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      Dark and Light 4/9 Update - Patch Notes   04/10/2018

      Greetings Adventurers! On Tuesday, 4/10, a patch with our first round of bug fixes and optimizations will be released ~2AM PST. Be sure to check out all of all of the changes made to Dark and Light in the full patch notes below!
        Game Updates Optimized loading screen The loading bar will no longer be hidden when loading is stuck. We felt that optimization updates should also be included in the month of bug fixes/balance updates, and is something that we’re focused on going forward. Removed knowledge restriction on all spells and staffheads.  Adventurers no longer have to know a spell in order to use it. The only two exceptions to this rule are Telekinesis and Firestorm. Those are for Master Wizards only. Description text has been added to all harvestable resources to allow easy recognition. Optimized the visual effects for Rune of Restoration, Rune of Warmth, and Rune of Radiance. Bug Fixes Fixed a bug where Small Soul Suppression Stones were not working on Ice and Fire Imps. Fixed a bug where items placed in the three PvE experience workbenches would disappear after activation. Fixed a bug where the Qinaryss Gustclaw’s body would glitch on death. Fixed a bug where items in player customized inventory folders would disappear upon death. Fixed a issue where players were unable to dance at Bonfires. Fixed a bug where players would run into a collision issue at the entrance of Blackice Peaks cause their Adventurer to float.


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  1. The Town No-Build areas were extended far past the posted pictures in the forum: http://dnlbbs.snail.com/en/index.php?/topic/2341-dark-and-light-54-update-patch-notes I live near the human city. I live under the natural bridge to the right of one of the pictures posted in the forum link above. To the right of the wooden bridge of that picture and so my place should be far beyond the city boarders, yet I logged in after the patch and part of that base under the natural bridge is inside the city now. The other location is the lower area by the human city sewer entrance on the other side of the waterfall and stream. That area is now inside the human city and wasn't even mentioned in the pictures. Feels like a huge communication error from the Snail developers and I'd hope the devs will push a patch Friday to revert the city limit to the areas indicated in the pictures. Otherwise, revert the city limits, then put up those purple barriers. Leave that up for a month so those of us who can no longer no-life games, can have time on the weekends to move our bases. Word to the developers: If you're going to extend city limits / no-build areas, you need better pictures and maps, or fix the purple barriers you had previously so they don't lag out the game. That should all be done well in advance before implementing them in a patch. You may have not noticed, but all the bugs in the game have alienated most of the player base, so it would be wise to make changes with caution as to not lose more players who work hard (and very much for free) to provide feedback of what's broken with your game and what would make it better. Clear communication for the city limits with lots of pictures, the purple barriers, or even an interactive map of the game showing the new limits would have been perfect. No change should have taken place without clearer communication. You could have even done a video showing the new barriers and explaining some reasons why the barriers needed to be extended. I'm reporting this as a bug as the barriers were much larger than displayed in the included pictures, at least around the human city. If Snail, the Devs, or anyone cared, they'd revert the limits in a patch today and wait to push them back out when there is better communication on where people will need to relocate to.
  2. My places around the human city are no where in the pictures provided, yet they are now inside the city limits after the 5/18 patch.
  3. I logged in to update timers and found out that both building locations around the city are now in the city limits where they weren't in the city limits before, even when people complained that they no longer can build in their structures. So the town size has increased far beyond previously mentioned or displayed in pictures. It would have been better if the devs put up the purple warning barriers. I have two locations. I have built under the natural bridge outside of the human city and the lower area of land between the human city sewers and the small rental area, there's a natural ramp that leads down to the area. The bridge that goes out to the sea castle is also in the town now, but the castle foundations are just outside. Sadly the bridge wasn't completed and is built of wood so there's a chance it can be destroyed if I'm not able to log in during the week. @Erebus, why were the town limits extended far beyond the previous pictures you posted? It sucks thinking you are built in good spots and to find out you have to relocate. Even if it hurt performance, should have put up the purple barriers so we'd know exactly where to relocate to.
