells, more different types of spells - fire bolt, fire breath, rain of fire etc. The possibilities are endless. Legendary class of spells that are not included in the schools, but must be found/dropped from a certain monster and require a very high level in one or more schools of magic to be used. Spells that require more than one person to be cast - like casting a meteor or thunderstorm, or opening a teleportation gate that links two places for an extended period of time. Or summoning a creature to do stuff with - tame, kill etc. More protection spells - both for the player and for bases. 2.2 There are two ways to look at the second issue i found, which is that spells are underpowered along with ranged weapons compared to melee weapons (sword, axe etc.). Either players are not using them correctly or they really are just underpowered. Correctly meaning having perfect aim and casting/shooting from max possible range. Underpowered in a sense of doing a lot less damage than a melee counterpart for on the same level. This can be solved by introducing damage bonuses from staves and giving spells a damage/healing buff. I don't really see a point in staves otherwise. They seem pretty redundant as something that has no effect but takes a main weapon slot. Maybe moving it to the offhand and introducing such spell damage/effect bonuses can inspire new types of game play other than just hacking and slashing with a sword. 3. I am not sure how exactly the company operates and how large the team of developers is for this game, i also have no idea what your time goals is and your priorities. BUT might i suggest dedicating people solely to bug fixing or focusing on clearing the bugs of current the current game build before going live with new content. This comes from the recent flying fortress release for which i've read numerous threads of crying that it doesn't work even after the hotfix. This may be an issue that is connected to other bugs that the game has and that haven't been resolved, yet. My point is. Wash your dishes before you put new food in them... That way when you have a bug free starting build you will have a merry time adding new content. Anyway, just my observations and suggestions. Drop a comment if you feel like it.