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  1. Keegan Targaryen

    The Sad future of Dark and Light

    What exactly is wrong with the map? Have you played on the Epic graphics? I play on the lower tier graphics because my computer doesn't handle the Epic setting very well. But I have a friend who plays on the Epic setting, and the map looks beautiful. Makes me jealous that I can't play on that setting. It has a little bit of lag still but not as bad as it was Summer last year. Actually don't mind the summon pool have a timer for raising a tame back from the dead, it makes things a bit on the even side of the field. Maaaybe decrease the time a bit would be nice. But it does add to the challenge of not letting your tame die. They are aware of some of the issues with farming and the treant it was addressed in the QnA What unfinished concepts exactly? Some of the stuff that has some issues will be addressed in the DLC which will have some bug fixes. Either way you did say that you hope DnL follows ARK, ARK released a DLC while still in EA. Although When ARK had its first DLC it cost players. Where DnL is giving the first DLC to all players who currently own the game for free. So not sure why you would be upset about getting a DLC for free... Further it makes sense that they would be coming out with a DLC now, because of the fact that this month last year DnL was released for EA. So it's a nice treat to celebrate it's 1 year birthday you could say. I'm excited for it, and I think it will help bring players back to the game. Since many have already shown a peak of interest and are only waiting for the DLC to be released. I honestly don't get a lot of you players that complain about lack of content then the devs deliver content and suddenly the players who wanted the content are all upset because they have new content but bugs still exist. It's like impossible to please you players. Honestly. I'm just happy to see the progress the Devs have been making with the game, and all the many things I can do with the game. I'm also glad to see the progress that has been evident sine the game first came out. The lag back in the day made it so frustrating to play, if you weren't playing the game back then, consider it a blessing, because you have no idea how difficult things were back then, and how easy it was to lose tames, die, etc. I had a bargesh spawn in my base once, and it slaughtered my tames. Which after that had happened I no longer build directly on the ground and build two pillar high off the ground so that if that bug were to ever return I don't have to fear for the life of my tames when I'm offline.
  2. Keegan Targaryen

    The Sad future of Dark and Light

    Having a hard time telling if you are being sarcastic or not... if you are, they apologized for it being late and admitted that they had no real good excuse for delaying the QnA and completely owned up to dropping the ball on it.
  3. Keegan Targaryen

    The Sad future of Dark and Light

    First of all Grammar >.< I am having a really hard time trying to understand what exactly you are trying to say here.... So I have around 960 hrs of game play but some of that "game time" isn't actual playing time, it's time where I was sitting there waiting for the game to render into the server. With that being said I won't pull the same crap that a lot of players have been doing where they like the flap their game time as being accurate game time, like some people I know who claim to have played DnL for over 1k hrs (don't make me laugh) I have been around the game life since it first came out just a year ago this month. I have seen the large progress that the devs have been making in this game. It used to be pretty impossible to play on an official server because of how laggy the game was. Just cutting down grass would lag the server. The game really has come a long way since last summer. Sure it's still got some flaws and bugs but it's not easy to make a large scale game with a small team, and be able to knock out all of the bugs over night. The content that they have been releasing is because while the game is in EA it will help them knock out the bugs, and also give the community something to do. Don't like having content? Well... I don't know what to say about that. But here's the thing. Last summer players were begging for content because they were getting bored of just grinding, so the devs did that but then the players were getting pissed that the devs were giving them content and not fixing the bugs over night.... Also in regards to the comments made about ARK this team isn't the same ones that made ARK, ARK was made by Wildcard which would later getting acquired by Snailgames. But even in the EA of ARK the game wasn't doing so hot, now it's a high selling/playing game. That is on the PC, XBOX, and Playstation. The devs are working night and day trying to appease a high demanding/unforgiving player community. So honestly they deserve some slack and respect. The way a lot of people complain up a storm on these forums and also on Steam, reminds me of the community I live in, in RL (real life) the people complain up a storm when new business comes to town, because they don't want the town grow, and yet they at the same time complain not having X things, or jobs. and that they have to travel 30mins just to get what they want to buy or to work. I've debated working on my own gaming projects but after seeing how toxic people are in the steam community, I don't know anymore if I could consider pursuing that idea. Just because I would probably just shoot the project in the head if I had to deal with a large toxic base of players. PS If you just started this year on the game and think it has flaws you know nothing since you weren't around from the very beginning PPS If you want to see this game succeed, what you really need to do is become more proactive in the community here, let the devs know what needs to be fixed, what bugs you come across, and share ideas with the devs that you think will help the game become something more than what games currently exist. PPPS Rather adding yourself to the toxic community be a pro-active community. I myself have never really been much to have a desire to jump into gaming community forums like this until this year when I started to become more proactive in DnL and wanting to see it become something more than it's previous EA state and its current EA state. Which is why I've been heavily invested in the forums and when the Devs do their QnA's because I want to see this game succeed and I enjoy watching the team get this game off the ground, plus I have mad respect for @Erebus and the other devs who work tirelessly helping players when issues are brought up, and I have seen their investment they have for their game and for the players, and its evident that they don't want to see the game fail, rather they want it to become a fun and active game for all player types.
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  5. Keegan Targaryen

    US Knight 7 Recruiting!!! Very ACTIVE Server!

