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  1. I like the idea, there are a few new players coming to the server I'm on.
  2. Talk

    Forging Command

    Does anybody know of a command that will allow you to force forge or force a leyline to have energy? I'm trying to test a bunch of things and looking for leylines is cancer even with little bases setup.
  3. Talk

    when will DLC is come out ?

    My current guess it that we will get an event for Halloween to help keep people happy until the DLC is ready. I would guess 1-3 months before the DLC drops or at least a date.
  4. With the DLC on the horizon it's a good time to bring this to the table. What kind of ideas and theories does everybody have for what race specific abilites will be? Something like the ability to camouflage or become invisible could change the PvP meta drastically.
  5. Talk

    What can destroy summoning pools?

    As godhand mentioned. I would also suggest trying other magic spells.
  6. It is useless alone. You need multiple to make it worth anything. You use it in place of refined metal alloy when forging.
  7. Talk

    Food buffs?

    Rumor is the dining table can provide random buffs. Unfortunately the only time I gain a physical icon for the buff is when I use 'Enjoy Meal' with Apples, blueberries and steak on the dining table. Extremely hard to determine what exactly this buff does. Rumor is you can gain an EXP buff using the dining table.
  8. Talk

    Force bow? other high end gear?

    ForceBow - Can be worn while riding an albino deer which has extreme jumping distance. Does much higher DMG than any other bow. At 100% ATT stat and craftable tier the forcebow does 400 ish damage. Skullcrusher - Can be worn while riding a vicious bargesh. Att speed appears similar to a 1h sword. Comparable damage to a spear but better AOE and HP pool from vicious. Searing Edge - Extremely powerful, using cheats to spawn a legendary and set ATT stat to 300% it does 6-9k with right click. 1h frostblade - pretty underwhelming, if it slows your targets then clearly better for use with a shield.