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  1. Erebus

    2x Harvest Rate Weekend Start Date!

    Yup! Friday, 8/31 to Monday 9/3!
  2. Erebus

    2x Harvest Rate Weekend Start Date!

    Greetings Adventurers! Just posted a little info on the start date for our 2x Harvest Rate weekend! Make sure you spread the word so that everyone knows to take full advantage of it.
  3. If you can show that you have 1 million apples on an official server, I'll take off my hat for the next community stream.
  4. Make sure you keep us all posted Sheen. Maybe a picture of the framework when you have it down!
  5. Still waiting on the exact start time. As soon as I have info I'll let you know. what ideas do you have for the design of your Manor?
  6. The information about what we're going to do with the servers that are currently populated will be given when we're 100% sure about the direction we're taking. Also, there would be notice well in advance of any actions that would be taken. These decisions are something that usually don't happen before official release, which has yet to be announced. I understand we're all curious about what the future holds for Dark and Light, but lets keep this thread on topic about this weekends 2x rates.
  7. Great ideas and concepts Rain. I know that there are Adventurers that are very interested in the political systems we have in place, and would like it to be expanded upon in ways like you've explained above. I think that there could be a lot of unique interactions, like battling over soul nodes as you've suggested, that this system could bring out, and I'll be happy for take down this feedback.
  8. With the 2x harvest rate weekend coming up, I thought it would be a great time for us to all discuss how we're going to be taking advantage of it! Also, any Adventurers that have some tips or tricks for the rest of Archos should let their secrets be known here!
  9. Erebus

    Dark and Light Tweet Event

    Hey Everyone, I thought that this might interest the community.
  10. Erebus

    Inbox full after one message?

    Not yet, I'll reach out again and see if I can get some info Kaurakenraali.
  11. That is a really cool idea Yovanna, let me ask the team about only empty bottles stacking.
  12. Erebus

    August Community Live Stream VOD

    Hey Sulevia, I put down every question received on that sheet you saw me holding on the stream. If you want to PM me, we can talk in private about what you sent and what could have happened to your submission!
  13. Erebus

    New Boss Creature - Zmei

    Check out a new boss creature that wishes to challenge any Adventure that gets in its path, the Zmei!
  14. Erebus

    Dark and Light August Community Live Stream Update

    And having three different chats would also make it harder to make sure we're staying on topic and seeing all the amazing things that everyone is contributing. It's still a work in process and we'll continue to try different things until we feel its in a good spot!