    Used to be, now its dead along with your house
  6. Keegan Targaryen

    Server US Knight 11

    Server is open for all factions. We have a growing population of dwarves, and a very small population of Humans. Elves are MIA, don't have any players for them. But if you're looking for a server to join on the official side. You're welcome to join US Knight 11
  7. did what? the 2x exp? that was all across the servers, during the summer steam sales to celebrate the sales, and for the upcoming DLC
  8. Keegan Targaryen

    Dark and Light 7/5 Update - Patch Notes

    sure... I guess? They're aware of the tree issue, it was brought up in the QnA
  9. Would be great to see population return to the server, sucks that people haven't been on lately, I hop on to feed my tames and keep things rendered. But don't stay on long because people aren't hopping on to play. Please come join the server people! It's a lot of fun and worth your time to come check it out. It's a PVP server so you'll be able to plunder people, tame, and enjoy yourself!
  10. Keegan Targaryen

    Dark and Light 7/5 Update - Patch Notes

    They addressed a lot of that in the QnA that they hosted, if you didn't watch it, I recommend that you check it out. They are aware of a lot of the stuff that isn't working properly, but they also have a lot of other content that needs attention because the active community demands for a lot of attention in various different areas. Sure some stuff isn't working 100% like the shape shifting spell for Night stalkers doesn't work but it works for other species. But at the same time of stuff not being to 100% of working you also have people complaining about lag, and rendering, and people complaining about not a lot of content, and then when the devs give people content you get the same people who were bitching about not having content now crying over the fact that they have content but lag and rendering is still a problem. Literally a lot of the population in this world are a bunch of triggered babies that demand for specific things and when the Devs cater to them it's never enough because they throw a fit about something else. They're trying their best at getting everything going in a smooth path as best as they can, but the community is cut throat and doesn't want to give them time to breath and get stuff done. What people need to do, is jump on the forums let the devs know something isn't working and then go and play the game. Or they can just not play, do something else while the game moves forward to be finished. The DLC that is coming out, is going to be free for the players, give the players something to do and work with, along with that it will address a lot of issues that exist. ARK had a lot of the same troubles and a good chunk of the DnL population are players from ARK, and a lot of them were involved in the EA of ARK so they know what to expect and yet a lot of them are the same triggered players.
  11. Keegan Targaryen

    Dark and Light 6/28 Update - Shard of Faith - Environments

    creepy O_O
  12. Keegan Targaryen

    Dark and Light 7/5 Update - Patch Notes

    Just wanted to give all of the DnL staff a quick shout-out @Erebus thank you to all of the DnL staff, for the hard work and dedication y'all have been putting into the game. Really appreciate yalls work, even if some people can't see it or have some decent amount of patience. I myself enjoy the opportunity y'all have given to let us play DnL while it is being made. Thank you for putting up with a lot of the players who are quick to give yall criticism and show a lack of appreciation for all the work y'all have been doing and the progress that has been made. (Btw, it was noted in the steam comments, not sure if you saw, but the shape shifting for the Nightstalker has been broken for a while, players aren't able to collect the material needed to make the spell.)
  13. Keegan Targaryen

    Was Combat Lag fixed?

    yeah the lag isn't like it used to be, doesn't really exist anymore if at all. (been around since the game was first released)
  14. Keegan Targaryen

    Dark and Light Update 6/21 - Summer Announcements

    Hey Erebus, so I know yall said in the QnA that the new big 4 factions in the DLC have to be unlocked, and didn't really go into a lot of detail about what exactly that means. But I was wondering, if you are able to enlighten a bit more on the subject, when the factions are unlocked, does that create a 100% unlock so if I were to go to a different server, would I be able to right off the bat use one of the 4? And also when they are initially unlocked, if I want to be that faction will I need to re-roll and start over again? (Probably a yes, but figured I'd ask anyways)
  15. Keegan Targaryen


    As always, Thanks for replying back Erebus, It's great knowing that the Devs are strongly invested into their community and listening for feedback in how to improve the game and whats being done right :) Looking forward to the up coming DLC!