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  1. Bwicked

    Hurricane Florence

    In addition to decay timers being off, might want to adjust house seal and magick base fuel so that one bottle lasts much longer. Same with spell tower generators, and add more slots for more fuel. People may be without power for a month or longer if things get really bad.
  2. Bwicked

    Hurricane Florence

    Are you sure that will be enough time? Could take weeks or even months to get power restored depending on what happens.
  3. Bwicked

    Inbox full after one message?

    How has this not been fixed yet? Or has it? I've not checked.
  4. It's not actually possible to hold a million apples. Your inventory would max out around 300,000 as so would any tame. So you'd need at least 4 ice imps to hold them all. It's a thing that was carried over from the ARK code. Your inventory has a limit of around 300-340 item slots.
  5. I'm wondering if the complaints about 2x gathering being half are from the Masterbuilder servers. No one has really stated which servers they are playing on and the Masterbuilder servers are already boosted. It would make sense if there was an error that made those servers actually be less than normal. But if it's a knight server or whatever the pve servers are called, it would greatly help the devs and Erebus know which servers were affected by the change. I briefly played on a chaos server and noticed getting bubbles was double than I normally get. I didn't have time to gather much else. I was also wearing attack enchanted gear. I normally get 300 bubbles punching all the nodes, I got over 600. It was amazing. This gives me an idea as well. Why can't there be a fountain in the game we could build that produces bubbles over time?
  6. Nope, hate that idea. Sometimes it's hard enough just to be voted king. Then 30,000 gold and you get yourself a faction mystical.
  7. I'd be happy if the human doors to the upper part of the city could be opened by humans, or at least the king. It would also be nice if I could actually summon the king's magical steed for once. Ever Since Megnagaming crashed US Chaos S1 by trying to summon one, the system has been shut off.
  8. Bwicked

    Dark and Light August Community Live Stream Update

    Yeah, you can stream to all three at the same time if you take the time to set that up. Can stream to Twitch, Youtube, and Steam. Then you wouldn't have to upload anything later. The down side is watching 3 different chats.
  9. Bwicked

    Dark and Light August Community Live Stream Update

    You didn't stream on Twitch and so now I can't watch because the link above doesn't give a link to a VOD of a past broadcast. /sadness
  10. Bwicked

    Air Cave Final Boss MIA

    It's on a 6 hour respawns timer. If someone killed it, have to wait.
  11. Dead creatures need to have no collision added with other tames or people, other than being hit with tools to harvest their wonderful hides and meat. Also, it would be nice if things like horses wouldn't ragdoll so far away after murdering them. I know that the game builds up a stored push value as you kill them and it's released after they die, but .... dead horses shouldn't turn into air filled balloons and fly 30 meters away. ... I shouldn't reply to things when I'm tired.
  12. Bwicked

    Inbox full after one message?

    It's been an issue for months. I let Erebus know about it months ago. That I had to delete the email to him in order to send him another because it only lets you have one email thread. Kind of stupid. But yeah, it's been that way for far too long and I bring it up every time Erebus tells me to PM him.
  13. Bwicked

    undemolishable structures

    I'd assume that writing a ticket would be more helpful since usually an admin would have to log in and manually destroy foundations stuck under the map. It's not really a bug. This happens on ARK maps as well.
  14. Bwicked

    Dark and Light 8/3 Update - Patch Notes

    I play on one of the chaos servers. I don't like to be specific due to grievers. I noticed that Sunday, most of my event logs vanished. Unsure why. Things from the previous day like tamed creatures was no longer in the notifications.