  4. No mention of the wolf attack being fixed. It's super buggy and laggy as the current attack has been, even when using a transform. The only point of having a wolf before was the speed. The attack animation took so long and the whole jump animation to attack and jump back to your original position made wolves a horrible time investment to even tame. I hope the wolves animations were fixed in this patch and are a more instant animation. The manual demolish timers need to be increased. for the straw, wood, and stone tiers. Why? Because some people work 5-6 days a week and can't get on every 2.5 - 6.5 days to reset the demolish timers. Some people build out of straw, wood, or stone just for the visual look. It would be nice if we could skin iron or manor to look like straw, wood, or stone but since we can't, we need a longer manual demolish timer for some of us who only have weekends to play. Start straw off at 7 days, wood maybe 10 days. Stone 15 days. Then adjust Iron to 30 days and Manor to 60 days because Manor sucks to make and it should last a good two months before someone can demolish it. The current time for manual demolish is far too short and encourages people to camp new player's bases so they can easily break in. Also, all crops, storage boxes, work benches, fireplaces, curing racks, cooking pots, feeding troughs... etc... should have the same auto decay timer as manor. It sucks to come back after two weeks to find you crops and boxes are all auto destroyed by the game. Maybe the player was in an accident and stuck in the hospital for a few weeks and couldn't play. Snail should keep these kinds of things in mind when implementing decay and demolish timers. Games are supposed to be fun. It's no fun to come back and find all your hard work is destroyed due to things beyond your control.
  5. After gathering bushes, very noticeable with an Albino Deer, the texture gets really huge as the bush disappears. This happens to about 10% of the bushes destroyed. Tames are falling through foundations and ceilings more than usual and getting stuck. It's more noticeable when first logging in. Sometimes when you leave render and return, the tames pop back on top, or they are stuck underneath. I have to ride my Albino deer in order to pop him out of the iron foundations he's sitting on, or if I leave render, he gets stuck under the foundations and they have to be destroyed to get it out. The Flarehorn and Nidhog also fall through the foundations and ceilings/pillar combos and get stuck. This problem has plagued the game for months, it's just gotten worse.
  6. The event can trigger randomly on its own, seems like once per IRL day. The event can make all the meteor nodes activate and looting the meteors causes more to drop. Meteors on top of each other does sound like a bug and is doubtfully intended. I've noticed Meteors sometimes float in the air and I've had to jump to loot them or stand on my nidhog's head to reach them. Maybe it's part of the same bug.
  7. I noticed there was some ninja patch with no notes or mention about it and a server restart Saturday morning. That is probably the cause of the tames losing their follow.
  8. Whatever happened to Chaos server updates, wipes, rewards, etc?
  9. US Chaos S1
  10. It's been a while since I've seen any news about Chaos servers. Do houses even get rewards any more? Last I saw was that building HP was 1% health of other servers and that gathering rates would increase soon. Nothing since then on these forums. Not even sure if the gathering has increased. I've only noticed that It's easier to get uncommon wood than it was before. I can almost rebuild the airship dock if only I had a ton of darkstone. I'd like to know if the king system is intentionally off on chaos servers or if it's off on all servers. What the gathering rate is set to. If the ranking system means anything any more and how those points are being calculated. What's the taming rate. Etc... There's a thread from November where it's stated that the chaos servers would restart once a month. What happened to that? There's very little information about what's happening with the chaos servers, other than snail adding a 3rd chaos server to each region. What was even the point of a 3rd chaos server in each region when the communication around the chaos servers is non-existent?
  11. I've also noticed a bit of desync while running around after the last couple of patches. It's subtle at times, not game breaking. There are times where I'll run up to nodes and try to gather them and I notice the game very slightly reposition me. Minor rubber-banding basically.
  12. Your friend running their official server probably has to update their server manually to the new patch before you can play.
  13. No fix for broken name change this patch? I've been waiting to change the name on things before using a summon stone. /sigh
  14. Bumping for fun. *empty fountain drink straw slurping sound stuck on a loop for 5 hours*
  15. I want to name my sword "Needle Peen* Rawr!