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  1. Bwicked

    Death by Earth Elemental

    Was killed by an event rock elemental Saturday and was able to recover my things. My body was hard to find, but mostly because I wasn't exactly sure where I died, but I did find it. There was the red light floating above it and everything. That was on a Chaos server.
  2. Bwicked

    Bug report page not browser friendly?

    Try copying this and posting to their steam forums, they seem to pay more attention to those forums for some reason.
  3. Bwicked

    Using an Airship

    Haven't thought of it until now, or even tried it. But wonder if people are putting res alters on different areas of their airships then fly the airship until it clips through a building, then kill yourself and res inside someone's base. The devs really need to make the airship no clip so that any part of the ship or anything built onto the ship can not clip into other structures. I'd prefer if tames didn't clip into things also, but if you did that, you'd have to make the wings from flying tames completely clipped so you can't stand on them or run into them (which would be wonderful for things like jumping off a gryphon). I don't really understand why things clip through walls. It's super unrealistic. It's only occasionally funny to pop tame's heads through the wall and do a voice like "Hello! I'm the head on the wall. It's very uncomfortable up here. Do you know where the rest of me went? Is that the rest of me on that rotisserie? Do I taste good? May I have a bite? OH! I should be dead and not talking. Very well then... Bai 😢 "
  4. Bwicked

    Does Devil Bringer and Soul Mire work!?

    I know the Soul Mire works, or at least it did a couple months ago when Jordnik played with them on her stream.
  5. I've also noticed when I click my name the drop down for account options look blank, but if you highlight underneath you can read what the options are. The colors for the un-highlighted text blend in and so the fields look blank until you mouse over each option.
  6. You mean the black colors? There was some theme options somewhere. It was the only option. It turned everything dark again but the forums feel and look a little different from before still. I forget where the theme options were found but it turned the forums from a white to a dark theme for me.
  7. Bwicked

    Dark and Light 6/28 Update - Patch Notes

    Clicking on this post logs you out of the forums. Have to log back in to post. ... Or use the ?_fromLogin=1 address cheat. Also, I really hope that the render distance crafting is resolved. That one annoyed me. Especially making goblin contracts. Smelting on fire imps can be a thing again, so Yay! Did you guys test and resolve the issue where crafting lots of things in a workbench and leaving render would stop the craft? Just curious.
  8. Noticed this is still happening. Clicked on the following update and got logged out. Dark and Light 6/28 Update - Patch Notes
  9. Bwicked


    It was fixed for a short time after one of the devs on the steam forums saw my post over there. After a few of the new patch notes and news announcements over the last week, we are back to having login issues for nearly every category of the forums and sometimes it's the post its self, such as patch notes and news announcements. Until they fix it. I use the tag mentioned back in this thread, copy and paste it onto the end of every page and it should log you back in without putting in all your info. ?_fromLogin=1
  10. Bwicked

    New race

    I recall a list where 12 races were mentioned. Maybe 3 per map? I'm assuming you'd get to the other maps through some portal or something. I remember that Fairy was mentioned as one of the races on the list I recall seeing back when this game hit EA last year. I'm so going to be a Fairy. ;)
  11. Just wanted to state that one of the last patches or hot fixes wiped the saved keybinds. While I know this happens on occasion, it would be nice if it was mentioned in patch notes that a change would reset keybinds back to default. I came from ARK, I'm used to many of the ARK keybinds, so I still use them. If I log in and can no longer do things like whistle target to follow, it takes me a while to figure out if the game is broken, if the tame is stuck (as my nidhog was sunk into foundations last night), or if something else is going on. Since it's not mentioned in patch notes, no one is aware to expect it. This kind of communication should be included in patches in the future so we can just log in and know we have to change our settings back before we do anything.
  12. Yay, this is another thread that forgets I'm logged in. Quoted ya so you'd get the notification. :)
  13. Bwicked

    Dark and Light 6/8 Update - Patch Notes

    I've noticed that the hotel in the human city hasn't been accessible for some time and I recall there were barrels in there to punch. I thought maybe they closed it off at the same time they closed off the library, for whatever they plan on doing. Speaking of inaccessible doors, the human city's doors still say humans and the king don't have permission to open them and there's still one that has a standing door, but no door frame around it as you work your way up to the human throne room. The human throne room is still missing a door.
  14. You mean when you go look at the box of crystals through the door behind the helm area, and press R to go into the inventory, nothing happens?
  15. I couldn't figure it out at first either. It's a saddle. There's a saddle slot for it in the inventory.