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  1. Keegan Targaryen

    When comes the Quiver?

    also would be neat to have a better ranger hat, IE a hood instead of some dinky hat it currently has
  2. Keegan Targaryen

    Hurricane Florence

    @Stormborn are decay timers supposed to be back on? I play on US Knight server 7 According to some of the players the decay timer is supposed to be, but it got broken when the switch got turned back on
  3. Keegan Targaryen

    Update On New Community Changes

    So when is the Lordship going to be finished/fixed? It would be great as King of the Humans, to be able to sit on my Democratically elected Iron Throne! @Erebus
  4. Keegan Targaryen

    Update On New Community Changes

    Looking forward to some T-shirts
  5. Keegan Targaryen

    when will DLC is come out ?

    Summer is kinda over.. last I heard it was still on track for the summer release, but it's kinda Fall now, leaves are changing colors which is a sign its Fall and no longer Summer
  6. Keegan Targaryen

    Dark and Light August Community Live Stream Update

    Thanks Erebus!
  7. Keegan Targaryen

    What the hell has Happened ?

    Thought they got wiped and you had to start from scratch each time 🤔
  8. Keegan Targaryen

    What the hell has Happened ?

    Doesn't the chaos servers get wiped?
  9. Keegan Targaryen

    What the hell has Happened ?

    What server was this?
  10. Keegan Targaryen

    The Sad future of Dark and Light

    Several. I started on s US Knight 11, then went to US Knight 7 and for a brief time 1 but it was rough playing on 1 because a lot of players on that server were anti s7 because a lot of them had been forced off s7 by the Alphas. Played on s7 till the Alphas killed the population. After which I played on an unofficial for a brief time. Now I'm back on 11 helping rebuild the population. Except at the moment I can't get on because I'm without internet till the 10th. (Just recently moved to a new house.) Why do you ask? @RainGnyu
  11. Keegan Targaryen

    Server Life

    I don't know so.. to get a demo flag to demo a base you need 5 votes from your house? What would you need to do to counter the demo?
  12. Keegan Targaryen

    Server Life

    that... would be interesting, I don't know how you would easily balance that, or contest the demo flag, because if its just a click of a button then that may make things difficult still because then not only will they log in to keep the decay timer at bay but also click to contest against the demo flag. Also how would you balance the abuse of the flag?
  13. Keegan Targaryen

    Server Life

    A lot of servers haven't seen much life of population in some time now. Lately all that has been going on is people logging on to have all their buildings stay render then log off. This makes life difficult because some of these buildings are near down and have been largely build up that when a new person logs on it takes a bit till the game finishes rendering all the buildings around it. The other problem is that a lot of these buildings are made out of manor, which currently nothing really exists to help take down manor in a easy timely fashion. You would have to be really dedicated to take out the manor building or just wait and hope that the person who owns it one day decides not to long on anymore to render their base and continue not logging on so that it can be manually or even decay destroyed. Frustrating especially when these players aren't playing anymore but continue to log in to keep their buildings from decaying and you may find that spot a good prospect to build but can't because the buildings are made out of higher material that you don't have the means to take out.
  14. Keegan Targaryen

    Winter still haunting

    Snail bought the game after the original devs went under, and then bought the old format of ARK to use for the format of DnL So the game has to be re-worked to meet the needs of the desired design. New format, new code, new ideas, new basically everything.
  15. Keegan Targaryen

    Winter still haunting

    I mean... the game is in EA, you will find bugs and be plagued with bugs 😕sure it would be nice to see all the bugs just go away, but that won't happen. Not for some time because the game isn't close to full launch yet. If they hadn't opened the game for players to play... than yeah maybe they would be moving along a lot faster because they wouldn't have so many people complaining but then we wouldn't see this game finished probably for another 2 or 3 years. Most games that are popular aren't started and done in one or two years. They are games that have been in development for several years before they are even announced. When a game is announced its typically been under the works for at least a year maybe two. Take the Elder scrolls series for an example (if you are a fan) when Bethesda had announced IV it was already in the development phase for two years. Same with V, once they get a game close to completion they are moving part of their team to start working on the next project. 🤔 This is why EA games aren't meant for everyone. People are never satisfied and shove their fist down the devs throats because they don't feel satisfied, while they should feel lucky to be able to play a game in EA. At least work is being done 🤷‍♂️can't people just be happy with that? They have been addressing bugs left and right, making sure things work before they are released especially after the air ship blunder. So that itself should show that they are taking things serious, just by the fact that they are making sure the content, patches, etc work and are stable before released. Find some satisfaction in this? Maybe? 🕵️‍♂️